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  1. In North Texas, lessons can range from $40 to over 100. The course I take lessons at charges $100 per lesson, but I buy a package that reduces it to $80 per lesson. This is a state of the art facility that uses trackman, indoor hitting bays, covered outdoor practice bays, etc. My instructor is great. He has drastically improved my swing without totally changing my natural mechanics. So I found the features worth the price. I enjoy each lesson almost as much as a round of golf. Totally worth it in my opinion.
  2. Thanks for the write up Popeye. I have wondered about the Maltby clubs.
  3. Congrats testers. Looking forward to your reviews.
  4. Thanks for all of the input. We rented a house overlooking a fairway on one of the courses. I can’t remember which one. We did the same thing in Branson a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Plaid, now that you have told me about those rocks, I’m sure I will hit one.
  5. Thanks Plaid and PM. I'm looking forward to the trip. It looked like a good place to play.
  6. I'm vacationing in Hot Springs Village next month. Does anyone have any advice on which courses to play/stay away from?
  7. I'm excited about the SpyStaffSlam. I love making and following my picks for the week. Thanks Wilson Staff and My Golf Spy for keeping this going!
  8. I am honored to be selected as a tester for the most wanted mallet putter. I will challenge myself to work hard and bring a new perspective and relevant information to the my golf spy community. This will be no small feat, but I will give it my best effort!
  9. Mark / TX Odyssey White Hot Pro V-line Right handed I would love the opportunity to review this putter on MGS. I only apply to be a tester for clubs and offers I truly want to be a part of and feel that I can offer information to contribute. I believe that putting is one of my strong suits. I average about 38 putts per round. With a 22 handicap, I feel that it is other areas that cost most of my strokes. I don’t 3 putt very much. I believe I can give an unbiased review of this club from a high handicapper perspective, that hopefully any golfer could find useful.
  10. I would love to install a synthetic putting green in my backyard. I have seen it done different ways, but I haven't found a definitive solution that gives me the confidence to spend the money on the turf. It seems you could spend the same amount on a putting green as you could a swimming pool.
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