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  1. Monty Leavenworth, Kansas Titleist TS2 Evenflow White Stiff 9.5 Degree 6.4 Hdcp Index 102 mph TSI2 9 degree
  2. Awesome opportunity, love Chuck's video tips. My application: Monty Vold - 53 Leavenworth, Kansas Biggest physical issue is tempo - shoulders often outrace my hips when I need to hit a shot leading to the dreaded pull hook. Although what I really struggle with is confidence, trust in the club and swing. Often on tight tee shots, after I've missed right, I feel like I tried to steer the ball and didn't finish my swing. So I lose shots when I go after it to the left, but when I'm too conservative to the right. Although I've been golfing since my early twenties, I've become passio
  3. Very interested in testing the Cobra One Length. I see numerous benefits to one length, however, I find it difficult to pull the trigger, because I feel very comfortable with 7 irons and below. I play three times a week, Monday Four Ball, Wed night league and Saturday mornings with a group of 25 people playing stableford competitions. Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays I go to the driving range for about 100 swings. Current 7 iron distance is 150yds. I'm 6 ft 1 inch tall and current 7 iron is 37.25 First Name: Monty Home State/Province: Kansas Current Handicap: 8.3 GHIN 1203213 Current
  4. Holy smokes, thanks for the great opportunity. Monty Vold, Kansas, GHIN Handicap of 7.4 Z 565 Right Hand, 9.5, Shaft TBD Z F65 Right Hand, 3+ Shaft TBD Z H65 Right Hand, 16 & 19, Shaft TBD Z 765 Irons 5-8, Shaft TBD Z 965 Irons 9-PW, Shaft TBD Cleveland RTX-3 Tour Satin 50V-MG, 54 V-FG, 58 V-MG Hunington Beach 6, 34 inch, 2 degrees flat
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