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  1. Socal about an hour and a half east of san diego.
  2. This is awesome thx for the opportunity. 31 Callaway and Nike California
  3. Hi everyone!!! My name is Jonathan Pacheco out of California. I started playing golf because of a bet a couple of years ago. I have a friend who at the time had been playing for about 5 years. He told me that it was impossible for me to beat him because he had so much time playing.... Needless to say I lost the bet a year later (by about 4 strokes), however the golf bug got me good. I can't go more than maybe a week or two without playing before I start getting withdrawals. I have to put a golf club in my hands and swing a couple of times a day to keep myself from the shakes. The good thing is that I can now beat my friend 90% of the time, I also made him realize how important it is to take lessons. Because like I always told him "practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect." Well enough about my tangent, I was told by a friend of mine that this was a great website to learn about the new and innovating things coming into the golf world so I decided to come and take a look see. And from other posts that I've read this seems like a great group of aficionados and I am glad to have found a website like this. Thank you for having me.
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