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    All things golf related, motocross, football, and watching the Bengals and Athletics occasionally win a game or two.
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Grew up in Midway Utah - AKA greatest place on earth (I really wish I could afford to move back). Started playing golf at a young age playing in a few UGJA tournaments, then made the worst decision ever to play football over golf my freshman year because I was seduced by junior high fame. Golf got put on the shelf as I played football, basketball and baseball all throughout high school until I blew out my knee during the second game of the season of my senior year. Luckily I recovered and wasn't terrible at baseball when I got a scholarship to play at a small DIII school in Virginia called Southern Virginia University. A season into baseball and I blew my knee out again playing in centerfield after stepping into a sprinkler hole (I know right?). After coming home from school that summer I decided to opt out from college sports and left on a religious mission to Chile where I lived for two years in 2008-2010; I was there during the earthquake in March 2010 so I have some pretty good stories of that. Came home from Chile and transferred to BYU in Provo where I graduated in digital media and communications. It was at BYU where I met my wonderful wife, got married, and started my little family.


Since my first two surgeries I have had two more on my right knee which has limited some activities for me. Golf has really helped me get out and be competitive with a game that cannot be beat. I love being outside for a few hours with my phone off and enjoying the scenery. I love golf equipment and the testing that goes on with clubs, I could just sit down for hours and read reviews on clubs and how companies try to innovate. I had one magical round last summer where I shot 1 over with no missed fairways  and 17 GIR, but most of the time I hover around 80 with a handicap of 10. I love the game and the people who play it. Cheers.

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