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  1. I've played the Elixir for 3 years now and have never seen the cracks in the photos on this thread. Cold, snow, rain, heat, desert. none of it. I really like the ball. Holds in the wind and spins well on the greens. Covers hold up well. I don't mind as much dumping them in the water hazards at 26/doz as I did with 'top tier' golfballs at 2-3 dollars per. I found the Oncore customer service accomodating (sent a free sleeve after I ordered yellow and they sent white). Just my experience. I hope they are doing well financially and have not changed factories or cut quality.
  2. May have to convert. Love the Oncore Elixir but frustrated the yellow has been out of stock for months
  3. Pulled the trigger on these 3 mos ago after being properly fit. These are staying. I don't even glance at the new iron reviews. I am a 10 index. Some say the clubface is small, but in my case the proper fitting eliminated most toe/heel strikes. Yes the wedges and upper irons fly higher but for my course that works. Many greens used to be hard to hold. The four iron is lower trajectory but dead straight. Every time. My 7 wood flies higher and lands softer with a fade, but off the tee and setting approach distances on par 5's the SL Edel four iron is what I now use. I have one 58 deg edel dgr wedge for scoring but just choke down on the SL SW for gaps and chipping. The best part of the SL set for me is that misses right or left are almost non existent. I am one full club longer with SL and that is what took some getting used to. A quality product when properly fit.
  4. Interested in any actual experience with this 'new titanium'
  5. Colorado - 10 Index This type of fitting is the missing link for golf to be special again. Every golfer wants a little love from the game. Srixon Z765 Driver, 10.5 Stiff Srixon F65 Fairway 15 degrees stiff Srixon H65 Hybrid 19 degree stiff Srixon Z565 6-7 Iron Stiff Srixon Z765 8-PW Stiff Cleveland RTX-3 TOUR SATIN 52, 56 & 60 Cleveland Huntington Beach 4 Ball - Srixon Z-Star XV yellow
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