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  1. Brian, PA

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    50 taylormade psi, 56 mizuno, 60 Cleveland 

    open the face wide from a tight lie and let a high flop rip and land two and half inches from the cup and roll the whole way down the false front due to the massive amount of spin that should have never been on the shot. But it looks cool

  2. So after starting this thread I have actually bought and played the mtb black this year and I can tell a difference and am sold on snell being a superior ball in every category. Mainly the ball lasts longer and does get scuffed or nicked up as quick as the vice would for me. I also think that has lead to it being more reliable shot to shot. 

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  3. On 3/14/2019 at 11:36 AM, B81Smith said:

    My main issue with balls is I can’t loose them fast enough. I always look and usually find mine plus one or two other ‘pro level balls’ - that’s what I call a ball good enough to be played on the tours. I keep those and toss the crap back.

    Doing this has caused me to use about 1 or 2 new sleeves of balls per year. I’ve still got unopened boxes of pro v1x’s from 2010 when I got a few dozen for playing in a few tournaments lol. So I literally cannot lose them fast enough. I hate loosing balls and always look. If you know where to look you’ll always find a few keepers. Look on the right side at roughly 200 yards from the tee and you’ll find top flights. Look at nearly 275 yards and up and the balls get nicer. Look on the left side at this distance and up and almost all balls will be good to keep due to better players using better balls. They hit them further and usually hook is the shot shape better players miss with.

    Sorry I can’t comment on the balls. Only vice and snell balls I’ve used have been found. Lol. I will say it seems I find a lot more vice balls vs Snell

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    This is a highly accurate depiction of where you find golf ball on a course! 

  4. I made the switch to vice two years ago and have shot some of the best rounds of my life playing the vice pro plus. I have noticed no distance difference between the vice and the taylormade tour preferred x that I played prior to. Want to see if anyone else out there has been playing the vice and your thoughts and how does the vice pro plus compare to the smell mtb black. 

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  5. The pro at my club asked to try it out one day. He rolls three from ten feet and he says to me if this isn’t in your bag one day I’ve probably taken it out for a test drive Ha

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  6. So I recently made a decision to buy a Bradley putter and I have to say that it took me some time to get used to it, but then I started draining putts left and right. This thing has become and will forever be my main gamer. Has anyone else purchased one of these masterpieces and thought the same thing?


  7. I’ve been playing since I was 5 but I’ve hockey took over most of my time growing up. Really focused on golf after college. 

    Current handicap is around a 9 looking to get it down to a 5 this year. 

    Favorite part about golf is walking the course with some buddies and enjoying four hours outdoors. Hitting a great shot isn’t bad either!

    learned about mygolf spy just by search the web for some golf gear I was looking to buy and loved the thesis. 

    Im from Pittsburgh and the best thing here is we have some great courses and even though private if you live here you can get on. Played Oakmont a ton of times. Seems like if you have some good friends there it make it simple.

    i am a consultant helping business owner exit their companies

    Username has been the same since I was on AIM back in elementary school

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