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    RevKev Intro:
    L.A.B.  Mezz.1 putter review
    First Impressions 
    While many OEMs are starting to offer some sort of online fitting component none are as confident about their methods as L.A.B. golf.  There’s a drop down on the home page of the website for fitting and a neat instructional video on how to make a short, 10 second video, of a putting stroke plus a couple of measurements that would be needed to complete a remote fitting. The process, viewing the instructional video, making the fitting video, taking the measurements and sending it all in, took about 5 minutes.  The promised response of “within 48 hours” was easily met.  
    I have been fit for putter before, live, and I will say that my fitter arrived at very similar specs through virtual fitting to the live one that cost me $150.  Very impressive!  
    I ended up with a Mezz.1 putter, 70 degree lie angle, 32.5”, black Accra graphite (low torque) shaft, press II 1.5” grip.  I opted for a dot on the top of the head as my alignment aid, other choices included a line or no alignment aid what so ever.

    The wait for delivery was excruciating but also within the promised time frame. I must say that when I opened the box and first saw my putter I was stunned.  I have been gaming an EVNRoll ER 5 which is a beautiful club. I was only familiar with the Direct Force putter from the L.A.B. line which quite frankly is pretty ugly to my eye.  

    What stunned me about the Mezz.1 was how compact and how beautiful it looked.  Honestly, I think it looks like it belongs in a museum of modern art.  It’s the most beautiful golf club that I have ever seen.  The guys that I play with can’t keep their hands off the thing.  One of the pros at my club hit one putt with it and said, “This thing putts all by itself. It’s gorgeous.” 
    So now it’s time to test Lie Angle Balance out and see if it does what L.A.B. golf claims.  
    Aesthetics 5 for 5

    To me the putter looks like a small brick with a piece taken out.  At first, I was taken aback by the inability to scoop the ball up but then I quickly realized that this is because that “feature” makes it more difficult to square the putter at impact.  It’s a putter, not a ball picker. If ever I get to the point that I can’t bend over to pick up my ball, I can have some sort of implement that picks it up. That’s not what the putter is for, it’s there to roll the ball into the hole.
    There are tons of screws on the sole of the Mezz.1, none are noticeable when addressing the ball or really ever unless you want to look at its sole.  (Picture) When you unbox the club there is a disclaimer that tells you not to mess with any of these.  The club is already balanced, any sort of adjustment might and probably will mess with that. 

    I’m not a huge feel guy in that I don’t need my equipment to feel or sound a certain way.  If it performs, I will get used to it.  But this putter feels solid.  Even off centered hits feel solid to the point that it is difficult to say that this one or that one was off center.  If it were an iron or driver, that would be an issue, but with a putter?  So long as the ball rolls the same, who cares.  And the ball does roll the same, seemingly across the face.
    Solid, the Mezz.1 feels and sounds solid to me.  I love holing putts with it because they feel like: holed putts from days of yore, when I was young.
    The Numbers 4 of 5

    Just prior to delivery we received another unexpected gift, a phone call from L.A.B. golf founder and CEO, Sam Hahn.  Accordingly, this is the point where it is appropriate to thank both he and the MGS crew for entrusting us with this test.  
    I know that it is fashionable to bash OEMs and to believe that their claims are nothing more than marketing scams.  However, in the golf industry, at least, my experience has been that most if not all OEMs care about the quality of the product that they produce and also how that product helps golfers enjoy the game.  
    L.A.B. golf is about revolutionizing the art of putting by making it easier and more effective.  Think science of putting instead.  According to their story: “At some point in their life, every golfer has thought, “I suck at putting.” For many golfers, it’s a permanent feeling. And it’s just not true. Every day we show golfers that they’re better putters than they think. They just need better science on their side. And that’s what L.A.B. Golf is bringing to the golf world.”
    In our initial conversation Sam asked me to call when I was ready to hit the practice green for the first time.  I literally called him on my way to my club.  He suggested some drills to try and off I went.  Full disclosure I’m a visual learner.  I understood what he meant by one handed putting but not thumbs off.  Fortunately, when I got home, I found a video of the drills which helped.


