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  1. I am a tinkerer by nature, which can be good and bad. A month ago I thought I would see if I could find a driver/shaft combo that optimized my driving stats. I went to Pure Science Golf and hit my driver/shaft (Titleist 915D3 9.5* and a Oban Kiyoshi Purple shaft) then I hit a series of heads and shafts to compare. All shots were recorded on the Trackman. The end result...maybe one driver shaft combo could land me 5 more yards, but my fitter told me to stick with what I had. We did look through the rest of my bag and found that my 3 wood shaft flex was way too soft so that remains a change to be seen. I just bought a set of three Edel wedges with the driver bounce that will arrive on Monday. I am curious how the additional bounce will work with my game. Time will tell.
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