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  1. 1. Eric, Tampa, Florida 2. 9.6 3. CBX irons and wedges with Launcher woods. Putter TBD, but it appears I need something that can help me get the ball to the hole more consistently
  2. Hard for me to say. I have played a lot of championship courses like Chambers Bay, Bay Hill, Copperhead, etc. However, the most difficult course I have played is probably Ponte Vedra Inn and Club Ocean Course. It was supposed to host the Ryder Cup in the late 30s, but World War II resulted in the event being canceled. In the years since they have redesigned it a couple times. The wind there is just incessant. I putted off of multiple greens, and it was just a really tough test of golf. I don't care what the slope rating says, this is probably the toughest I have played.
  3. Eric Tampa, Florida Strength: Bunker play Weakness: Long chips, short pitches Specs: RH 52* SS, 56* SS, 60* WS. All standard length and lie, AWT 2.0 shaft
  4. Played Pine Barrens on Sunday. It's in fantastic shape. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Tapatalk
  5. I should start by saying that I have a soft spot for Wilson. I have met Michael Vrska, Tim Clarke and members of their team, and they are smart, friendly and passionate about their products. They are making some extremely good equipment in recent years. However, this has been an embarrassing failure. 1. The show was not as good as it could have been. While the concept was interesting, I lost interest after the first two episodes dragged on with ridiculous concepts that had zero chance of seeing the light of day. I watched sparingly for the rest of the season until the next to last episode, which was far and away the best, with athletes hitting the drivers in Tahoe. The finale was an hour long slog of families and contestants saying "Boy, I sure hope this design wins. That money sure would mean a lot." followed by them announcing the winning design. At no time in the final 2 episodes did they offer a rationale for why someone's design wasn't chosen. Just "Sorry, you're out." Long story short, the show was hard to watch, despite its many merits. 2. The driver being released before passing muster with the USGA is inexcusable. They could have submitted all of the prototypes for evaluation once they reached that stage without ruining the ending. They could have done any number of things. However, what they did was release a driver with their fingers crossed, and the USGA seemed excited to burn them for it. They may not recover from this. I hope they do, but they may not. They surely will have trouble recovering their investment directly through sales of the Triton, though all the ball commercials during the show might result in an increase in sales (by the way, since I'm on the subject of balls, why not tell us what's up with the FG Tour just disappearing?). I want a Triton. I don't want to pay $450, but I would definitely consider this driver. However, the market is poised to wash away all the buzz with tons of new releases coming up without the spectre of USGA non-conformity hanging over their heads. As much as I want this to be a home run, it's starting to look like a double off the wall where the guy gets thrown out going for a triple.
  6. I am a bit out there, but I say 36 at World Woods one day and 18 at Southern Hills Plantation the next . Southern Hills (not to be confused with Southern Woods, which is a sister property to WW) is about 20 minutes south of there, a Pete Dye design, and maybe the best course in the Tampa Bay area.
  7. Rob, I am down with any of those weekends. It's a short drive for me. Looking forward to teeing it up with you again.
  8. These reviews are very helpful, as ponder a move away from my Glides.
  9. Eric from Tampa, Florida I currently use a Bushnell Pinseeker 1500. It might be old school, but it's accurate. There are some minor annoyances, such as the battery cover popping off, or the slightly bulky size, but it makes up for it in ease of aiming and accuracy. I would be interested to see if another rangefinder would really be a big improvement.
  10. Thanks for sharing. I hope this driver does well. Wilson Staff has been making some solid equipment lately. I took a few swings with the Triton while wearing dress shoes and work clothes, so I can't really tell much right now, but I can say that the stripe on the crown wasn't distracting.
  11. This seems like a great and interesting opportunity. The State in Which You Live - Florida Your Handicap - 10.3 Your Current Putter - Odyssey Versa Tank 1W
  12. I am sure the driver works great, and I am sure it would work great with half as many weights on the bottom. This is becoming like the SNL commercial where they keep adding razor blades. "Sliding weight 1 moves the COG forward. Sliding weight 2 taunts the ball. Sliding weight 3 is equipped with mustard gas for total golf ball annihilation."
  13. Hey guys. My name is Eric, and I live in Tampa, Florida. I have been reading MGS for several years, and finally decided to start posting. I also decided to start supporting the site with a subscription, because I love the articles and the approach. I love the unfiltered information and the creative ways of measuring equipment, thoughts and approaches in golf, along with the total lack of fear to put conventional wisdom to the test. I am an 11 handicap who bounces from 9-12 and struggles weekly with various phases of my game and buys new equipment too often, but I keep coming back and trying to get better.
  14. I loved my old 2 Bar Blade, and this technology seems intriguing, though the price tag does seem a bit steep for a start-up. I will be keeping my eyes open for sure.
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