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  1. There hasn't been and won't ever be a player on tour who influences what clubs I purchase. I buy clubs because they work for me or catch my eye, not because Jason Day won a major with them or Tiger Woods endorses them. That's just me though. We are all different!
  2. I hit 2 hybrids and 2 6 irons into the woods near my house! First hybrid wasn't pretty but the subsequent 3 shots were satisfying.
  3. Considering a Ping Anser driver and 2013 X Forged irons. Had an Anser years ago and absolutely loved it. Not sure why I want new irons. Because they're pretty, I think!
  4. I've had a couple of driving irons myself and the 712U takes the cake. I had the 18* version and the ball carried probably 220ish on well struck shots and rolled for dayz. Hit a number of shots over 260 with it off the tee during the summer here near Houston!
  5. Big fan of boutique/custom putters myself. Great thread! Low tide makes some really nice looking stuff!
  6. I doubt very seriously than there are many younger players saying "Tiger who?" The guy is a legend in a way that we may never see again in this great sport. Is he as popular as he was in 2002? Probably not, but I would be willing to bet than any golfer over the age of 10 "knows" Tiger!
  7. the putter in the OP is just ok but this one is tremendous. Gorgeous putter!!!
  8. I go from 45* PW (140ish) to 52* GW (120ish) with relative ease. Anything between 125-140 is just a smooth PW choked up a certain amount depending on the yardage. It works for me but everyone is different!
  9. Cool! Driving irons can be particularly useful given the right conditions..
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