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  1. First Name: Brett City, State: Santa Barbara, CA Current Driver in Play: Titleist 917 D2 Handicap: 8.2 Swing Speed: 112 Which Driver Would You Like to Review: Tsi3
  2. Brett / Santa Barbara, CA / US Evnroll ER2 murdered out I am very curious about the ZB3. It suits my eye! I have an arc in my stroke and this looks like a great fit for that type of stroke.
  3. I played the 845’s Silver Scott’s in high school and then upgraded to The 855’s. I have a soft spot in heart for Tommy Armour. I still have both sets
  4. I personally fell into an all Titleist setup. Got fitted for the driver and irons over the course of a few years and then was gifted used Titleist fairway metals. I moved away from my all vokey wedge set up and Have fallen in love with the TM high toe. I am really curious about the TM sim driver and ping fairway metals. I have no brand loyalty and have always gone with what looks best on my hands. I was playing Mizuno Iron’s for the 10 years prior to my AP2’s. I almost went with another set of mizuno, however, after going through the fitting and hitting about 6 different sets, it was Titleist
  5. Handicap and Location 8.2 Santa Barbara, CA Social Media Accounts Instagram. Bgreen9944 Twitter: Bgreenwood44 Expected rounds in an 8-week span 6-8 Current OEMs in your bag Titlest 718 AP2 4-PW Titleist 917 D2 10.5 Titleist 913 15.5 deg amd 913 21 deg hybrid TaylorMade HIgh toe 60 Vokey sm6 52 Callaway 56 Head to https://www.cobragolf.com/ and build your dream bag for this challenge KING SPEEDZONE DRIVER CUSTOM Color Black / Yellow Hand Right Loft 10.5 Shaft Flex Option Graphite X-Stiff Shaft Aldila
  6. I think looks and a putter go hand in hand. If I don’t love the look I frankly don’t care to use it even if it does give me a small advantage. Now, if I made money playing golf then I’d have a very different thought. I’d find every advantage possible and as someone said, I’d put with a brick if it was better than my $400 shiny putter. I have too many putters and plan to add more based on how they look. I think my next step is to actually get a putter fitting. I’d be very curious of what I like would be contradicted by data (I’m 100% sure it would)
  7. I’m with you. Currently clicking in at 215 with a goal of 190. During this “time off” I’ve taken a serious interest in flexibility. I’ve being doing Foundation Training every night and I’m finding some serious benefits, including weight loss. The little bit of added mobility from stretching is motivation. It’s lead to less beer and better sleep habits. I may not be seeing the actual weight loss yet but the benefits from the stretching regiment has been very noticeable and my swing feels significant stronger. Check out foundation training if you are curious. Their free content is more than enou
  8. At one point in time my entire bag was Titleist and not by design. I’ve since switched up a few items and it got me thinking. Did I subconsciously do it out of loyalty while not being sponsored or was it because it was the the right set up for me. I am coming to appreciate a more diverse set up. Thoughts?
  9. Definitely 60 yards. I used to take the approach that getting as close as possible was the best path. I’ve definitely changed mentality. I saw a video with DJ talking about the 50 yard approach shot and how he would approach it and I will never forget his thoughts. He basically said, first of all, I would never leave myself 50 yards. Such simple yet great advice. I’d rather have 93 yards in. That is my ideal approach shot.
  10. My ancient, hand me down, slightly bent shafted, Titleist 913 21 degree Hybrid. It is irreplaceable. A playing partner just handed it to me one day. It’s ugly, beat up and an outright monster. I don’t understand it, but this club is just amazing. One day it will go, but Until it just disintegrates, I will use it.
  11. I pretty much stick to one club, my TaylorMade HighToe 60, unless the circumstances are unique. I find that by sticking to one club, I can open or s*** it down very consistently. It just is one less thing for me to think about and just focus on the feel of the shot.
  12. Driver - Titleist 917 D2 10.5 Aldila Rogue X65 3wd - Titleist 913 F 15.5 hybrid - Titleist 913 21 irons - 718 AP2 AMT X100 1 degree upright ( this is my first ever set of irons I’ve been fit for! Thank you Titleist Thursday’s) Titleist SM6 52 degree Callaway 56 TaylorMade High Toe 60 Scotty Cameron 2016 Newport 2.5 what would you upgrade?
  13. I suppose this means it’s time for the 3rd Scotty. Currently gaming the 2016 Newport 2.5. Thinking of going straight Newport for the next. What’s your favorite model?
  14. Brett Santa Barbara /CA 8.2 current Iron’s Titleist 718 AP2 T100S
  15. Brett / California aldila rogue x 65g 114 club head speed i would absolutely love to see less spin no launch monitor
  16. Brett California Odyssey O-Works 1W strength
  17. Brett California Handicap 8 Mizuno quad groove 52 Titleist sm5 56 Cleveland Byron Nelson Classic Berriylium copper 60
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