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  1. I currently play an Autoflex s405 with a Sim Max 2 @ 45 inches. After watching the Mobile Club Maker I ordered an Even Flow Rip Tide CB L flex. If it works I could sell the Autoflex and have some $ to buy some more stuff. Took them to the range and I was a little disappointed. As far as I could tell the distance was similar, but the Rip Tide felt stiff compared to the Autoflex and the dispersion was not as good. I tried adding weight to the head with no success.
  2. I purchased one last June on sale. For the price with all the features it's a good deal and it is fun to use but it hasn't lowered my handicap.
  3. Putting is my weak link. I've tried everything except cheating. I play 100+ rounds a year. Handicap is 9.7 Currently play An Edel E1 mallet.
  4. What a fantastic opportunity Larry / Ne / 10.2 My picks would be a complete Z 355 bag with a GFI 2135 putter and RTX 3 black satin wedges.
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