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  1. I have an S62. Prior to that I was using Fenix 5. The S62 gives you nice features, most of which I don't think I use. Both watches will track clubs, especially if you use the Approach C10 connect tags allowing the watch to track your clubs without doing anything extra. But those are another $300. You can skip the tags and just use the touch face when it asks for the club after each swing. If you aren't going to invest in the tags, your phone can do just about everything an S62 can do with more detail. Do you really want to spend close to grand? I did, but I may be addicted. I also wanted the O2 monitor. An S60 and tags may be about half that, if you don't want/need all the newest stuff. One advantage of the S62, the Fenix, and probably the S60, is that you can install an app for swing training to work on your tempo. I find that very helpful. Game Golf, Shot Scope, Arcos, and a dozen phone apps can give you all the same things with varying levels of manual input and combinations of club tags.
  2. Tod - Chesterfield, VA Right Handed First Choice Fairway Wood - Stiff Flex Second Choice Driving Iron - UiHi - Stiff Flex Currently play Taylormade GAPR LO, R15 3H or 4H 20. HCP
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