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  1. Kyle/Ohio 8 Handicap/116 mph Titleist Pro v1x I have played both the Z Star or XV - but more so the XV after talking with a Srixon rep that suggested I play the XV.
  2. - Kyle - Akron, Ohio - 117 w/driver - Handicap 8 - 15 degree 3 wood, 17 loft 2 UDI Right Handed
  3. Hey everyone Looking to sell a Taylormade Spider Mini Diamond Silver Putter 34 inch putter, single bend, standard Taylormade Super Stroke grip, standard loft (4), standard lie (70) Condition is above average and comes with head-cover - Great compact and clean look - $175 obo Also looking to sell a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue 70 tx driver shaft with a PXG tip - PXG standard 45' length, and standard tip - $200 obo PM me with any questions please - like most spy's I'm on here all the time.
  4. Kyle - Ohio Tour Velvet 360 cord Would love to test the Z Grip Align
  5. Windmill Golf Center is great in Macedonia - Pretty cheap considering too.. I had 2 driver fittings - the original driver fitting I wasn't happy with what I left with, and so I went back and got a new fitting and a new driver and it essentially cost me 50 bucks trade in... so I can't complain..
  6. @tony@CIC @MattF I've done three fittings at Windmill - I was satisfied with 2/3 - I've done irons and two driver fittings - None of the fittings were with Trent though - I really like Windmill and would suggest it over a CC - But, I can't decide if I want to do a wedge or putter fitting at Windmill or at a place like TrueSpec - I've been thinking of changing to Windmill and Randy for lessons as well.. I currently drive to Columbus and while its great and has really worked, it's 4 hours total drive time roundtrip.
  7. When I was at a Club Champion changing out the shaft of my PXG 0811 the fitter told me that many of their customers hated the Epic - said the sound was off-putting for most.. He also said that the new PXG head was a bit slower than the rest of the field for 2019 - To test that, we hit the PXG, then switched to the M5 and Epic and with the latter I had about 2-3 more MPH of club head speed. With that said, I think what will be the most helpful is when MGS comes out with the ratings based on a players swing speed.
  8. @MattF Being from the area where do you go for fittings?! I've gone to a couple really good places in the area.
  9. Hey Mike! Welcome... Have you played the Virtues Club? Formally known as Longaberger?! One of my favorite courses - a few friends and I take a weekend trip down and play a couple rounds there.
  10. @MaxEntropy @MattF Yes! I'm definitely in once this weather clears up! Hoping for a couple 50 degree days soon - get some outside range work in ! I play Sable quite a bit, really awesome course.. Not as tree lined as Windmill.
  11. Whats up guys? I've been looking into getting a budget launch monitor for this season's range sessions - I am really intrigued at the Mevo - but not too sure I want to lose those little metallic dots at the range every time I hit balls - The other one is the new SC300 - I know the SC200 got really great reviews and the new one has some new features (and I assume cleaned up some of the issues) They are relatively the same price which is cool - but I just wondering if anyone has a Mevo or heard much about the SC300 - I was hoping maybe MGS would do a review of it but it just came out. Thanks guys,
  12. How long have you been playing golf? What’s your handicap or normal score? I started playing golf in 2014 - I played college baseball and bought into the whole "golf will mess up your golf swing" - Yeah, that is a complete myth.. I actually found that the golf and baseball swing have a lot in common- anyway I digress - Normal score 75-80 What do you love about golf? I love that golf is a game against yourself and the course. You aren't technically playing against a defender, or a pitcher, etc. I love that one day you can shoot a record low, and the next a record high. What brings you to MyGolfSpy? Do you already know any other Spies? I don't know any other spies but if any are around, or want to play somewhere I would love to - I came to MGS because of the no BS attitude, and I can appreciate doing things the way you want to do them. I think major OEM's end up "buying" reviews and opinions and MGS cuts through the BS - its real content for a committed golfer. Where are you from? What is your home course? I am from Akron, Ohio - hometown of the one and only Lebron James - Home course- Sable Creek and also just bought a membership to Windmill Lakes where Kent State University play. What are the best and worst things about golf in your region? Super easy- The winter, and random weather events. In Ohio you never know if the snow will last until April or May, and Start in September. We get all 4 seasons and it feels like it can happen at just about any moment. I have only played golf in Myrtle Beach, SC and here in Ohio- and it's not even a comparison to be honest- so I couldnt tell you what the best thing about golfing in this region is. What do you do for a living? I work for the federal government - If I told you exactly what I did... I'd have to kill you. (JK, kinda) How’d you pick your user name? KB are my initials and what some people call me as a nickname and then 23 and 13 were my college baseball Jersey numbers !
  13. Here are some of my trackman numbers with the 0811X - My thoughts after having well over 100 swings with it now as that I do like it.. I like the sound a lot, and really like the look of it. I will say that it isn't the fastest head on the market (Sorry Bob) - My club head speed has been around 113-117 with the PXG but when I went to Club Champion for a new driver shaft in it, the fitter wanted to see what I could do with the new M5 head - same shaft I was in the 117-121 range and I thought the M5 head felt heavy than the PXG. I am super happy with the driver, and am looking forward to playing it this year. Looking at the numbers below, I'll post three different shafts with the caveat that my previous driver, an M1 440 with a BBx7 I was carrying the ball about 305 with a swing speed averaging about 120 (don't believe me I can post some numbers haha) These numbers are with a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue 70tx - a lot of pushes with this shaft. After getting fit at CC the Speeder 757 TR X Stiff is what the fitter ended up putting me - but we are going to cut it down to 44.5 length - I liked these number and would hit a really nice draw - I launched them lower than I ever have hit a driver before, and it honestly felt like a springboard right at impact. These numbers were after trying about 10 other shafts for around 60 swings - I'm hoping cutting the shaft down will help my smash and therefore my ball speed, and carrying distance. Lastly, I just wanted to post this - the Speeder Evolution IV but in a Stiff 3 wood shaft. I didn't see any dip in club head speed, and saw ball speed, and distance go up - even the one I launched at 13 still got over 300 total - This is the reason my fitter cut down the TR above - To be honest, I don't know why we went with the TR over this one- but maybe it's cause he didn't want to put me in a Stiff shaft (they didn't have XS in the store) and my spin was a bit higher with the IV. Thanks for reading guys
  14. Hahah I thought the same thing when I got my driver in the mail and opened it up... Brown? I figured black would be the only option .... I will say it's pretty heavy duty, and I think I'm going to keep my Daphne Head cover at home this year.
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