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  1. Still wish I could find the MOI # for the TSI3. I even tried the Titleist web page 2xs, chatting with whoever you get when cruising their website. And no one has been able to give me an MOI # yet. Is it life or death? No, of course not. I would just really like to know. End of rant.
  2. I actually was looking at a Tensei AV Blue over the weekend. I'm going to play the white I have first. I have a pretty aggressive transition, so the higher bend point shafts work better to fight the hook. But I like hitting it a little higher. So we'll see. I've also wanted to try an Evenflow. So who knows right now. But I'm going to try the white I have first and go from there.
  3. Ok, so we're still playing wheel of fortune with my driver. Sort of. I bought a new TSI3 a few weeks ago. It came with the Tensei Raw White shaft, which I would presume is a very good shaft. It also seems to be designed to be a fairly low launching, low spinning shaft. I also have an Xcaliber Pro T6+, which is also designed to be a low launcher. For years, I played a low bend point, high launching shaft, because I liked the higher ball flight. But I also faught the hooks with a low bend point driver shaft. When I bought the TSI3, I demoed a standard black HZRDUS. And I couldn't hit anything but bananas with it. I still hit fades with the Tensei, but it was no problem keeping it in play. I would still like to hit the ball on a slightly higher trajectory, so I am looking at mid-launch shafts. I have looked at the Ventus, a Lin-Q purple, a white Evenflow (which is probably still lower than I want to hit it) and I've almost pulled the trigger on a blue Aldila Rogue Elite, mostly because they're less expensive. I don't want or need to break the bank, so I'm not going to throw $200-300 on a shaft. But I would like to have a good shaft for a good driver. Let's say I don't want to spend over $150 on a shaft. And I'm not at all concerned about brand. Any suggestions?
  4. I've never weighed any of my adapters. Could the adapter weigh more than 8ish grams?
  5. Another tip of the cap to the TSI drivers since they did so well in both 2021 and 2022 most wanted testing. I've ordered some extra weights for my TSI3 and will try using 2 weights, with 1 on the heel side and one on the toe side, more for the extra weight and feel because I play my driver at 44" than anything else.
  6. I spent a couple hours at the local PGA Superstore this week hitting multiple drivers. I ended up getting a TSI3. Numbers on the monitor were as good if not better than the others, and the slight adjustment with the weight was enough to give me great launch and flight numbers. Distances were very similar, but I had a smaller landing area and reduced dispersion with the TSI3 when I moved the weight 1 spot on the sole. My question is does anyone know, or can anyone tell me where to find, the MOI for the TSI3? I have several numbers for other drivers. I went to the Titleist web page looking, and even chatted with someone on the site. But all she wanted to tell was how their engineers tweaked the head shape to improve aerodynamics. And all I wanted was an MOI number. Can anyone tell me where to find it? Or does anyone have it? I know it doesn't really matter since I already bought it, but I am still curious. Thanks!
  7. The title says it all. I'm looking for a high bend point graphite iron shaft. I have the original Xcaliber TourX shafts, but I don't know how they compare to anything out now. Experience? Advice?
  8. So let's cut to the real nitty gritty here...does anyone know when the Most Wanted Driver report will be made available? I'm assuming, looking at previous release dates, that we're getting close. I'm already shopping, so any and all info on new sticks is a good thing...
  9. I will be getting a new driver in the next month or so. I'm currently gaming a Cobra F9 with an Xcaliber T6* that I found in my basket of sticks a month or so ago, which fits me really well. It's a nice mid trajectory with a slight fade. I came off a black ProLaunch which was higher-launching and liked to turn over. I'm just wondering how the original Hzrdus red and the IM10 mid would compare. I demoed a stock black original Hzrdus a month or so ago, and I hit nothing but massive fades that bordered on a slice. I couldn't square it up or turn it over to save my life. I've been curious about the original red Hzrdus for a long time. And now they have the new IM10 shafts. The low launch sounds alot like the standard Hzrdus black. But I'm curious about the mid-launch version. I've read a few reviews online, and they seem to be pretty favorable, and not as stout as the original black. The Xcaliber I have will probably be in the rotation, as I just hit that shaft too well not to use it. But I like having options.
  10. I still play a 44" driver and have no plans to go longer. I played a few rounds in Tucson last week and hit a few balls over 300 yds. I'll be getting my 1st brand new driver in over 10 years very soon, and it'll be 44". That's what I'm comfortable hitting and that's what I hit well most consistently. A longer shaft would obviously give me yards when struck well. But I don't know how often I'd catch it that well. I'll stick with my 44".
  11. I recently rediscovered the Xcaliber Pro T6*. Based on the fitting I did at the local PGA SS, I pulled the T6* from an old Geek driver I had, put a Cobra adapter on it, and went to Tucson. I went out for my 1st round basically blind in terms of the driver having never hit that shaft in my F9, and not hitting that shaft at all in probably 8-10 years. Holy cow. My F9 became a 300 yd laser pointer. To some degree, I question if I really need to look at a new driver. But I've been promised a new stick for 2022, so I'll be getting one. I could just put the old T6* in my new stick, and I may. Or I could go back to Xcaliber and order a new T6* and take that for a whirl and see what happens. Either way, the Xcaliber T6* has become my new best driver shaft ever. That was by far the best driving week I've ever had.
  12. Playing a little vaca golf in Tucson. Put an old Xcaliber T6* in my driver. Worked very well today. Looking at perhaps getting an Aldila Rogue Elite green and giving it a try.
  13. Those that have played the black Riptide...how does it play to flex? I have seen some say that the new Riptide plays soft to flex. Any insight?