    The first thing that I noticed on the practice green was that the ball goes where you aim it with this putter and that I had issues with my aim.  No doubt this was because I was doing things with my putting stroke to mitigate against issues I was having with my putting.  I’m a reasonably good player, mid single digit handicap.  At 65 my hands are not nearly as steady as they used to be.  Over the past couple of years, I’ve become susceptible to flipping the club face while putting making it difficult to control my speed.  At my level a stroke here or there turns a 4 handicap into a 6 in no time.
    At first every single putt that I hit went right.  While frustrating it was actually a good sign because it meant that I wasn’t flipping the club.  The low torque and lie angle balance kept the club face square throughout the stroke and that took some getting used to.  Some one-handed putts and having one of the pros check my alignment got me going.  In fact, I did so well one handed, knocking in 5 10 footers in a row, that I thought about adopting that method permanently.  
    It's long been my contention that amateurs miss more putts because they are miss hit than for any other factor.  I don’t have the data to prove that, but I do know from experience that mishits usually come up short and are far more subject to being knocked off line by imperfections in the green. The Mezz.1 all put eliminates that possibility.  It is extremely forgiving.  In fact, I see as I’m completing this review that L.A.B. golf has released a Mezz.1 max which they are billing as being more forgiving.  I can’t imagine why as the Mezz.1 is forgiving enough.
    On-Course (4 of 5)

    Testing a putter on the course is extremely difficult.  IMO general data like that from Shotscope or ARCOSS is unreliable.  Most of the rounds that recreational golfers play include givemees.  A click of the watch is far easier than facing a tricky 4 footer for par.  
    On the course the Mezz.1 performed well.  I certainly had better distance control, especially as the time of my test wore on.  I holed any number of putts from 15-3 feet with some money on the line, more than enough to keep me happy.  
    The only area of concern remains from off the green.  I’ve yet to find the right technique to use it from there.  I play in Florida and chipping into the grain can be tricky.  For now, I’ve switched to my hybrid from off the green but will continue to work the putter to see if I can’t refine that stroke.

    In regards to getting some tangible data for this review I resorted to a MGS most wanted type of test.  I hit 100’s of putts from 3,10 and 30 feet, measuring the results.  For normal expectations I used data from the Tom Fielding Golf School for a scratch golfer.
    From 3 feet I made 96 out of 100 putts or 96 %.  That’s better than the 94 % listed for a scratch golfer.  I was very pleased at this performance but do keep in mind that these were flat putts on two very good putting greens.
    From 10 feet I made 32 out of 100 and more importantly did not leave a single putt outside of 2 feet.  Perhaps most exciting for me was the fact that most of my misses were long. This supports my earlier statement that the Mezz.1 is extremely forgiving.  
    From 30 feet I was far more concerned about dispersion and proximity to the hole than makes.  I only made 4 of the 100 putts that I hit from that distance, but I also only had 8 of 100 putts that finished outside of the proverbial 3 foot circle.  In for real play, I would have holed most of those 8 as several where only just outside that 96 percent circle.  Only 2 were outside my 50/50 distance of 7 feet.  

    My tendency has always been to leave lag putts short.  With the Mezz.1 I’ve been getting close to 60 percent of my lag putts past the hole!
    The Good, the bad, the inbetween (4/5)
    This one is simple, I love the putter’s look, love its feel, solid, remember, and love its sound.  Thus far I like its performance for all areas with the exception of from off the green.  I suspect that my former putter had a bit more loft which helped from off the green.  

    Play it or Trade it? (5/5)

    As you can see by the picture above the Mezz.1 is in my bag to stay.  For me that’s no small thing as my last 2 putters were in my bag for 10 years and 5 years respectively.  I do not change putters lightly.  
    The Mezz.1 eliminates some of the issues that I’ve had over the past, miss hits and flipping the toe end of the putter over.  It’s put putting back in my hands, eyes and mind’s eye.
    Going back to the beginning, I handed my Mezz.1 to one of the teaching pros at my club.  He took one stroke with it and said, “that thing putts all by itself.”  Then he asked, “What’s its price point?” I think that the way I have it set up my putter would retail for $549.  He said, “For a putter?  No way!”  But after some conversation it was because of the way he thinks about putters and putting.  For him and for many golfers from the top of the game down, putters are expendable, have a bunch in the closet and go with the “hot” hand.
    L.A.B. golf is trying to change that way of thought.  At price points from $350 to $750 their putters are like drivers, my Stealth for example, retails for $549.  If you are properly fit and have a putter that works for rather than against, there is no reason why it shouldn’t stay in the bag for 5 plus years.  Looking at it that way, while recognizing that you will use it 30-40 times each round, a putter like this one is well worth the cost for anyone who is serious about playing his or her best golf.

