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  1. Usually I play ProV1x and tried the AVX for 2 Rounds. I have a pretty high ball flight, so no issues to get it in the air. On the Greens it stopped, but not comparable with the Pro V's. Its good for low spin of the tee, but if you don't have a high amount of spin on the ball for approach shots, probably not the best choice.
  2. Servus means Hi in Bavaria. I am Max from Munich. I am playing golf since I was 15 and my current handicap is 2. Since 3 years I switched from my main focus football to golf and since then I am quite heavily addicted. Since 1 year I am working on a regular basis with my coach to improve my game. And I love to read on this page and hopefully can share some thoughts in the future.
  3. Max from Munich/Germany hcp 4,2 - average score between +3 to +6. Never played with Wilson Equipment, but would love to test them and see if they are good enough to go away from Taylormade. At the Moment Taylormade Rsi2 (4i to pw)
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