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  1. I have a 20.5° 7-wood and a 22° 4-hybrid. Even though the loft between the two isn't much, the longer shaft of the 7-wood gives me at least 10 more yards.
  2. I've got 14 in mine. I think the biggest advantage is that if I see an empty slot, that's a signal I may have left a club somewhere. Usually I just "mis-filed" it in another slot, but I have left a club just off a green, and it is best to know about this earlier rather than sometime after the round.
  3. I don't need any more clubs. Actually, I bet I could get by with a lot fewer than 14! I think I could do OK (certainly not much worse than I currently do) with only 8 clubs: Driver, 5W, 4h, 6i, 8i, PW, SW, and Putter!
  4. As Cnosil said, you can roll-up the mat and put it back in its original box. I don't take it anywhere, so I just roll it up (not quite so tightly as it originally came) and just put it in a corner. I don't have the expertise to comment on the speed, other than to say it is faster than my rug. I believe the Stimp reading for the "Start" mat is supposed to be about a 10; for the other mats, I think it is 10 in one direction and 12 in the other? It is rather thin, so I'm guessing you could use it on any surface. Not at all like a practice swing mat which might feel "squishy" underfoot.
  5. I tried the c3i because I was having all the issues they said the wedge would help cure! When I ordered it, I didn't realize it came in different lofts. The 65 is the one they market; the others seem to be there so they can sell you additional wedges if you like the first one. If I had known, I might have tried the 60 instead (my wedges now are 45, 50,and 55).
  6. I have been using the Wellput "Start" model. This one differs from the 2 other comparable models they have in that it is narrower (by about 6"), has only 1 Stimp reading (the others have 2 readings, I guess with and against the grain), and it doesn't come with the phone app which has a bunch of exercises you can do. However, it is cheaper! Quite frankly, I like it a lot; and am not sure that I'd be any happier with the other models. I set-up a putting station in which I butt-up the 10' mat to a 5' rug, and then place an open box at the other side of the rug. So in addition to being able to practice to the targets on the mat, I can now hit longer puts; I figure if I hit the put so it bangs the back of the box, that is about a 20 footer. For example, one exercise I do has me hitting 3 putts. The first one I try to bang the back of the box; the second to come up just short of the box; and the 3rd to just go to the end of the mat. Of course, each has to stay on the alignment line on the mat so I know that I started it straight. So I am able to practice clubface control and distance control. What else do you need? Definitely a "thumbs-up" from me!
  7. Summertree is a 9-hole course in western Pasco County, FL. It caters to a somewhat older clientele, so it is not particularly long (which makes it ideal for walking). It is well-maintained, but most importantly of all, it has character. That is, it is not one of those flat Florida courses where the holes are seemingly indistinguishable. Not that there are major elevation changes (this is still Florida), but enough to make each hole its own. Not a lot of water (no long carries over water), mostly ponds that border the fairways that really come into play only if you hit an errant shot. Walking is really the best way to enjoy the course, especially the abundance of wild-life you are likely to see. You will see some cranes, a hawk that will carefully eye you before resuming his hunt, a gator or two, and occasionally some wild turkeys and even deer. Oh, and if you do ride, watch out for the blackbirds; they will brazenly steal any food you leave in your cart while you are on the greens!
  8. I tried it last year, but it didn't work for me. Granted, I am a high-handicapper; so I'm not discounting that this is part of the problem. I tried it for 3 separate 1/2-hour sessions, and I don't think I hit one decent pitch shot onto the green in all that time. Seems like on every shot I either popped it up short, or bladed it thru the green. The company was good, though, and quickly granted me a refund. In retrospect, I'm thinking a 65-degree wedge was too much for me. I understand they have 2 less lofted versions, but I guess I'm a little gun-shy about trying them.
  9. Hi! My name is Mark, I'm a senior and I live in Land O Lakes, FL. Actually, I think I'm a pretty decent putter. Just broke 90 for 1st time, and my putting definitely helped; BTW, if need any testers for clubs to help my pitching and chipping, I'm available for that also . I play once or twice a week throughout the year, and try to also get-in a weekly practice session. Probably distance control is my biggest challenge. I'd like to test the Frontline 4.0 putter. I currently use a similar type of putter, an old TechLine putter with a Super Stroke grip. I like it because it is face-balanced, and doesn't have all that weight at the bottom that some putters have. However, it does have a flat face, so it is not particularly forgiving on off-center hits.
  10. Land O Lakes, FL I use the GolfLogix app on an Android. I'd like to test a rangefinder. I play weekly in a league plus hit the driving range once a week (where the GolfLogix app is useless).
  11. Mark in FL High (don't know exactly, probably about 28) I've never used a putting aid or training tool before. I particularly like that aspect of the PuttOut that enables you to judge how far past the hole your putt would be. My biggest problem is speed, too short or way past.
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