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  1. I wish we could get more demos out there, but we are a very small operation right now. The best we can offer is our Money Back Guarantee with each purchase during the trial period. Would love to get demos to Virginia Beach in the future.
  2. If anyone on this board is from the South Florida area, we have our demos of each model in the Pro Shop at Quail Ridge http://www.quailridgecc.com/ Country Club. Stop in and try one out for FREE! And let us know what you think.
  3. We wanted to come up with something unique but not wild. I doubt you will find putters like these at the typical golf shop. The hosel is a unique setup. The creator of the clubs has been a machinist for a few decades, he hand crafted the design and came up with the hosel idea. Not to mention he has the ability to customize every putter to match any golfers specs. http://ver-trac.com
  4. I would like to thank everyone for the kind comments and for the great suggestion about the picture at address. As for the engravings, I see your point that it may look busy, but do keep in mind thats a very high resolution image, when you are putting you do not see the emblem on the face and trademark on the back. Just holding the putters in your hands you do not notice these as you do in a zoomed in photograph. If anyone is interested, I can email you a pdf of a nice little profile sheet with info about the putters that we send with our demos to pro shops.
  5. Ok guys, here are a couple pictures I took on a rug here at my house. I hope these helps! I am a casual golfer, but one thing I like about my putter (OHB-1) like all the ver-trac models, is that I have complete vision of the ball, there isn't any shaft or anything bent out messing with my view.
  6. Hey everyone! I just stumbled upon this thread. I help with Ver-Trac putters, a family member of mine is the creator. I noticed people want to see some images of the putter from the "address" view point, no problem I will take some pictures of that shortly here at my house, I have some of the demos here. The pictures we have were done by a photographer friend of the family, he just kinda took some snap shots here and there. Anyways, let me know if anyone has any questions. I hope the pictures I am providing will help!
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