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  1. I live in Aspen CO and this would be extremely helpful to allow me to be able to practice because of such a short golf season; I have on average at least 4 three putts a round, I believe it would be beneficial to me to allow me to be able to practice in the dead of winter. Thank you. Seth
  2. Revkev I need your luck on winning the product tester opportunities!
  3. I am 35 first set of clubs were Powerbuilt Citation wood woods end Walter hagen butter knives that you could cut cold butter out the freezer with they were so sharp and metal spikes for one year and didn't really like them so stuck with tennis shoes.
  4. Seth Augusta Ga Handicap 5 Mizuno MP 25s shaft PX 6.0 I would like.to check out the Ping 500s. Been in the market for a new set so why not try something brand new!
  5. I just think it would be the utmost way to give back to the club pro who is busting his tail all year long keeping people interested in the game and a halfway shot at some decent prize money because the section events just don't pay out from what I have seen. Also, it would go a long way for the PGA who ultimately is about giving back to the folks that give their hearts all year long.
  6. I think it would be awesome to see the PGA of America go to a 2 man format with this event like the Zurich but the kicker is let there be a regular tour pro as one member of the team and the other member of the team be a PGA Class A member. I think this would be a huge success and also give the Class A guys a shot besides just 20 of them each year. Have the format as a combined score so both players scores would count. Talk about shaking things up this would do it for sure!
  7. Would love to see some demascus metal work done!
  8. I am new to the forums. My name is Seh. I am an assistant pro in Georgia and glad to be here!
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