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  1. Hi, I'm Peter from San Francisco. I Was looking into cobra connect yesterday so I can track data better and this popped up today. It must be a sign. I'll keep dreaming. Peter Kim, San Francisco, I play about 3 times a week, rain or shine, so that's about 162 times a year. I deactivated Facebook several years ago but if I get selected I'll reactivate my account, I had 500+ friends, and get Twitter and instagram. I'm ready to commit and be at your service. Index-2.7. Swing speed-i can swing as fast as high 110's with a driver but it varies day-to-day. Srixon 765 driver,
  2. Peter. San Francisco, CA index: 2.7 current wedges: Mizuno T7 wedges desired loft: 50, 56, 62 Thank you in advance. I look forward to this test.
  3. 1) 50-60 times a year. 2) 12 handicap 3) Nike method 005 33"
  4. Peter/San Francisco/12 Srixon Z765 Driver Srixon F65 Fairway Srixon H65 Hybrids Srixon Z765 5-7 Iron Srixon Z965 8-PW Cleveland RTX-3 TOUR SATIN Cleveland Huntington Beach 4 Ball - Srixon Z-Star XV Pure White God bless you.
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