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  1. Your name: Brendan Smith home state/province/part of the world: Ontario Your handicap: 8 Your current shot tracking system, if any: None yet, but was going to buy an arcoss in the next month or so
  2. Oh man been wanting to try one of these since the first time I saw them. The average number of rounds you play annually : 50-60 Rounds Your current handicap : Uhh ... Golf... haha its a 9 Your Current Putter: Odyssey works #1 Wide.
  3. Brendan Smith, Ontario, 9 The makeup of your dream Srixon/Cleveland bag from putter through driver. Driver - Z765 9.5 X-Stiff FW - Z F65 3W 15* X-Stiff HY - Z U65 Utility 2 18* X-Stiff IR - Z565 4i -9i X-Stiff WDG - RTX Tour Raw 46.8 bent to 45, 50.10,54.8,58.6 PU - TFI 2135 - 6.5
  4. These would be so sweet to try! First name and home town Brendan, Ottawa Handicap 9 Current irons/shafts Callaway Apex w. Ust recoil 125 x flex Custom Fit – yes or no Yes
  5. Its more cosmetic like the lines on the R1 or Ping I25 its an aiming Arrow but it protrudes from the crown, It's not horrible in that they kept it the same matte black as the crown so it its not as in your face as the others but still weird. I defiantly think for the amateur that has problems lining up their drives but doesn't want something as in your face it'll be great.
  6. The crown is actually a little weird, its matte black but has this arrow thing that protrudes on the crown. Not a bad looking driver basically same foot print of the x2hot but with the rmoto face and a new paint job
  7. I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure Wilson Staff was founded in like 1913 - 1914?? not 2007
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