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  1. Congrats to the testers, looking forward to the reviews
  2. Ryan Atlanta,GA Big Bertha 815 16 Mid 90s TSi3
  3. 1. Your name, home state and current handicap Ryan, Florida and 14 2. Your current wedge brand and lofts Titliest SM4 50,54,58
  4. Any updates to weather there will be a 2016 edition for the fairway woods?
  5. I have two range session in so far with mine and the increased ball compression has been noticable for me. I find using the aid and placing a tee 3inches or so in front of my ball makes for a great combination when practicing.
  6. Good morning everyone! I have been playing golf on and off since I was 12. The past 4 years I have taken the game back up with a determination to enjoy and play this game as much as possible. My current handicap floats in the low teens. I am committed to getting my first full bag fitting this coming year and updating my bag with custom fit gear to help me get into the single digits. Looking forward to browsing forums and talking about this fun game with everyone!
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