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  1. Dave Leawood, Ks. Scotty Cameron Squareback Ping Tyne 3 Slight arc putter and I prefer the forgiveness of a mallet with a greater MOI.
  2. I have a Bushnell Rangefinder with slope rating. I also have a Garmin Fenix GPS watch. For ease of use I prefer the Garmin. Gives me front, middle and back. Can also provide me with pin yardage. I like being able to just glance at my wrist for yardage. I play the same course predominatly so I know the slopes so not an issue. When I play other courses, I utilize both my Garmin and Bushnell for lack of familiarity. Both are excellent products. However, the Garmin is a multi use product which suits my overall lifestyle.
  3. Dave Kansas Handicap 9 Irons...Mizuno JPX 919 Hotmetal 7 iron 140 yards
  4. Last year I switched to the Mizuno JPX 919 Hotmetal irons.  Previous gamer was Apex forged.

    4-PW...Stock steel shaft...edge of stiff.  Standard lie.  The switch for me has been more greens hit in regulation from 150 in.  The pitching wedge and gap wedge have greatly helped on my short game.

    Very pleased with the results.  Also, I recently switched to the latest version of the Spider X putter.

    Almost pulled the trigger on a Stroke Lab...But after rolling some with the X...for me the comparison was night and day.  Softer feel, which I prefer.  Great pace on long and short putts...improved accuracy.  I would definitely compare the two.  Until next time... 

  5. Hello...

    Just a quick insight...I own a company in Kansas, and it affords me the ability to play a lot of golf.

    I LOVE the game and the process of fitting the game to our individual specs.  Always trying new equipment and looking for any edge to improve my game.  I have Demo'd all kinds of equipment and helped many friends purchase clubs through getting fitted.  As well as a few suggestions on the course.  In no way am I an expert!  I am a very knowledgeable amateur who plays to an 8 handicap.  I am a little over 60 and in decent physical shape. 

    Always interested in feedback and experiences from all when trying new equipment.  Opinions welcomed!  

    Thank you all, look forward to conversing down the road!  By the way, my member name is my wife's doing! 





  6. 62 years of age Overland Park, Ks....Nicklaus golf club at Lions Gate 8 Handicap Swing speed...100 mph 80 rounds per year Currently...Mizuno JPX 919 Hot Metal irons...4-Gap wedge Callaway Rogue driver and fairway woods Vokey wedges 54...58 Taylormade Spider X putter Ball...Callaway ERC Facebook, Twitter Cobra F9 woods and irons...Conventional or one length. Set that fits best.
  7. Scotty Cameron Futura 5W...34in. Usually a good roller of the ball...not many 3 putts. I have been curious as to the arm locking style and wanting to try it. Woods...Callaway Rogue Irons...Mizuno JPX 919 Hotmetal Wedges...Vokey Ball...ProV1 Handicap...7 Thank you.
  8. Dave Kansas City Driver...Callaway Rogue...stiff flex shaft Swing speed...100 Handicap...7 62 years of age
  9. Enjoy the forums of discussion on equipment, new releases and reviews.  Always check MYGOLFSPY

    before making any kind of golf purchase! 

  10. Bought the GBB Epic sub zero driver. I bought the Epic while recovering from toe surgery...did not hit any balls...nothing! I trusted my Fitter at Edwin Watts Golf. I received the club approximately 2 months later as the demand was so high my particular driver was on back order. I had recovered by time the driver arrived and was starting to play golf once again. I WAS SPEECHLESS! After playing the driver the very first time...during the round my buddies were all astounded at how far and straight I was hitting the ball?! I assured them it was the arrow and not the Indian in this case?!
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