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  1. Hatton had the best comment to Morikawa when he was getting frustrated: "Throw it. It doesn't make you a bad person."
  2. Love me some Cobra but I just don't see the wow factor in this year's release. Forum members obviously know the benefit of getting fit and trying to be brand agnostic, but where's the story that's going to get the average Joe or Jane into your big box retailer to try it out? Seems like they have a huge marketing opportunity on their hands leaning into Bryson and Berkshire setting all kinds of personal best ball speeds with the LTDx driver. Maybe they are waiting for the spring schedule to kick into high gear and for Bryson to get back from Saudi Arabia?
  3. Anyone willing to sell a 1st or 2nd rounder for FAAB? I'd also throw in a 6-8 rounder as well.
  4. "They blamed it on cold balls." Happens to the best of us.
  5. Posted this in the trade block but if anyone wants to trade a 2nd or 3rd rounder for a multitude of late round picks let me know. Willing to trade my 4,5,6,7, and/or 8th round picks.
  6. How important would you rate diet versus exercise? Is it as simple as limiting junk food and making sure you have enough protein, or is a very detailed nutrition plan required to see the maximum gains?
  7. That's awesome they seem to be working for you already. Imagine how much they could improve once Mevo and Garmin change their specific coding to recognize the balls in the future. It will be interesting to see the overall durability of these. I started last winter using my regular ProV1x gamer balls but ended up switching to Titleist Practice balls after splitting a few of the ProV's. Thanks for sharing your results along the way!
  8. No thanks. I'm pretty firm with my price for brand new MGS users.
  9. Thinking about selling my Skytrak due to lack of use. I brought it out of the basement over the weekend and noticed I haven't used it since February. On top of that a course 5 minutes from my house is building winter simulators so I can get my golf fix without having to travel far at all. Looking for $1700 for the Skytrak and protective case. Looks like they are selling for about $1900 on the Bay right now but I can offer a discount to MGS members. iPad not included in the sale but I wanted to show it was still functioning well.
  10. Broke par for the first time ever a few weeks ago (71) and followed that up with a 69 two and half weeks later. Birdied every hole on my home course for the first time in 2 years. Volunteered as a hole marshal at the Ryder Cup. Was lucky enough to be selected for another MGS test. Though the VoiceCaddie SL2 didn't quite work out for me it's always a pleasure to be involved in the forum tests. Hopefully the weather holds up for a few more weeks but if not it's been a great year!
  11. Shot my lowest round ever 2.5 weeks ago with 71. Today I blew past that with my first ever sub 70 round. Only bogey on the day was the 17th hole where I blocked a par 3 tee shot terribly right (nerves got to me). Pitch shot coming back burned the edge but I missed the 10 footer for par and settled for bogey. Feels like I lost the perfect game but still pitched a no-hitter. Awesome day.
  12. Fun day at the Ryder Cup today. The Euro's played all 18 holes but the US stopped after 9. Apparently they are saving their energy and trying to ramp up as we approach Friday. Highlight of the day has to be this super awkward photo I took of Rory eating a banana. Seems pretty ripe for some photoshop magic.
  13. Shot my best round ever today, a 1 under par 71 (previous best was a 72). 5 birdies on the round but I was never better than 1 under as I seemed to follow all the birdies with bogeys.
  14. Thanks! Always appreciate a good Uncle Buck reference.
  15. That's a great question. While there is definitely room for improvement with the SL2 it would still fall a bit short of perfection in that it doesn't incorporate any type of shot tracking or strokes gained capabilities. I think the Holy Grail of devices would be something that combined a rangefinder, GPS, green undulation, shot tracking, and strokes gained statistics. I'm sure the biggest question a lot of these companies face is whether to create a standalone device like the SL2 or to develop a robust phone app that could cover pretty much everything but the rangefinder function.
  16. My final review is also up now. The product shows great promise, but the execution isn't quite there yet. https://forum.mygolfspy.com/tests/10-test-in-progress-voice-caddie-sl2-rangefinder/?do=findReview&review=14
  17. Really interesting results from my comparison of 4 devices last night. I ended up getting data for 6 different locations and some trends definitely started to appear. I'll give more complete details during my final write-up in a few days but for now here were the big observations: SL2 and Bushnell had the exact same pin yardage on 3 of the 6 locations and were never off by more than 2 yards. Largest GPS discrepancy was 7 yards which occurred three times for back of green yardages. Pin locations for these instances: 80, 151, and 223. From the 150 yard stake in the middle of the fairway I had the following readings. The pin was also very near the center of the green.
  18. Another day of testing set for tonight. I printed out a sheet to track Pin, Front, Middle, and Back yardages for the greens against my other GPS devices. Most of the time I rely on a combo of my Bushnell and Arccos, but I dug the old Garmin Approach G3 out of the basement for this one. Not exactly sure how to track the slope function but I think there is a way to get it in the Arccos app. I'm hoping to check at least 5 holes. I would do more but I don't want to slow down the entire course as I check 4 different devices on every shot.
  19. Thanks for the reminder to recharge my SL2. I'm used to the Bushnell model of putting in a new battery each spring and then forgetting about it for the rest of the year. I do like the extra features of the SL2, but there's something to be said about once a year maintenance with a simple rangefinder. Nothing crazy or unexpected with my round on Sunday. I did verify that my home course does not have the green heat zone/slope feature mapped out which is kind of a bummer. I would have loved to see this: But instead I saw this: 18 more holes on Thursday and then two rounds this weekend. Should have a pretty good idea if this is a best of both worlds product or more along the lines of product that has a lot of great ideas but doesn't just match up.
  20. Back on the course for round 2 of testing tomorrow. Any questions people would like to see answered? I was mainly focused on the GPS vs my Arccos app last time so tomorrow will most likely be a comparison of the laser function vs my Bushnell.
  21. Took the SL2 out to two different courses yesterday. I'll continue testing to see if any of these were user errors. The good: Easy to shoot the flag stick Slope function seemed to match up to my previous experiences at the course Multiple comments from people saying how well put together everything appears The not so good: GPS was having issues switching over to new holes It randomly shifted from yards to meters during my round Green undulation did not load for one of the courses Preset driving ring would frequently show for different holes or be displayed out of the image Here's what it showed for hole 14. The 275 is my preset driver range. The hole is much longer than 215 as well. And this is what Arccos shows for the exact same hole. Pretty big difference.
  22. I'll take a different route from everyone else and say bring the Cobra set. Being selected for the CCC is a great story for the course and the sooner you feel comfortable with the new sticks the sooner you can dominate everyone else in the challenge!
  23. I've only had the GPS in demo mode so far but I plan on testing it out on two courses tomorrow. First tee time is set for 6:42am (ugh) so hopefully things run smoothly as I won't be awake enough to mess with things if there are issues. I also heard back from our contact at Voice Caddie and he said it typically takes 4-6 weeks for a new course to be mapped. I'll keep checking sporadically to see when Sand Valley and Mammoth Dunes are updated in their system but at least now we have an approximate timeframe.
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