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  1. Been really interested in trying one of these so would absolutely love to be picked!! I play around 100 rounds per year plus a lot of practice time at the range and on the putting green. Handicap is currently a 4.4. Current putter is a Seemore si5 w/ superstroke grip. Tried out the Spider Limited but ended up back with the si5 since of everything I've tried, it is the best for distance control, feel and alignment.
  2. They look nice but when I've picked them up I just haven't fallen in love with the feel.
  3. Going to try on the course this weekend but got a chance to test with short game/putting this week and was very impressed. Have been playing the Nike RZN Black and Tour RZN Black and compared it to the old RZN Black and thought it really outperformed it. Not sure how it'll compare to the RZN Tour since that's a bit softer - but first impression was excellent on the KSig - especially at $15 per dozen.
  4. Pings are great! I like the clean look of the Srixons but those Pings are a bit more forgiving and can't beat their durability. The only thing I always keep in mind with trying irons is the lofts of the irons - when I went from RSI2 to MP25 I was just happy to see similar distances due to better fitting shaft since the MP lofts are an easy club or so weaker.
  5. To add to my first post, my single biggest pet peeve is people choosing to play from tees where they have zero chance for a fit based on their distance. If you drive the ball 200 yds, you shouldn't be playing 440 yd par 4's, a 380 yd par 4 will be long based on that driving distance.
  6. My two big pet peeves are players insisting on searching for balls that are clearly lost (deep woods, long grass during copperhead season) and taking forever to read putts when the player has no concept of distance control and won't get it within 10 ft anyway.
  7. My local store had no new equipment in except for the RTX 3.0 wedges, but extremely limited amounts. They had some new demo clubs. Also, noticed that the used section was very very small and picked over. Prices on last years clubs also haven't been dropped compared to the golf galaxies.
  8. Seth/NC/4.2 Driver: Srixon Z565 Wood: Z F65 4 wood Hybrid: Z H65 hybrid (unsure on loft) Utility: Z U45 3 iron Irons: Z 565/765 combo set Wedges: RTX 3.0 46,52,58 raw Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 Ball: Z Star XV Bag: Z Four Red
  9. I tried it in the store and seemed to be making putts with it but to me it lacked the feel of a smaller headed putter. Has distance control been an issue?
  10. Awesome! Of all the utility/driving irons I've tried, the Wilson V4 and Titleist T-MB are my favorites. Occasionally I throw my MP-H4 3 iron in my bag but it does hit it high enough that it's closer to a hybrid.
  11. Seth Raleigh/Durham area of North Carolina 4.3 Currently playing all Mizuno wedges. Set PW for my MP-25's and then a 52 degree S5 and 56 and 60 degree MP-R12's.
  12. Hey guys! Really excited to be a member of the forum now. Have been a longtime reader so looking forward to getting in on some discussions. I'm a musician (guitarist) from NC and a very avid golfer. I picked it up again last year after playing a bit when I was younger and have fallen in love with the game.
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