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  1. Nick North Carolina ping craze Elevado Slant Neck 35”
  2. Tiny191919


  3. Nick St G North Carolina 10.1 Ping I e Irons 5-PW +1 inch white dot. Stiff XP 95 shaft I would like to try the i500
  4. Nick In North carolina 35 10 handicap Ping i e irons stiff xp95 shafts 5-pw Ping g crossovers 3&4 stiff alta shafts
  5. Nick St G North Carolina Ping i e irons. Stiff xp 95 shafts +1 inch white dot 170 yards
  6. Nick North Carolina Ping I E irons 5-pw. Stiff x95 shafts 12.3 handicap C300 forged
  7. My zip code is 28037. How much is shipping ?
  8. I'll pass on $100. Just trying to piece together a set for a friend. Thanks for the offer
  9. I'm sorry for the title. I wasn't trying to bait you in. How can I edit the title?
  10. I still have my callaway x hot driver head but i no longer have a shaft with an x hot dapter on it. A friend is trying to get into golf and wanted to find a shaft to put with this driver head on the cheap
  11. Has anyone heard rumors about Mizuno releasing an updated line to the JPX 900 series irons? I am looking at the forged or hot metal irons and do not want to pay top dollar if they are about to release an updated version in the near future
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