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  1. Thanks! Turned the big 4-0 yesterday! Then today my wife got herself a puppy for my birthday lol
  2. Thanks for putting the survey together! I would love to see the app come back! It was great for me to quickly check on notifications and other things on the site!
  3. Agreed. You can see the tip looks black in the photo where the head came off and silver when he cut the extra notches. I know that the guy I use always made a little mark with the claw of a hammer to help ensure a strong bond.
  4. Thanks for the feedback. Were you hitting a lot of full shots with them? I hit a ton of full shots with my wedges and this is concerning.
  5. I know this was is an older post but I did some cutting down and regripping of a Strata box set today. The glue/thin tap came off easily on the painted part of the shaft, but the unpainted area was a pain in the ass. I thought about the goo gone, but I didn't have any at the house. Heat and mineral spirits didn't do the trick where it normally does. Thanks for the suggestions Spies!
  6. Good call on the paint job. If it looked like that, I wouldn't be dropping those kind of prices. @GolfSpy Barbajovery cool tidbit of info on Austie! Never heard of him, but it's nice to know that Zebra are going about this in the right way!
  7. Hi Spies! Does anyone have any experience with the Riptide LX? I've used the evenflow black before and had good results. I've seen a good deal on this shaft and I was looking for feedback. I've never tried any of the riptide stuff before. I've gotten along with shafts that are pretty stiff and stable (Rogue Silver 70x, Motore F1 7X, VTS Black 7x). I've got some speed, but I wouldn't say that my transition is super aggressive. Also, I'm pretty happy with tipping all of these shafts so if you have any specific feedback on the 7X vs the 7TX, I would be all ears! Thanks!
  8. Sounds like encouraging results! How are the Corey Paul wedge heads? I've seen some blanks for sale at a good price to do some stamping on and I haven't known anyone who has played them before. Also, did swing weight need to be adjusted for the BGT shaft when doing the re-shaft?
  9. I was intrigued as well when I watch the TXG video. My problem is that I heard they don't work well (or there is very little benefit) when hitting full shots. I hit a lot of full wedge shots into greens, so I don't know if it's worth the investment. I would be interested to hear your results because I hit a lot of wedges per round!
  10. I figured. It was worth a shot. Thanks!
  11. Still available? Never tried the linq before, but the price is good.
  12. How accurate did you find this? Were you using it more indoors or outdoors? Thanks!
  13. When it's really chilly, I like the pair of Puma PwrWarm pants that I own. They are heavy, but very comfortable.
  14. Bought a dozen of both the X and the Tour for my dad. He had always liked the Costco Callaway double dozens (Hex Soft?) and I had him try the Kirkland ball and he immediately noticed a loss in distance. When I bought the Maxflis (I think he prefers the Tours), he went out and shot his lowest round in years (43). He's a big believer in the ball and like @ChitownM2mentioned above, if you buy 4 packs, $25 a dozen is a great deal for these balls!
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