    The look is beyond cool, so cool that I can’t keep it out of other people’s hands once they see it.  The feel is solid, you strike a putt on your intended line, and it seems as if it must go in.  The numbers that I assembled were impressive.  A very high percentage of short putts holed a nice percentage of 10 footers with no troubling attempts out of 100 and a tremendous dispersion pattern from 30 feet.  
    As I’m writing I’m anxious to get out to the course again, stroke a putt, have that solid feel and hear the sound of the ball dropping to the bottom of the cup.
    Final Score 27/30 stars


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    Rtracymog reacted to Dragon3 in L.A.B. MEZZ.1 Putter   
    L.A.B. Putter Mezz.1 - Official MGS Forum Review by @Dragon3 Intro:    
    First Impressions (5/5) 
    It’s all in the presentation or in this case the delivery. And first impressions can definitely set the tone and in some cases be a deal breaker. My putter was treated like a fine piece of China with all the bubble wrap and specified name on the plastic bag. Definitely don’t want anything to come damaged until it reaches its final destination. #untorqueyourself is their patent and truly the basis of simplifying the process. We’ll see if L.A.B. (lie angle balance) does what’s intended. Time will definitely tell...

    The photo taken with my current Odyssey was taken for comparison purposes, as they're both 32” in length.

    While the press II 1.5°Grip came recommended it is a bit more than I expected. I’m still adjusting to the grip’s firmness and bulkiness in size.

    Another view

    Aesthetics (3/5)
    The L.A.B. Golf MEZZ.1 is touted as one of the most aesthetically pleasing to date. Admittedly, it takes some getting used to. I suppose it resembles most putters, as far as mid-mallet shapes – a sleek, small, black, fang-style putter. I appreciate technology and maybe I’m more old school. 
    The MEZZ.1 is center-shafted with a black ACCRA X L.A.B. golf shaft. 
    The L.A.B. Golf logo on the back of the mallet resembles a clove in cards 
    Flipping over the putter it features eight weights on the bottom with another two on the sides of the clubhead. 

    I selected a line marking. L.A.B. allows for customization of this putter with a dot or nothing. There are also further customization options with different grips. 

