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  1. Handicap and Location: 0.2 GHIN, Shawnee, KS Current Irons and 8-iron distance: Cleveland 588 combo set, 155yrds What do you know about Sub70? Headquartered in Sycamore, IL, Sub70 is a consumer direct golf manufacturer. Saw a junior golfer (15yrs old) using a set a tourney a couple of weeks ago. They are very sharp looking, high quality, and the kid loved them. I only know what I've read on-line, but I liked what I saw...and putters too!
  2. Chad, Shawnee, KS Happy to test either 440 or 460 Swing speed between 105-110 Thanks!
  3. Chad, 6 Kansas Z565 driver ZF65 fairway ZH65 hybrid ZU65 23 degree Z965 5-7 iron Z765 8-PW RTX-3 50, 54, 58 Huntington 1 putter Chance of a lifetime!
  4. Chad Clark Leavenworth, KS Handicap 6 Z 565 Driver Z F65 Fairway Z H65 Hybrid Z U65 23 degree Z 765 5-PW RTX-3 tour satin (50, 54, 58) Huntington Beach 1 (Would love to see if the dream set matches the fitting) Thanks!
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