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  1. Kyle from Akron. I use a watch GPS The Garmin Approach S10 model
  2. Kyle - Ohio 8 Handicap I have used a putting Mirror from Birdie ball and regularly use tees for the "Gate Drill"
  3. Kyle/Ohio 8 Handicap/116 mph Titleist Pro v1x I have played both the Z Star or XV - but more so the XV after talking with a Srixon rep that suggested I play the XV.
  4. - Kyle - Akron, Ohio - 117 w/driver - Handicap 8 - 15 degree 3 wood, 17 loft 2 UDI Right Handed
  5. Hey everyone Looking to sell a Taylormade Spider Mini Diamond Silver Putter 34 inch putter, single bend, standard Taylormade Super Stroke grip, standard loft (4), standard lie (70) Condition is above average and comes with head-cover - Great compact and clean look - $175 obo Also looking to sell a Mitsubishi Tensei CK Pro Blue 70 tx driver shaft with a PXG tip - PXG standard 45' length, and standard tip - $200 obo PM me with any questions please - like most spy's I'm on here all the time.
  6. Kyle - Ohio Tour Velvet 360 cord Would love to test the Z Grip Align
  7. Windmill Golf Center is great in Macedonia - Pretty cheap considering too.. I had 2 driver fittings - the original driver fitting I wasn't happy with what I left with, and so I went back and got a new fitting and a new driver and it essentially cost me 50 bucks trade in... so I can't complain..
  8. @tony@CIC @MattF I've done three fittings at Windmill - I was satisfied with 2/3 - I've done irons and two driver fittings - None of the fittings were with Trent though - I really like Windmill and would suggest it over a CC - But, I can't decide if I want to do a wedge or putter fitting at Windmill or at a place like TrueSpec - I've been thinking of changing to Windmill and Randy for lessons as well.. I currently drive to Columbus and while its great and has really worked, it's 4 hours total drive time roundtrip.
  9. When I was at a Club Champion changing out the shaft of my PXG 0811 the fitter told me that many of their customers hated the Epic - said the sound was off-putting for most.. He also said that the new PXG head was a bit slower than the rest of the field for 2019 - To test that, we hit the PXG, then switched to the M5 and Epic and with the latter I had about 2-3 more MPH of club head speed. With that said, I think what will be the most helpful is when MGS comes out with the ratings based on a players swing speed.
  10. @MattF Being from the area where do you go for fittings?! I've gone to a couple really good places in the area.
  11. Hey Mike! Welcome... Have you played the Virtues Club? Formally known as Longaberger?! One of my favorite courses - a few friends and I take a weekend trip down and play a couple rounds there.
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