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  1. Golf Digest with an unreliable click-bait article? I'm shocked I tell you, shocked!!!
  2. Anyone have an Apple Watch to try out the latest Arccos update? I pulled the sensors off my clubs last year but am thinking of giving it another try if the watch upgrades are truly that great. I never really enjoyed keeping a phone in my pocket, and the link wasn't that great right after launch. https://mygolfspy.com/arccos-announces-major-upgrades-to-apple-watch-app/
  3. I wear this as a badge of honor. Dead last place with the most cuts made (27/30).
  4. I wear that 23 of 25 cuts made in 2nd to last place as a badge of honor. It's easy to pick a tournament winners For a real challenge try to pick the guys that make the weekend but finish no where near the top of the leaderboard. That's true skill!
  5. Picked up an Odyssey White Hot OG #7 Stroke Lab Putter from Callaway preowned. My Evnroll ER5 needs a little competition before our season starts soon (hopefully).
  6. Looks like he was playing the Paradym driver but Stealth 3 and 5 woods. Ball: Titleist Pro V1x Driver: Callaway Paradym Triple Diamond (Fujikura Ventus Blue 6TX), 9 degree 3-wood: TaylorMade Stealth, 15 degrees 5-wood: TaylorMade Stealth, 18 degrees Irons (4): Callaway Apex Pro; (5-9): Callaway Apex MB; (PW): Callaway Jaws Raw Wedges: Callaway Jaws Raw (50 degrees); Titleist Vokey SM9 (56 degrees); Titleist Vokey SM9 WedgeWorks (60 degrees) Putter: Odyssey White Hot OG #5 https://www.golfdigest.com/story/chris-kirk-clubs-used-to-win-the-2023-honda-classic
  7. I'm in this exact dilemma right now. I'm a little wild off the tee (who isn't) and wouldn't mind seeing what's out there. On the other hand my Radspeed driver is only 2 years old and there's a very low probability that any of the new drivers will be a significant improvement over it. I can guarantee if drivers were a little cheaper I would be all over a new one. Looking at $600+ for a 2023 model ($850 for a Paradym with "stock" Ventus shaft) has me reluctant to even demo anything for fear of falling in love with something new. I do have some shop credit though so I'm sure I'll find a way to justify hitting up some demos once the snow melts.
  8. Had this exact discussion with my wife yesterday. One of the insults used in her weekly women's league is to ask a person if they hit a putt with their purse when they leave it woefully short. Tiger should have known better to leave this kind of joke for his casual rounds, but this should not have blown up the way it did. I hate that people immediately take to social media the minute they *think* they should be offended by something.
  9. Unfortunately it's not possible with Arccos unless you walk out in to the middle of the range and tag where your shot ended up. That could be pretty entertaining though! From the Arccos website: The Arccos app and Smart Sensors are designed for on-course use only. We require multiple GPS locations in order to calculate every shot's distance. The Arccos Caddie system cannot be used on the range for the following two reasons: At a range, there is only 1 GPS position available as the customer is in a stationary position. We track the player through the phone's GPS and do not track the actual flight of the ball. We do not measure any type of swing analytics such as swing plane, attack angle, ball speed, swing speed, etc.
  10. Does anyone know if the Ventus TR Blue was used as a stock shaft in the testing for Paradyms? I know there is some confusion around that this year since Callaway lists it as a stock option, but when you select in on any site it adds $250 to the total bill. That doesn't really mean stock to me if there is an upcharge for the shaft.
  11. Except for Lefty, who still owed his bookie for his loss betting on......
  12. It all depends on the fitting. If you are going to a big box retailer and getting fit by a part-time employee with minimal knowledge it makes sense to refund the fee with a purchase. If it's a more robust place like @ole gray's Kingdom fitting or a Club Champion then I don't expect them to refund the cost. A discount is always nice but not necessary for a top level experience.
  13. The Kingdom fitting looks really cool. As long as you are set on TaylorMade clubs that seems like a first rate option for the fitting. I'm trying to figure out where to get fitted for a new driver this spring. I've done the big box retailer, local course pro, and Club Champion roads before. Each have their own unique pros and cons. I think my main goal for this time around is to find an outdoor fitter so I can see my real swing instead of hitting into a screen 10 feet in front of me.
  14. I saw that this morning too. A cool little recap of every posted score from last year. I kind of wish they would also show the bad (high score and index) with the good, but that's easy enough to look up. Here's mine:
  15. It will be better next year if they give it elevated status. Sounds like that's the plan as of now to make sure no tournament goes too many years in a row without getting the top guys there.
  16. Stop the tournament right now! Those standings look absolutely perfect.
  17. Congrats on the massive gains. Reminds me of the Fried Eggs Golf MGS video from a few years ago. "How far you think that mountain is?"
  18. Quick thoughts: The Stack has a much better app and will most likely be easier to follow if you don't have a lot of motivation or self-discipline. SuperSpeed is perfectly fine and you can see great results if you stick with it. I went from a driver swing speed of 104 up to 115 doing a year of SuperSpeed. If I had to start it all over again though I would definitely go with The Stack due to the app. Check out some of the other forums on the site for more detailed reviews. There are a couple of great ones already started.
  19. Need to find a team to root for. Welcome to Wrexham was a great show about one small slice of English soccer, but Premier League is definitely where it's at. If only AFC Richmond were a real club.
  20. I'm in. Probably won't use my first round pick on Bryson DeChambeau again this year though. Or will I?????
  21. You can come play at my course anytime! A few people I regularly play with think that 4:30-5:00 for a round is fast even when no one is in front of them.
  22. Agree with both of you. My last two drivers have been Cobra but this looks like a budget brand's attempt at the TaylorMade M5 driver.
  23. I was just typing up a new 2023 goal thread this morning. You beat me to it! My main goals are as follows: 1. Get into the best shape of my life. I'm not looking for a specific weight or strength benchmark; I'm focused on quality of life and being able to do anything reasonable without pain or limitations. I couldn't lift anything heavier than 10lbs for 8 weeks in October and November after donating a kidney to my father (he's doing great now). Being limited like that really shows how important taking care of yourself and your body is. 2. Pass the Certified Internal Auditor exam. I've been doing a form of auditing for the last 15-20 years, but just last year took a role in internal auditing where the CIA exam finally makes sense. 3. Enjoy every round of golf. I know I'll have some great rounds and some absolute sh#t shows out there, but I'm going to try to enjoy at least one thing from every round. 4. Be more active in the MGS forum. I didn't post a ton last year but hope to get back into it more again this year.
  24. You can select what equipment you have and the daily workout will automatically adjust. I already had everything but the swing trainer, but that is the main piece of equipment you'll need. I agree the $200 initially seemed a bit steep. There are options out there though ranging from a $25 resistance band bar on Amazon up to the $230 TRX Rip trainer (which was developed by one of the Golfforever fitness instructors). I bought mine at Golf Galaxy for $160 using Scorecard reward points.
  25. I started the Golfforever program 2 weeks ago and am 10 workouts in. @vandyland hit the nail on the head with the big pros and cons. While I greatly enjoy the golf specific workouts, it does seem a little light if you are used to a more rigorous fitness program. I ordered the heavy fitness band so hopefully that will amp up the intensity/difficulty a bit. If they incorporated a few more heavy intensity workouts this could be a near perfect program. One thing I would add on is the Golfforever support team is fantastic. I bought the training kit from Golf Galaxy and had one of the plastic carabiner clips break within the first few workouts. I emailed them and in less than an hour I had a reply stating they would send better quality carabiners along with a carry bag at no cost. Nice!
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