    It should be noted, as this review was being finalized and going to “press” so to speak, the putter has since been upgraded to include some new colors. My rating is however based on what was currently available at the time. My possible rating may have been a 4. 
    Sound & Feel 
    That combination of materials equates to a fantastic feel, noticeably. It is a delicate combination of softness with a satisfying jolt off the face. However, the feeling wasn’t as soft for me. 
    If you’re unprepared, the ball just tends to roll right off the face. So, definitely take that under consideration. There is this faint sound encountered at alignment. I barely noticed any sound therefore, I can only assume that the alignment functioned, as intended. 
    Grip Selection: 
    Another part of the feel of the club is in the choice of grip that is placed on it. The grip that came recommended for the Mezz.1, was the Press II 1.5. The grip was described as smaller than other L.A.B. putter grip models, is a bit tapered, and features a flat top. The grip was actually bulkier and still requires some acclimation to gain that expected comfort level to gain consistent putting strokes. While simple by design, the logo and lettering appeared too large in scope and generally subtleness, less overt in nature for my personalized taste.
    Overall softness is neutral and sound negligible. 
    The Numbers (4/5) 
    I was able to gain a consistent repeatable stroke performance with repeatable steps within my living area, putting mat set up, outdoor area, before feeling comfortable to hit practice putting areas at the course. As anything, patience is required. 
    Distance Control
    Obtaining distance control was based on length of putting strokes and slopes of hills. Initially posed some challenges prior to some control. Maybe due to overcompensating and/or just overall familiarity. 
    Stability of Stroke 
    Alignment and consistency of strokes was obtained upon many routine practicing shots. It stayed square throughout the stroke, as noted on their site. Very little required. It stayed square as mentioned on their site.
    For stability, ”the midsection of the putter is fully CNC machined from 303 stainless” that improves feel. The body of the MEZZ.1 is fully CNC milled from a billet of 6061 aircraft aluminum to improve forgiveness.” 
    Comfort was the word that L.A.B. emphasizes in all facets. So to master this area, you really have to feel it so to speak in order to achieve it. In some instances but not in every. 
    On-Course (4/5) 
    L.A.B. Golf has always had one central idea for their putters, and that’s the idea of lie angle balance (that’s where the name L.A.B. comes from). “Lie angle balance” defined by the company is the putter’s ability to stay square to the path during the putting stroke without any adjustment from your hands. This goes beyond what many of us know as the standard face-balanced style of putters. This putter, like the other L.A.B. Golf models remove torque, or the putter head’s tendency to twist, from the equation. That leads to a more consistent, repeatable stroke. 
    For testing, I used executive courses for my practicing area. I used different putting holes and varying lengths. Speed and distance control came after familiarizing with the set up. And I always tended to putt on my intended line. 
    I was able to make the putts with the MEZZ.1 both from long range or short distances. It resulted in true distance control and translated into successful putts on the greens. 
    On a downhill, the ball appeared to roll right off the face. So, definitely take that under consideration. There is this faint sound. If you see that metal part on top, I think a lot of the sound is coming from there. But here is what I found a bit strange, and I need to work on this a lot...The sound seems more pronounced the more off-center you hit it. And when aligned, it seems like a faint sound. 
    The Good, the bad, the in between (4/5) 
    Notably, the online fitting process was seamless and pretty simple.. And the Order was placed rather promptly. Shipping was easy to track once received via UPS. Packed well.
    I submitted a video based on guidelines provided. Upon submission, I received a automatic generated email that I should hear back within 24-48 hours. I did hear back within a day in which I liaised with my assigned consumer sales rep. I did have to submit another video for accuracy of capture. And then upon, I was given suggestions to hone in on appropriate specs. My specs were shaft length 32” and 69°. The length selected was the same as my current one and based on comfort. All my inquiries were addressed. Based upon the responses, I was able to make my choice. If I had specific particulars, I probably could have had more customization. Being a bit unfamiliar, I went in with no prior expectations. Each rep has his own personality. Philip was very accommodating and supportive throughout the process. 
    Upon receipt of my putter, I received a call from the CEO, as an introduction which was unexpected. Personable touches are definitely noteworthy and go a long way for the future. 
    Play it or Trade it? (3/5) 
    Please note, I was not in the market for a new putter per se.  And must admit putting is not my biggest problem area.  I’ll still probably play it, unless I find something more aesthetically appealing.  And yet I still navigate to my Odyssey WH #5. If I allow for more time, it may grow on me. 
    Align, consistency, repeatable will factor heavily in my decision to still play it. 
    I witnessed some minor improvements during the round. The Mezz.1 can require some patience and practice to get the most out of it, even though putting isn’t my biggest problem area. If you’re willing to give it the time and attention it needs to help your putting improve, you are surely going to see more putts fall. There’s a consistent feel and roll that can be obtained, resulting in accuracy on the greens. 
    Putting made easy is their mantra. 
    This putter makes the case that it “works for you, not against you.” By locating the shaft bore in a specific proximity to the putter’s center of gravity, it removes the way a golfer has to manipulate the head to square the face. Ten weights (eight on the bottom, two on the sides) allow the company to perfectly match a player’s weight, setup and lie angle specifications. And though personally, I’m not in love with the look, the putterhead is fully CNC machined from aircraft aluminum and stainless steel for a familiar, almost traditional, sound and feel. 
    Check out this quick video: MEZZ.1 Putter - L.A.B Gol
    Final Score (23/30 stars)
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    Rtracymog reacted to Bulldog in L.A.B. MEZZ.1 Putter   
    L.A.B. MEZZ.1 Putter – Official MGS Forum Review by Bulldog
    Full introduction - click here
    First Impressions  (⭐⭐⭐⭐)
    Usually, getting a new golf club gives me an “ooh, ahh” moment.   When I opened the box, my first impression was, “OK, this is weird.”  Conventional is not a word you’d think of when you see it. The fit and finish of the putter is exceptional.  It oozes quality and craftsmanship. The magnetic latching head cover is almost too nice to use.  Maybe the head cover needs a head cover. Even the packaging was impressive.


    Aesthetics  (⭐⭐⭐)
    It took me some time to get used to the look of the MEZZ. If Lockheed Aircraft designed a barbecue fork, it would look like the MEZZ. Think industrial origami. I’ve grown comfortable with the looks, but I wouldn't call it attractive.

    The bad boy, black monochrome look works well and there are no distracting sun refections. The shaft logo was installed label down by default which I appreciate.

