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    See the end of the article for instructions on how you can win a Wilson NFL bag of your choice!



    Add Your Team To Your Game

    Though we are a couple of weeks into the season, I am still riding the high of football's return. I love it when the college and NFL seasons start up each fall. Not totally sure why that's the case, but right around the end of August, early September, I start to dust off my football fan gear. Headcovers get swapped out, a new towel clips on, and the marker in my pocket likely features Sparky the Sun Devil, or a pirate wearing a helmet.


    Whenever the TV asks me if I'm ready for some football, I reply with a definitive Hell Yes!


    Wilson Now Has Your NFL Colors


    Wilson Golf is now the officially licensed producer of NFL golf bags. What that means is that now when you sneak out for your pre-kickoff Sunday round, you can represent your team on the links. Whatever team you are behind, Wilson Golf has you covered.


    That's right, Wilson has all NFL teams, in both cart and carry bag form.


    More Than Just Logoed Bags

    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 10.jpg

    As I just said, these bags are available for all thirty-two NFL teams, and if you take a minute to cruise through the Wilson site, you'll see that these are not just the same bags with different patches, but rather bags that are fully designed to show your team colors and logos.


    Vikings bags are purple, Packer bags are green and gold, and the Dolphin bag looks pretty impressive in green and orange. Perhaps even more impressive than the Dolphins themselves, so far. :(


    West Coast Rivalry

    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 6.jpg

    I was able to take a closer look at a LA Rams carry bag, and a SF 49ers cart bag, and there were a number of things that impressed me right off the bat. Here are some of the highlights of my investigations.


    Impressively Bold Style

    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 11.jpg

    I really didn't expect the colors on the bags to be so vibrant. The red and gold fabrics on the SF bag really pop. Even the Rams bag simpler blue and white scheme makes a bold statement.


    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 12.jpg


    While we definitely want our golf bags to be functional, for these bags, looks must be a solid part of the package. That's kind of the point, right? You want a bag that shows your team colors. You want a bag that looks good. If not, why are you buying one of these at all?


    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 7.jpg


    The logos on the bag are also pretty cool looking as they are all stitched logos as opposed to some kind of iron-on appliqué This should add to the longevity of the bag, with the logos not peeling off over time.


    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 13.jpg


    Each bag is branded at multiple spots. You get the team mascot-type logo on the lower pocket, and then larger team logos on both sides of the bag. Again, these are all stitched, and they are pretty densely stitched, likely also adding to visual longevity.


    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 9.jpg


    One thing that you will not see on your NFL bag is a whole bunch of Wilson logos. It says Wilson once on the carry strap, and on a couple of the zipper pulls, but that's it. I think that Wilson has played this perfectly. These bags should look like NFL team bags made by Wilson, not Wilson bags that feature NFL teams. Kudos to Wilson for getting this exactly right.


    Plus, They Are Functional Golf Bags

    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 1.jpg

    Odds are you are not looking to buy one of these so it can sit in the corner of your living room as a decoration. Not that doing so is a bad idea though as the cart bags would be solid rec room additions.


    If you buy one of these, you are probably looking to use it on the course, and my initial feeling on these is that you will not be disappointed.


    Carry Bag Specs


    NEW 9.5"× 8" TOP

    · Exclusive handle

    · 5-Way top

    · 2 Full-length dividers


    · 4-Point ergonomic double strap

    · Umbrella holder, Towel ring / glove holder, Rain hood


    · Lightweight stand

    · Stay-flat base


    · 1 Full-length garment pocket

    · 1 Velour valuables pocket

    · 2 Large Accessories pockets

    · 1 Insulated pocket

    · 1 Large open pocket for range finder or beverage

    · 2 Side mesh pockets


    · 4 lb / 1.8 kg


    · $129.99

    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 3.jpg


    The carry bag is light (4 pounds) and comfortable on the shoulders. Straps are sufficiently padded, easy to adjust, and the centerpiece connecting them adds another touch of NFL representation. You'll have no problem storing your stuff, and the five-way top should give you easy club in and out action.


    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 14.jpg


    It's worth noting too that the carry bag does not feature Wilson's Nexus system, with the leg extension and bottom following a more traditional compression system. Pushcart users should welcome this as it makes for much easier mounting, and even makes tossing it in a power cart less cumbersome.


    Cart Bag Specs


    9.5" × 8.5" EXCLUSIVE TOP

    · 3 Side-lift handles

    · 14-Way top

    · 14 Full-length dividers

    · External putter well fits oversized grip


    · Cart strap loop, umbrella holders

    · towel ring / glove holder

    · Padded strap

    · Rain hood


    · 2 Large full-length garment pockets

    · 3 Velour valuables pockets

    · 1 Large insulated pocket

    · 4 Large external accessories pockets

    · 2 Side mesh pockets


    · 11” × 9”
• Trolley anchor


    · 5 lb / 2.3 kg


    · $159.99


    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 8.jpg

    The cart bag version weighs just a pound more when empty, but likely way more once you fill up all of the pockets. There are eleven expansive pockets, giving you more storage space than you'd find in a tiny house.


    Getting to the most important bag feature: The Insulated Pocket. Like a champ, the insulated pocket will easily hold six beers and some ice, keeping you nice and hydrated, at least until you refill at the turn. Do you all use cart bags for reasons besides transporting beers? :D


    The 14-way top has an interesting circular arrangement that may require some rearrangement if you swap from a pushcart to a riding cart, but that's not unusual for many bags.


    All in all, I think that both of these will make excellent playing-golf bags. You are not sacrificing utility by going with a NFL aesthetic. Instead, you get a great combination of the two.


    Win Your Own NFL Team Bag

    attachicon.gifWilson NFL Bags - 2.jpg

    Wilson Golf and MyGolfSpy want you to have one of these bags for your very own. All you need to do is reply to this thread with your team of choice, and if you would prefer a cart or carry bag. It's that simple. In a couple of weeks, we will be selecting a random responder to win the bag of his or her choice.


    Stay tuned to the MyGolfSpy social media channels for additional ways to enter as well.


    Good Luck!

    Please send Green Bay Packer carry bag. Thanks!



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