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  1. My observation is that searching for balls is what slows groups the most. Courses could address this by keeping the grounds clean, putting up barriers. And confiscating all ball retrievers until the end of the round I know there are lots of guys that get as much fun out of finding balls as they do playing, but often the time they spend searching is what slows down the group.
  2. Well, I tried it a couple weeks ago and am very disappointed. The driver recommendation was a Srixon Z765 which, as best I can tell is two years old and no longer available new. There was no recommendation on shaft flex or loft. I have twice tried to contact them by the message button on their website, but no response. There is no phone or email listed on the website. They offer a 60 day guarantee, but no way to contact them. I only pissed away $7, but I am very disappointed that MyGolfSpy had recommend this without more research or at least a disclaimer that it had not been checked out.
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