    Putts on the center of the face are muted. After my first few, I though the face might be some kind of plastic. There is no metallic sound at all (sorry Ping). Off-center putts are a bit louder, with a “clunk.”  Hitting it far on the toe or heel will cost you accuracy.
    The alignment line is short. It gives you an impact point target. I may experiment with adding some pinstripe tape on the forks (maybe flames).

    I was surprised by the feel. Compared to other putters I’ve used, it’s very, very soft. I was startled by the feel the first time I putted with it. 
    It's much lighter than the KS1 (my Kirkland KS1 has the optional weight kit).  Again, a new feeling but not bad.  
    Since I started using the MEZZ  I've switched back to left-hand low grip that I used years ago.  It just feels better.
    The Numbers  (⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐)
    I examined the putting data from Arccos for seven rounds with the MEZZ and seven previous rounds with the Kirkland KS1. The MEZZ showed 2.4 strokes gained improvement in putting.
    Here are the stroked gained numbers from best to worst, per round based on my handicap:
    MEZZ  +1.7   +1.6   +1.2   +1.0   -0.3   -1.5   -3.1                    
    KS1     +2.1    +0.9   -1.9   -3.2   -2.5   -5.7   -5.8               
    Overall, the number of one and two putts are trending the same, but three putts have decreased by an average of one per round (yippee!) 

    On the practice green, the MEZZ beat the KS1 putter on 5 and 10 foot putts. Not by a ton, but consistently.
    On-Course (⭐⭐⭐⭐)
    This thing has accuracy nailed.  The ball goes where the putter is pointed.  I’ve used it for seven rounds, plus plenty of time on the practice green.  My confidence in my putting accuracy is at the highest it’s every been. Distance control is good.
    At first, I was leaving putts short. I think it was due to the soft feel and quietness.  Fairly quickly, I adjusted my swing and saw improvement.  

    The Press II 1.5° grip is interesting. It's another L.A.B. out of the box idea where the grip gives you an automatic forward press.  I’ve always had a tendency to press the grip forward when putting. This grip does that for me.  
    The MEZZ works well from the fringe, but the sharp leading edge makes it difficult to use from the rough. Not a problem for me. Putting from the rough has never worked for me.
    The Good, the bad, the in between (⭐⭐⭐⭐)
    The Good - Accuracy, Accuracy, Accuracy The Bad - Price.  Some of my golf buddies have been speechless when told the price.  The In Between - Looks. The MEZZ.1 design is function over form, physics over aesthetics.
    Play it or Trade it? (5 out of 5 stars)
    It stays in the bag. Period.

    Putter Balance Video.mp4    
    I’m not sure i’d call it a nonconformist putter, maybe just settle on unconventional.  I wish there were more of that kind of thinking in golf equipment. I was skeptical that the lie angle balance could make a difference in my score.  Overall, my misses are closer, the circle of dispersion is smaller and my putting scores are better. Golf is a bit more fun.
    Final Score  - 25 out of 30 Stars

