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  1. Howell is right. I use my S20 as a daily watch and when I am not playing golf, battery usage is practically nil. Last week I played 4 days straight. I charged my watch before the first game and then between the second an third rounds. It still had battery life, but previously, I had the battery die during a round when the battery was below 50% before I started. Now I make sure it is well charged before I go play. I don't consider it a negative about the watch. I love mine. I am interested in the Arccos system, but I love my watch so much, that I can't justify the expense.
  2. I use a towel that I wet on one end. I clean my club with it after every shot.
  3. I have taken the TA3 on the road for testing. Last week I tested it on several of the courses in Hot Springs Village. This week I took it to The Territory in Oklahoma. Stay tuned for the results!
  4. Stage 1 has been posted. Testing is now in progress. The TA3 is on vacation with me and being put through its’ paces.
  5. I like the new grip Ole Grey! I'm testing the putter for the forum. Before I make my final testing, I think I will upgrade the grip to see how it changes things.
  6. Tommy Armour Tour Impact No.3 - Stage 1 I would like to begin this introduction by expressing my gratitude to MyGolfSpy and Dick’s Sporting Goods for giving me this opportunity. This is my first time to be a tester, and it is truly an honor. I have been the envy of all my friends, and I often speak of the great community that is MyGolfSpy. My profile I am relatively new to the golf world. I have been playing for 3 years. I have been taking lessons for the past 2 years. Although the lessons have improved my swing considerably, it hasn’t really been reflected with lower scores. I do feel that I am on the verge of becoming a bogey golfer. My handicap is currently 22. I would say the best aspects of my game would be driving and putting. Off the tee, I am fairly accurate, but not very long. Distance is not one of my strong suits with any club. It seems I struggle with consistency in regards to my ball striking on approach shots. My putting game is fairly solid. I average around 33 putts per round, with just a few 3 putts per round. Although I have taken lessons, I haven’t had any instruction in my putting game. My typical miss on the greens is short. Up to this point in my game, I haven’t tracked too many putting statistics. After preparing for this review, I may start tracking more data. On putts more than 10 feet, my confidence level decreases in regards to swing weight. I am more confident when it comes to reading greens. I typically use a traditional putter grip style for putts, but I will sometimes transition to a claw grip for short putts under 8 feet. I feel it gives me a little more accuracy and better touch. When it comes to putters, I prefer the look and feel of mallet style putters. I currently game an Odyssey White Hot Pro V-line putter. It has a Super Stroke Ultra Slim 1.0 grip. I have been very pleased with the feel of this setup. Once I found out that I was selected as a tester for this putter, I researched and reread previous Official Member Reviews. While I was in the Testers Wanted section, I noticed that the number of applicants for putters was lower in general than for drivers or irons. I wonder if this is because, generally, people are more loyal to their putters than the rest of their bags. I also think there may be fewer true technological advances in putters than in other clubs. I know that I am not an expert in this field, so these issues may best be left to the staff of MyGolfSpy. The Putter My first impressions of the TA Impact #3 were generally positive. I like the total black concept of the putter. The black shaft looks good. At first glance, I wasn’t impressed with the grip, but after a little while it grew on me. It is a really soft rubber Winn Excel AVS midsize pistol grip. The soft rubber allows you to keep a light grip on your putter with plenty of feel. The putter face has a black milled insert that is reminiscent of the Cobra CNC milled driver face. After using this putter a few times, I have notice the groove around the insert holds grass blades in it. It is not a big deal, but I like to keep my putter clean, so it does bother me a little. Comparison of the milled faces of the Impact putter and Cobra driver. Notice the groove around the putter face. The Impact weighs 365g, and is 15g heavier than my Oddyssey. I noticed the difference immediately. I like the weight and feel of my putter, so it feels heavy to me. The impact is a fang style putter. This shape has never been my favorite aesthetically, so it is a new experience for me. I have found that I like the shape, when it comes to ball retrievals off the green. The putter slides in nicely around the ball and holds it securely to pick it up. The sound of the Impact #3 seemed quite loud initially. The more I use this putter, the less I notice the sound, but the first impression wasn’t positive. When I received my putter in the mail, the box was heavily damaged. Luckily the putter survived shipment without a scratch. Several other testers reported the same experience. If you plan on buying this putter, I would recommend you pick it up from your local Dick’s Sporting Goods store. Those are my legs, not a leg model. Also, this is a staged photo, my aim would be better if I was actually putting. My testing plan I am going to spend some time adjusting to this new putter, before I start seriously evaluating its merits. It seems only fair. Once I have gotten used to the Impact #3, I plan to test it head to head with my White Hot Pro. I will put both putters in my bag. During a round a golf, I will play one putter for nine holes, and then switch to the other. The next round of golf, I will switch the order. I will also play complete rounds of golf with the Impact #3. On the practice greens I will test both putters at different distances, 5’, 10’, 20’, and 30’. I will repeat the same tests on different days, and switch up the order. Is it just me, or does it seem that any testing that we do will still pale in comparison to the MyGolfSpy testing? Even so, I will be thorough and impartial. May the best putter win!
  7. In North Texas, lessons can range from $40 to over 100. The course I take lessons at charges $100 per lesson, but I buy a package that reduces it to $80 per lesson. This is a state of the art facility that uses trackman, indoor hitting bays, covered outdoor practice bays, etc. My instructor is great. He has drastically improved my swing without totally changing my natural mechanics. So I found the features worth the price. I enjoy each lesson almost as much as a round of golf. Totally worth it in my opinion.
  8. Joel Dahmen and that terrible hat -9
  9. Thanks for the write up Popeye. I have wondered about the Maltby clubs.
  10. Thanks for all of the input. We rented a house overlooking a fairway on one of the courses. I can’t remember which one. We did the same thing in Branson a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. Plaid, now that you have told me about those rocks, I’m sure I will hit one.
  11. Thanks Plaid and PM. I'm looking forward to the trip. It looked like a good place to play.
  12. I'm vacationing in Hot Springs Village next month. Does anyone have any advice on which courses to play/stay away from?
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