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  1. Ryan - Patchogue, NY How Often do you Practice Putting and How Long? Twice a week approximately 45 minutes - 2 hours per week How many 3 putts do you average per round? 0-3 What interests you most about Exputt from what you have seen or read? The ability to practice putting more often and not be hindered by weather. Also I feel simulated putting maybe a better and more effective option that putting mats due to the aid of technology.
  2. Ryan New York / Long Island / USA Currently use my dated handheld gps to track clubs and distance, as well as my trends tracker on myscorecard to see which areas I need improvement on. I do not currently use a gps watch.
  3. 34 Adidas New York Sent from my SM-N920V using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. The one on the right is real. The left ball looks like a callaway with her dimples reprinted
  5. Hi everyone, I read the 2 part article of rise and fall of TM and I have a new site to frequently visit. I am a Long Island resident am obsessed with golf and happy to have sites like this to spend time on between rounds. Thanks to those who put their time into the site.
  6. Ryan Braswell 16 Handicap Long Island New York Cleveland CG14 52 & 60 Callaway forged RBC promo 56 degree
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