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    Rtracymog reacted to bens197 in L.A.B. MEZZ.1 Putter   
    TL;DR, full introduction here…
    First Impressions 5/5
    From the beginning, this test was different than others I’ve participated in.  We were told to avoid contacting the company directly or else you’re subject to disqualification.  L.A.B. had requested the contrary, so imagine my surprise when I was on the 17th hole of my home course after missing a 6 footer for birdie and I had an unknown caller from Oregon.  It was Sam Hahn.  Hi Steve, this is Sam…we had several more exchanges since then and there was nothing off limits for discussion as long as we were discussing the putters.
    So how did I choose the MEZZ.1?  I thought all heads were pretty interesting and quite honestly, I would have been happy with any if we were voluntold which ones to select.  I liked the MEZZ.1 simply because I wanted a mallet that was not too large.
    What I’ve learned during this process is that it requires an open mind.  The technology we see on the social media ads are designed to break our preconceived notions about putting.  How many of us miss putts because we miss the center of the face?  Count me in on that group, especially on longer putts.  Ever hit one off of the heel and say GD?  I do…well, I did.
    Now I can…the focused mass simply makes misses better.  This technology has been attempted previously with other manufacturers and the side effects were dead faces.  Miss the toe or heel, sure, but you better smash it.  Not with L.A.B….You can miss them with your normal stroke without hammering putts and you reach your intended target.
    So continuing with looks…
    Aesthetics 5/5
    I do not care much for hard and square lines on a putter; my preferences are a softer and subdued style so this is certainly in stark contrast to what I’ve always preferred.  Here’s the thing, there’s no growth in your comfort zone so get out and try something different.  I was apprehensive about signing up for this test based solely upon looks…I decided that I could continue to operate under the same level of comfort OR I could try something new and innovative and see if it could help me improve.  I am glad I did.
    My first impression video offered looks and sound which immediately pleased me.  I would attribute a part of this to the LA Golf shaft as a contributing factor.  As the sum of its parts, this feels solid ALL ACROSS THE FACE.  Misses feel solid and that tells me this technology is legit.  Which putter helps you miss the ball better…Sound is feel and it feels good.
    Bottom line…they made tech look cool
    The Numbers (5 out of 5 stars)
    I only had 3, 3-putts during this entire testing period throughout 11 rounds of golf.
    Learning how to play this appropriately so that it would complement my game was the most difficult part of the process.  If this were me hitting putts at a local shop on their carpet, I may have hit a few and said nah, I’m good.  It took time to sort my mind out and understand where this putter begins the upstroke beyond the base of my arc.  I’ve always played my putters off my left toe and purposefully caught the ball in that moment.  With the forward press built into the club, I had to move the ball back and realize that this is the optimal setup position.  It was not easy, especially considering that I did not like the Press Grip.  It was too large for me and after a few rounds despite successful putting, I swapped it out for a Winn pistol.  I respect the sum of all parts and how this product works in spite of its design however, I felt like I could get more out of this club.  After making the switch, I was making more putts within the 5-15’ range.  At the moment I feel unstoppable and get frustrated when I miss from this range.  I feel the head better.  I've had most success when I set the ball up just off the center of the face towards the toe.  It suits my eye, feels wonderful and I try to catch the ball where the center grey part meets the black portion of the toe.
    On-Course (5 out of 5 stars)
    I played 11 rounds of golf (18 and 9 hole rounds) and only had 3, 3 putts.  2 of those came during one 9 hole round where I was just lost and had no touch.  While I often feel strong about my putting, this only made me stronger.  I felt phenomenally confident on my 5-15’ putts where I could give them a shot yet still leave them in a makable range.  My scoring average this year prior to testing was in the low 80’s and my index was 6.3 to begin the year.  I was able to get that down to a 5.1 during my 9th round with this putter.  That works for me.
    The Good, the bad, the in-between (5 out of 5 stars)
    “Hey Steve, here’s my cell.  Please call me and text me throughout the process if you have any questions regarding the MEZZ or L.A.B. In general.”  Now I am paraphrasing however this is the essence of what we (I) dealt with and experienced.  Sam gets it.  This is the good stuff, the humility and genuine concern for the golfer’s experience.  Sam Hahn was accessible and sought feedback on our testing.  Not much else to say…we spoke more via text however the two phone calls we had were 14 and 8 minutes respectively.  That’s a lot of time to talk shop without much filler.
    Play it or Trade it? (5 out of 5 stars)
    I said from the beginning, if this putter was better than my Cameron, I would sell my Cameron.  I am selling my Cameron.
    A perfect score?  Seriously Steve?…without pause, I say absolutely yes…I am remarkably better with this putter and that’s the entire point.  Accessible CEO, quality product, better results.
    In sum...
    Different is good.  Try something truly different that is engineered to make your misses better; it worked for me.
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    Rtracymog reacted to Sluggo42 in EDEL EAS Putter   
    EDEL E.A.S. #4
    The Official MyGolfSpy Forum Review by
    Looks (9 out of 10 points)

     I have always loved the “Fang” shape/style on a putter. The only other “fang” I ever owned was the good old Tommy Armor TA3, which coincidently also won “most wanted” mallet style putter a few times. That’s a great little putter, which i got for $79 from Dicks sporting goods a few years ago. 
    The Edel E.A.S #4 is not a putter that jumps off the page when looking at it, but rather draws you in with the simplicity of its general unassuming presence.

    The round grip is so simple and basic, yet it’s one of the secrets to its accuracy.

    The hexagon dimpled face, and the alignment plate are really the only differentiating aspects from a really basic fang style putter.

    I remember reading different articles when I was researching these putters, and I recall a few people having major problems with the alignment plates looks. And then claiming they would never use a putter with such an ugly plate.

