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  1. SkyTrak is a personal launch monitor that can also be turned into a home simulator. MyGolfSpy did a review of these back in November https://mygolfspy.com/the-best-personal-launch-monitor-2019/. While it's not quite as accurate as a Trackman or GCQuad the price tag could not be beat. Currently I have it set up in my garage with a simple mat and net to hit into. It's not fancy but works perfectly to swing during the winter and help with this MGS test while Wisconsin golf is shut down. Eventually I plan on adding an impact screen and projector so I can get the full simulator experience.
  2. Set another record with the SuperSpeed C club today. Now if only I could find a golf course or driving range that was actually open. A private course in north-west Wisconsin recently said they would allow members to play so it will be interesting to see if the governor shuts them down or opens things up for other places around the state.
  3. Wish I could sign up for this one. It's a fantastic opportunity for some of our newer members to get their feet wet with a legitimate driver review. Seems like there should be a lot more volunteers than what we have currently. In the 2020 Most Wanted Driver test the Hogan GS53 had a better strokes gained number than drivers from Cobra, Ping, Sub 70, Tour Edge, Wilson, and XXIO. It had a smaller shot area than Callaway Mavrik, Titleist TS4, and TaylorMade SIM MAX D!
  4. As we wait on the new shafts I thought I would spend some quality time with my Skytrak to get a current baseline with my club. After a decent warmup I fired up the 3 hybrid with a goal of hitting 15 shots (no deletions). As a reminder I'm hitting a 19° Cobra F9 hybrid with Fujikura Atmos 7 Stiff shaft. Overall I would say this is a pretty accurate representation of my club. Distance is pretty solid but I have a two way miss. I hit one shot 30 yards left of the target followed by a 37 yard shot right of the target. Of course my two most offline were back to back after I tried to over-correct from the big hook. Averages for the session were 218 carry, 232 total, and 7 yards right of the target.
  5. What are your thoughts on shaft PUREing? Is it really a beneficial service to perform on shafts, or are manufacturing tolerances tight enough now that it won’t make a large difference for most golfers? THANK YOU for offering to answer our questions!
  6. Hi @Dover Doug, welcome to the forum. There are a few threads already going on that talk about home setups for golf simulators. This thread is for introducing new members that are based in the Midwest so you probably won't receive many responses to your question. Here's a recent thread specifically related to nets, simulators, and mats. MGS is also in the process of testing out some nets and mats so stay tuned to the main site for more info.
  7. Found one. Please close. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  8. Hey @Jmikecpa, @tehuti, and @Dr Strangelove; what's everyone hoping to get out of these shafts? Did you just want a reason to post a ton of Pac-Man ghost pictures? Right now I think my order would be: improved dispersion ghost pictures eliminate hooks hold more greens distance
  9. Welcome from Pewaukee. This is really a great forum whether you get chosen for testing opportunities or not. Hope you stick around!
  10. Only played a handful of rounds with the 919s last fall but so far I love them. Absolutely zero regrets with the purchase. The Cobras were great clubs but they were just too large for my personal preference.
  11. I'll be using the Nippon G.O.S.T. shaft in my Cobra King F9 3 hybrid. I have Arccos data from about 100 shots with it last year plus a few Skytrak sessions already this spring as I wait for the golf courses in Wisconsin to open up. Should be a great baseline of numbers for a direct comparison to what the GOST shaft can provide.
  12. I went a similar route last summer after the Cobra Connect Challenge 3 was over. I never got along with the King F9 irons and wanted to get something a litle more tailored for my game. Both of my experiences sound pretty similar to yours. I ended up buying Mizuno 919 Forged irons through my local pro shop after both fittings were complete. The 919's came in first place at Golftec and a very close 2nd (to the Ping i500's in retro lofts) at Club Champion. Shaft choice of KBS Tour was also in the top 2 shafts at each place and was my Mizuno #1 recommendation using their shaft optimizer at my local course. Was going through all those different testings a little overkill? Most likely. Was it extremely fun? Definitely. Plus now I have complete confidence that the irons I bought were the right ones for me based on all the different data points and fitters I talked to.
  13. I'm not sure they'll play again this year with the way things are going. The US is now the world leader in positive Corona tests with over 100k people (and growing fast). I would think they would need a minimum of a month of little to no new positive test results before they would consider holding a public sporting event like that.
  14. Still not sure about the overall benefits of the SuperSpeed C stick, but I do like seeing the high numbers with it!
  15. Awesome! My course may be closed at the moment but I can’t wait to fire away on my Skytrak! Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  16. Wisconsin and Minnesota are closed, Illinois was open but then reversed decision and closed down again. I can handle a golf ban until late April since the weather here is still a mixed bag, but if this extends into May or June I may go crazy.
  17. Welcome from another Wisconsin golfer. Now if only the governor would lift our stay at home ban on golf courses...
  18. All of the past #CobraConnectChallenge participants are back for a battle of the all-stars!?!? Sounds great!
  19. I'd love to try one of these out but also saw the backorder status on tourstriker.com. It's funny that some brand new ones are selling for $300-$400 on eBay but if you look at the sold listings there are normal $150 sales sprinkled in there from March as well. Guess I'll keep trying eBay and hope they come in stock a little sooner since things seem to be clearing up in China now.
  20. Looking to pick up a Tour Striker Planemate training aid. Wisconsin courses are not included in the essential businesses allowed to stay open so I'm stuck with no outdoor golf until April 24th (at the earliest). Anyone have one that hasn't lived up to their expectations and would be willing to sell?
  21. Wisconsin just shut down all courses until at least April 25th. I’ve never been more happy about my recent purchase of a Skytrak system. Sent from my iPhone using MyGolfSpy
  22. Had takeout from a local place with a growler of Zombie Dust last night. It's crazy how difficult it used to be to find a single bottole of Zombie Dust and now a city of 10k people in Wisconsin had it on tap like it's just another rotating beer. Cheers!
  23. It was a St. Patrick’s day sale valid only to the 17th. Sorry!
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