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  1. Donovan from Kentucky 5.9 index 2016 M1 12 degree graphite design DI 6s 98-101 ss carry in the 240's Patrick Reed
  2. 100 + rounds a year Current index 6.1 Current putter Betinardi bb8 I rolled a couple of these putters a few weeks ago on a trip, they were good enough with those first few rolls to make me want to really put them to the test.
  3. Did Byron have that putter cover laying around? He didn't do just a one off did he?
  4. Few rumors of an M3 line, but nobody really knows what it is. I believe they should keep running with M1 & 2. If you bring out a wood and call it M 3 then you are going to kill any momentum they have built, and start all the Tm haters again. They are starting to just get past the quick release problems of the past, no reason to get people talking about that again.
  5. Donovan- Ky. 6 Driver -z765 Fairway- f z65 Hybrid - h z65 Irons - z765 kbs tours Wedges - RTX 3.0 tour raw grind and lofts depend on fitting Putter Probably Hunington Beach 4 Thanks for this contest, of course I always leave final club decisions to the fitting.
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