    It makes me laugh at how people can be so judgmental about something so trivial, when actually they might be the person who could really benefit from the system. Look at the pictures we are all posting and if you find the looks to be so bad that you wouldn’t use it, and then please tell me why in the comments section.
    It’s clean and simple really, as seems to be the case with most of the classic clubs, like some good old Mizuno blades, right? The putter cover is a thing of beauty though, and the soft black rabbit fur on the inside is luxurious. (no real animals were harmed, and its not real rabbit fur….c’mon man!)
    Sound & Feel (10 out of 10 points)
    From the very first putt to the last putt I’ve taken since taking possession of “Adele”, this has been the best feeling, as well as an exceptionally good sounding as any putter that’s ever been in my bag. Its similar, yet slightly softer than may Evnroll, but has a very similar sound. It’s a solid knock that isn’t hollow or mushy in any way. Kind of how a forged blade feels on a flush strike, vs. a hollow filled club. It just tells you it was a clean strike.

    Basic Characteristics (20 out of 20 points)
    I spent an hour and a half on the practice green while getting fitted, so I had numerous putts as I was getting used to its feel and distance attributes. By the time my fitting was done I had already bonded to the club in an almost intimate way. 
    My aim is true -  (Elvis Costello, 1977)
    For once in my life with a putter, this is true. The ball actually goes where I aim. Point and shoot actually works now. 
    Distance control now actually means something as I am rarely more then a few feet away for my second putt, the counter balancing in the grip creates this ability.
    I will use this putter from the fringe almost always, unless I have sprinkler heads in my way. Its much more consistent than chipping for me.
    On-Course Performance (30 out of 30 points)
    This is where this putter shines. I wasn’t ever the greatest putter, and part of the fitting process showed at least one reason why. With the use of the reflective mirror on the putter face, and the laser pointer, it showed that I wasn’t seeing the proper aim to the cup. From about six feet, my aim was a foot off, again and again. Then, the same thing happened when I first started aiming with the Edel putter. Kevin, using a simple magic marker, kept changing the alignment marks until suddenly I was aiming straight at the hole, again and again. I guess everyones brain sees things slightly differently, so just one mark doesn’t necessarily work for everyone. 
    So every round I was always missing many putts that I thought I should have been making, or at least be closer. 
    I was always in that 34-36 putts per round. I used to laugh to myself when I would read fellow spies talking about sub 30 putt rounds and I always secretly thought they were full of it. 
    And I would also like to stress that “putts per round” can be a very misleading stat, as there are so many variables involved with that stat..   Buuuttttt….
    Then I suddenly started having sub-30 putt rounds, and I’m talking 26-27 putt rounds, and was scoring well too. But even if I had a round in the 80’s I was still way under 36 putts. I started making some of the 6-8 footers that were a guaranteed miss before. 
     As always, the most difficult putt is the pressure putt. In fact, they came up with a name for it, they call it the yips. Most everyone has experienced the feeling. A 4 footer to win the day, and you pull it left. Dad gummit! It happens in even the best of families. The best cure is being absolutely sure your put will go by simply trusting your aim to be true and letting it happen. 
    This putter will give you that trust, and the more putts you make, the more you trust in it. It’s a win-win. I’ve made more pressure putts with Adele, than I ever made with my previous putters. And that is because, I was never really sure of my aim before. Now I am much more sure of my aim, and that’s the first half of the equation. Now I need to just make a pure stroke, and it’s in. If I mess that up its on me, and not the putter.
    The final analysis is that I am indeed making more putts. 
    I never really knew much about the Edel company, and always thought of them as more of a boutique company that made a higher quality club. The E.A.S. putter has done nothing but reinforce this thought. Edel make good stuff, period
    It seems these days that there is always some way to improve something with next years model right? But sometimes they get it right and there isn’t really any reason to change. It is my opinion that the E.A.S #4 is correct right now. Don’t change a thing, and just keep making putts.
    What I love about this putter is in 3 areas. 
    1. the round grip - It forces me to really look at the face and alignment plate to get the correct aim
    2. the alignment plate - thru trial and error, its the one that allows MY brain to aim correctly
    3. the counter balanced grip – It has been perfectly balanced to allow MY brain to choose how far I’m going to hit the ball. 
    I think the really cool deal with this putter is that its structured to allow your brain to do the putt programming subconsciously, and it turns the putt into a simple underhanded toss where you don’t have to really think about it, you just “feel” it.
    Miscellaneous (9 out of 10 points)
    Everything about this putter is simple and sweet. From the gorgeous classic head shape to the counter balanced round grip. Heck, even the head cover is a beautiful stitched leather, with a strong magnet to keep it closed.


