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  1. I'm also surprised the Extreme finished higher than the standard Speedzone. Maybe we'll see different results with Cobra when they break down results by speed.
  2. I'm also looking at the new ProLaunch shaft that Grafalloy did with Golfworks that they claim is high launch lower spin. Might be an option worth trying...
  3. I'm not a high spin high launch guy. I've been wondering if I'd gain a few yards if I went to a higher launching shaft. I'm playing an F7+. My shaft selection is a Wave and 3 hbp shafts, a KuroKage and a red and a blue ProLaunch. I had good luck with the Aldila blue NXT years ago in a KZG Gemini, maybe the longest driver l ever used. I've thought about getting another one of those shafts to try. I've also thought about getting the red version on eBay to try. Like I said, I'm not high launch or high spin, and I hit my driver around 275. Do I hit it far enough? Yes. But we all want to hit it farther. I'm also now in my 40s and I know at some point age and my lack of being able to play 2xs a week any more will be catching up with me.
  4. I'd like to try a Ventus myself but it's a steep price tag
  5. Since we had a favorite low launch low spin question, it makes me wonder...what is our favorite mid launch mid spin shaft? I gamed a Blue NXT when Aldila first released it and had great success with it in a KZG Gemini 2. I've been considering trying another in my F7+, as well as an Evenflow Blue.
  6. I also had alot of success with the Aldila NXT blue when they came out. Now I guess it's called the AXT. But that was a great shaft in my KZG Gemini 2, that was an awesome driver and a great combo. Would also like to try an Evenflow in my F7+. That is, after I try the ProLaunch blue and red hbp shafts I picked up for less than $20 each. I'd also like to try the ProLaunch GWX in the latest Golfworks catalog.
  7. I picked up a pair of ProLaunch hbp shafts, 1 red and 1 blue. And I still have the KuroKage hbp I grabbed last summer. I'm gaming an F7+. Now my hurdle is whether or not to try a newer head or stick to my gamer.
  8. I was wondering if they were made for a specific club release. Cobra did the cameo F9, that makes total sense.
  9. Saw these on eBay, just wondering which model this is...
  10. Rod / Indiana 10 Cleveland TA-6 170
  11. therod


    I emailed UST from their website Mon, and still no answer. Disappointing. Makes me a little hesitant to leap off the bridge on such an expensive shaft. We'll see I guess.
  12. Just curious. I'm looking at getting a new driver in the next few weeks since I'll be getting my work bonus. My F7+ is fine, but you know, new toys are always fun. And this shaft has me intrigued. It looks like Hireko has it in stock. I do most of my equipment business with Golfworks, but they don't have it in stock yet. It looks like on the UST website that it isn't available to most component companies except for their larger accounts. And a few of the OEMs have them as an option to upgrade from stock offerings, just don't know how much like the component version they are. Just wondering if anyone has any insider info that I may not be able to find or have found yet.
  13. Think I'm going to try the new black ProLaunch that Grafalloy designed with Golfworks. Might try that in whatever driver l buy in the next few weeks.
  14. That was my guess. Thanks for the info.
  15. As I'm looking at shaft options for the driver I haven't yet acquired (likely a new Cobra SZ) I was looking at shafts at Golfworks, who I have done business with for years. A question occurred to me. There are 2 versions of the ProLaunch Blue and Red (I would prefer the red). The numbers look identical. Is the only difference cosmetic? Are just talking about different color patterns? I'm going to spend a bit to get a new driver, and I would like to have options with shafts. But if I'm going to spend a bit on the head, I will need to watch what I spend on the stick I put in it. Yes it will likely have a good shaft in it. I have 2 shafts for my F7+ which will work in the SZ. I would just like to try some new toys. in my new toy.
  16. I've used the TourX shafts in my irons for several years now. Glad to see they're not going away. As long as a version is available in the 100 gram range, I'll be very interested in the new shaft. Every Xcaliber shaft I've used has been excellent.
  17. Just asking, partly because I'm curious and partly because I'm getting ready to buy a driver and am looking at options. Reading the material on the Project X Evenflow has made me curious. I used to be a shaft junkie and kept up with anything and everything shaft related. But having a wife and kids has changed priorities a little bit, so now if I see something new it's a pretty safe bet I don't know much about it. So has anyone played an Evenflow? I haven't used the Hzrdus line either, so I know very little about them. I hit my driver 275-280, I have a quick transition, and a short fairly quick swing, if that helps any. The 2 shafts I currently have for my F7+ are a KuroKage cb an a Wave. Both shafts work for me, I'm just looking at other options. I'd like to go to ClubChampion and get fit, but I don't know if that's going to happen.
  18. My 2 favorite mallets are the Zebra that Golfsmith made and the Yes Stephanie. Both great mallets in my opinion.
  19. This is why me and my F7+ might be going to ClubChampion this spring. No better way to find out.
  20. I watched the Rick Shiels video a few days ago on the new Cobra driver. And he compared it to the F9 from last year, which he called the best driver of 2019. With all other variables being the same, he hit the F9 a yard or 2 farther than the new Speedzone. So I wondered...maybe the Speedzone isn't necessarily longer than the F9, but maybe it's more forgiving and has a larger MOI. And that's where equipment is gaining in 2020 instead of distance. Maybe not, just thinking out loud...
  21. I'll get my annual work bonus in mid March. At which point I'm going to be looking to acquire a new driver. My F7+ is a good stick, but I want something new. I might even go to Club Champion for a fitting. I'm a builder, and have been for decades, and I think I can fit myself fairly well. But being able to hit multiple head and shaft combos isn't something I get to do much of. And I don't see very many demo days anywhere close to where I live. And Club Champ will be over an hour away. So the most wanted test will be closely reviewed when it comes out...
  22. therod

    Yes! putters

    Still gaming my Yes Stephanie, but might try getting an Athena and slipping it in the bag for a try.
  23. Might be a weight issue. I'm playing a Cobra F7+ at 44", but I bought a weight kit for it and changed the weights out in the sole, adding 6 grams. Doesn't sound like much, but you can definitely feel it.
  24. I'm not the tallest person at around 5' 6", but I've never gamed a driver over 44". I tried 45" in a Geek driver several years ago, but couldn't hit it worth a lick. So I cut it back to 44" and went back to hitting it pretty well. I've debated on trying it again this spring with a newer driver and adding some weight to the sole since you can easily adjust head weights with weight kits available for some drivers. But for now, I play a 44" driver, and have for years.
  25. Being a lefty limits my equipment options. Hence, I'm more intrigued by the new Xcaliber iron shaft...
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