  14. Also thinking about a black Evenflow Riptide
  15. Ok, back on topic...concerning the HZRDUS line, how different is the red? I don't see it in catalogs anymore, so I don't even know if it's still in production. I know it's supposed to be slightly higher launching, but how different is it from the standard black? When I demoed the black, I couldn't square it up, and everything was a very pronounced fade. That's why I was going to try a white Evenflow, until prepping the tip it revealed a bad shaft tip. I could try to find another. I could just try a black Evenflow. Or maybe a red HZRDUS. How different is the red vs the black, or the other new releases. The smoke black is also a thought. But I don't want to fight the pronounced fade the standard black gave me. Thoughts and opinions?
  16. So I'm just curious. I have the post about HZRDUS shafts. And another about Evenflows. I'm just wondering what other options there are for higher bend point shafts. I didn't really care for the HZRDUS black I hit. And I have the white Evenflow. But I haven't paid much attention to higher bend point shafts. I'd rather not need another mortgage to afford a shaft, but I would like to know what my options are for good high bend point shafts. Thanks guys.
  17. The white will be my first gamer with an Evenflow. I was tempted to get a black, but I found a sweet deal on a white, so we'll see.
  18. I just picked up a white Evenflow. I demoed a black HZRDUS but couldn't turn it over to save my life. I have a pretty aggressive transition and load the shaft alot at the top of my backswing, so I'm going to see if a white Evenflow can handle it. If not, I'm only out $40
  19. I went a different direction. I've always wanted to try an Evenflow, so I grabbed a white Evenflow. If I don't like it, I'll make that decision later.
  20. I purchased a white Evenflow and am considering a black Evenflow to try as well. I'm game for trying different shafts, and I can find them fairly inexpensive online. I'm going to Tucson in 3-4 weeks to play 4-5 rounds with some friends and as long as they're ready by then, I'll try any shaft.
  21. He commented to me at the end when we were discussing numbers that he has never seen anyone pull as hard at the top of the backswing as I do. He thinks that's why I hit a constant draw. If I go to a more stout shaft, the draw might disappear. Hitting the HZRDUS on the launch monitor, I hit nothing but fades. I believe the shaft I hit was a standard black HZRDUS, but I can't be completely sure. I have looked before at the red HZRDUS, going back to the original red shaft that was red with gray lettering, not black with red lettering. I didn't really feel like I load the club enough to warrant the need for a HZRDUS, but compared to my current ProLaunch, it certainly took the hook away. A white Evenflow might be more intriguing to me than a HZRDUS. I'd even be tempted to try a black Evenflow. He also commented that with my swing speed and the way I load the shaft, playing a soft X-stiff or tipping a stiff might work just as well. It's at the opposite end of the spectrum, but I also have a red Evenflow sitting on my work bench. I'd be tempted to tip it 1/2" just to try that since I already have it.
  22. The interesting thing was, at the fitting hitting a HZRDUS (black I believe) is that I was hitting a fade. I only hit fades with my current equipment when I try to or make a really bad swing. So to see a fade on the launch monitor on a good swing was surprising to say the least. I had looked the a HZRDUS red a few years ago. I looked at the version that was all red, not black with red lettering because I thought it would stand out a bit and look good. I'm obviously re-visiting that thought. But I am open to all options. Even those that aren't the HZRDUS shaft. He also had me hit a Tensei shaft, but the HZRDUS numbers were just a little better.
  23. I had a fitting yesterday at the Indy PGA Superstore. I had hit a few drivers there before Thanksgiving on my own, but went back in yesterday for a scheduled fitting, which I had never done anywhere for any club. The info he gave me fascinated and surprised me, but that's why you get fitted. Skipping the 70-75 minutes of just hitting balls with different drivers, trying different shafts, and changing weight configurations, what he told me was that I needed to use a stronger shaft. The shaft in my F9 is a black ProLaunch that Grafalloy co-designed with the guys from Golfworks. What the fitter told me, due to the very aggressive move I make in the transition at the top of my backswing, is that I need to play a more stout shaft. I hit a Tensei and several HZRDUS shafts. I did a little online research just looking at the True Temper website to get some technical data and design perspective. I know the feel is completely different from a softer higher launching shaft. But for those of you that have played them, and since there are several options, which models in particular did you like?
  24. Ok, I have another recent post about my trip to a PGA SS demoing new drivers. I don't have the launch monitor numbers, but the difference in total distance was astounding. The TSI3 was 20 yards longer in total distance than the TM, Tour Edge, or Launcher Lite I hit. I didn't see a TSI2 in the store, but I'm wondering, since the TSI2 is supposed to be the forgiving model, and the TSI3 is supposed to be the players model, and I wasn't able to hit the 2 in the store, how much difference is there in length between the 2 models? I didn't see launch and spin numbers on the screen, I only caught total distances for the clubs I was hitting. I am planning to go back, maybe tomorrow, to hit a 2 if they have a lefty, and maybe also hit a Ping since I haven't hit one in years. I was just wondering if anyone has hit both a TSI2 and a TSI3, and what the differences were between the 2 in actual performance vs what the info Titleist puts out is. I'm guessing since the 2 is the more forgiving model, it will be higher launching and spinning. I'm not a high trajectory or a high spin guy, and I'm hitting my Cobra F9 280-285 with a black ProLaunch in it. But I really liked the TSI3 I hit last week, and I was a Titleist driver guy years ago, owning a 975 and a 983 back when they were as good as anything out there. Anyone have experience hitting both the TSI2 and the TSI3?
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