    It’s also got a soft furry insides that snuggles the head with its warm hug. The actual fitting process with my fitter “Kevin” was the chord that made this putter into a song. That is what makes this putter, “the” putter.

    Play it or Trade it? (20 out of 20 points)
    There is absolutely no doubt, this putter will be in my bag till the day they pry it from my cold dead hands, ha-ha. One of the tightest choking points in golf is on the putting green, right? Having the clarity of mind that you know you can put down the roll you want, helps remove the sinister slice of self-doubt. In fact, what happens is that you actually start thinking you can make any putt, and you actually get bothered when you don’t 
    I think this flat-stick benefits everyone who plays it, but in my mind, the deathly serious player is the guy this putter is tailor made for. It is made for the guy who has money on every stroke. It is made for the guy who understands the absolute need for perfect accuracy under pressure. This is the guy who doesn’t blink at a larger price tag, because he understands this is the one stick that gets hit more than every other stick in his bag. This is the putter that actually will shave a stroke or two off an already low index.

    In conclusion, I couldn’t be any happier with a putter. I almost loved my Tommy Armor TA3, and I really liked my Evnroll ER3, but “Adele” completes me. It’s as close to an extension of my brain to my hand, like a simple underhanded toss can get. I see it, and the putter rolls it. Unfortunately my brain doesn’t always see correctly, but that’s not the putters fault. If I read it right, the putt has a very realistic chance of falling into the cup. The more I play, it seems the better my putting gets.
    Sure the price tag is a bit shocking at first glance, but if you really think about it and what you get for your money, its not that bad.
    Almost all the Scotty Camerons, and Evnrolls are over $300 right? Usually more I might add. Then, if you add in a custom fitting, that’s going to add an additional $150, so right there you’re at $450.
    Now, can you honestly tell me that the driver in your bag didn’t cost a similar number? And do you hit your driver 30 times a round? Because you hit your putter that many time, give or take a few. And yes, we all know a 3” putt is equal to a 280 yard drive. Not as thrilling for sure, but the scorecard doesn’t know the difference.
    If you are really serious about the game and would like a real chance at shaving a few strokes off the index, I think the Edel EAS system is a real way to achieve results, that doesn’t require a total relearning of how to swing a club. You will just aim better, and have a closer second putt. And fewer 3-putts will certainly result in lower scores right? 
    FINAL SCORE  98 out of 100
    This putter is as close to perfect as it gets. The reason a putter was invented was to hit the little ball into the hole. In order to do that you need to be able to aim it correctly, and then have the correct speed to make it all come together.
    Your brain is the computer that programs the event and the Edel EAS putter is the tool that completes the process. If you are serious about the game, you owe yourself to give them a look.
    Some new stuff!
    The weight kit arrived!

    It cost me $75, so I’m really hoping for some results. Today’s round was hot and dry, not my normal dewy morning with wet greens. They were tight and fast and I was going long. Tomorrow I’m expecting a similar day, so I’ll install a heavier weight that’s supposed to slow my stroke down. They are sized at 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 grams.

    The stock one is 15 grams. It’s pretty interesting how much weight difference there really is between the 5 and the 25g weights.
    they did come in a nice little zippered case that will stow easily in your bag, so you’re always ready for adjustments depending on what the practice green tells you before you’re round.

    Its got a nifty little wrench included in the kit, so a quick weight change should be a snap. 


    I’ll post some  thoughts after tomorrow’s round…
    so last week I played at a track with way faster greens, so I figured what a good time to try a heavier weight. So I pulled the 15g, and screwed in the 25g nugget. I didn’t really expect to notice much as c’mon, whats 10g right?
    well lemme tell you! It felt significantly heavier. I honestly couldn’t believe it. So I figured what the heck, let’s go up to the practice green and see what it does. The first few rolls were tentative so I was a bit short, expecting the giant hammer of Thor to crush the ball. So then I just let it flow and it suddenly felt superb. I didn’t shoot lights out or anything, but my distance was excellent. 
    so then I forgot all about it until this mornings round, which was chilly with a heavy dew on the greens. I putted ok, but was mad that I didn’t remember to change out the weight for a light one, as this is how they’re supposed to work. But, I’ll remember this tomorrow morning and try going light. It will be interesting to see how it works…
    more to follow…

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