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  1. I went to the muni near my house on Sunday morning to use the range. Bunch of former frat boys standing at the range blasting music, talking about how much they drank last night, burping, farting, and one of them even relieved himself in the trees. That one trip alone has drawn me to the par 3 course when I need a quick tune-up
  2. i tend to putt better on a faster green, but I think that mostly has to do with the fact that the ball rolls true. I am of the mindset that if you can putt, you can putt anywhere, anytime. I don't mind slow greens, but I'd prefer something nice and slick
  3. Started with 3 straight pars. Then my driver decided it was time for the lefts and i decided to hit the center of the clubface with my irons. Flew the last 6 greens from various distances. No 3 putts and a solid day for my short game however.
  4. Awesome packaging on the tie dye...
  5. 2 year guarantee according to the box
  6. I've been on the look out for a Tour Dot CT Cameron for the last week or so... it's been brutal... I've seen hundreds of them, but now that I'm ready to pull the trigger they all seem to have disappeared
  7. Rough night in league play... got caught in a 20 minute downpour and was hitting the ball all over the course. Had a couple of good looks after some insane recovery shots, but couldn't put anything together. Hit a couple of pulls, hit a couple of blocks... i guess that's what happens when you take a week in between playing
  8. I have the exact same color of those... they are fantastic
  9. As someone who lives in the area and has 2 days worth of tickets this is some great news. It's frustrating because I've been waiting a decade to finally attend, but I'm happy they aren't going to try to hold it without fans.
  10. My number 1 killer is pace of play. I'm generally pretty quick when I play, even when playing badly. So when things grind to halt, especially during our Tuesday night league, my scores generally start to suffer because I get so frustrated. To be fair, we are at almost 3 hours for 9 holes in 4-somes. My other problem comes from the attitude of others in the group. If I play with somebody really negative, then I jump on the cranky-train and start complaining about bad breaks or bad shots instead of focusing. I think what I'm realizing is that I need to get out of my own head and not let the outside mess with my game.
  11. I was lucky enough to pick up a weight kit late last week. Looking forward to messing around with it and giving it another run
  12. Agree on the Ancer vs DJ look... my general feeling is that 90% of what adidas puts out on tour belongs only on tour because it's so bad most of the population should not wear it... except for the footwear... they make great looking shoes, especially the tie-dye Code Chaos
  13. Waiting patiently for my tie-dye's to come... very excited about them
  14. Looking for an older Tour Cameron that I can use as a daily driver. Doesn't need to be anything flashy. I can putt with just about any head style. Looking to spend around $1K Let me know what you have. Thanks
  15. I saw that the tie-dye is releasing on Saturday, so I'll be grabbing a pair if I can
  16. Minimal commercials/ breaks... as said above, the commentary is generally pretty bad, but I use it for Thursday & Friday coverage while working
  17. I've had my eye on these for a couple of months... haven't pulled the trigger yet because I've got 10-12 pairs I rotate... but the more I see about them the more I want them
  18. Usually have a peanut butter sandwich and some kind of granola bar along with some water
  19. Played a solid round last night, but managed to throw in a triple after driving it in trouble and somehow making double from 80 yards out in the middle of the fairway
  20. I've played both the TS2 and the TS3... and ultimately settled on the 2. I had a hard time with the TS3, I'm not sure if it was too much club for me, but the TS2 is basically point and shoot and is long. It doesn't get the buzz of the other brands, but it's one of the best on the market
  21. I'm a member over there also, but it's very negative. I love the pro WITB and the classifieds. But it seems like every PGA thread turns into a bashing thread on somebody (Rory, Koepka, Rickie) and I don't need the negativity. I have found MGS and have been very happy. Even when people disagree, they don't go to name calling or worse.
  22. First it seems like overkill... Get a solid workout in and call it a day... it's the fact that he's telling everyone and their mom that he's working out 3 times a day and drinking the shakes... you can do it, just shut up about it... Most guys get 1 really good workout in and that's all you need... 3 times seems excessive... although that seems to be his personality and that's what I don't like about him. If it works for him in the long run, good for him
  23. I'll be most interested in seeing how he handles the extra weight after a couple of tournaments in a row... as someone who carried around too much weight I know that I would breakdown getting later into rounds He's a joke to me... telling everyone that he was working out 3 times a day and drinking 5 protein shakes...
  24. I agree with Bryson... not a good look... but I feel the same about Phil... I'm not a fan of the sunglasses
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