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  1. Heading to SV next week Playing the Sandbox on Sunday morning when we arrive, Sand Valley Sunday afternoon, and Mammoth Dunes on Monday morning Any tips?
  2. I play in a nine hole league on Tuesday nights in summer... it's my excuse to play golf... some guys take it very seriously, but most are just out for fun. We calculate handicaps to try to make play "fair"
  3. I turned the head down on the super hybrid... it plays at 19º and it plays like a 5 wood... I used it off the tee quite a bit... goes about 225
  4. Here goes nothing... Bag is set Driver: Titleist TSi2 9° w/ Mitsubishi Diamana DF 60 TX - Love the driver, smooth swings fly forever. Just received a Ventus Blue TX and am waiting for install. 3 Wood: Titleist 915 F 16.5° w/ Diamana Blueboard - It's been years since I've had a reliable 3 wood. Easy to work both directions. Hybrids: Callaway Super Hybrid 17º w/ Tensei Orange & Titleist 816 H1 21° w/ Diamana Blueboard - Swapped in the Super Hybrid early in the season and it's a dream. The 21° is the best hybrid I've hit in years. Irons: Srixon z765 5-PW w/ KBS Tour C-Taper - Absolutely love the look of these. Swapped the shafts before the season started to the KBS. Wedges: 48º SM6, 54º SM8 Black & 60º Tour Issued Vokey Hand Ground - The 48º just works, the 54º gets used for almost every shot inside of 80 yards, and the 60º is ancient, but I use it whenever I'm in trouble around the green. Putter: Titleist Scotty Cameron Tourtype - Grabbed it on a Wednesday release and it's perfect. It's stopped me from constantly switching
  5. Anybody else on the forum attending? I'll be there Wednesday, Friday, & Saturday
  6. Looking for a couple of tickets for the Ryder Cup on Friday... I can do local pickup if anybody is around the Kohler/ Sheboygan area. Thanks
  7. Was absolutely pounding the ball last night... shot 39 with 2 birdies... my lowest this season
  8. I'm patiently waiting for the courses around here to thaw and get some people out... I've got the wedge set sitting in my range bag... I've hit a couple of chips in my basement... feel a little harsh... but i'll reserve all judgement on performance until I'm able to take some real swings with them
  9. My first set of Mizuno blades were 32's... and since I've been working from home and checking ebay a lot more often I've added 33's and 37's... Hard to beat Mizuno blades
  10. I picked up a Link Soul bag over summer... Looks great in person, plenty of room for clubs... waiting on a set of their recycled Boardwalker shorts Seamus covers to go with it
  11. Look at a 2-Ball OG and some KBS pulls for my irons... and possibly some fresh wedges... the longer i think about it, the more I want
  12. I can only remember a handful of eagle putts... my only eagle I've made was a fluke (5 wood block that the wind grabbed and it stopped to 2 feet)
  13. I have both a cart and stand bag... I keep each one fully stocked and I'll swap out clubs based on how I'm feeling
  14. I think my next set is going to be Miura... I've slowed my ho-ing quite a bit and I'm ready to commit
  15. Played in league last night and decided I wasn't going to hold back with driver. Had wedges into most greens and hit 4/7 fairways with the 3 misses being only a step or two into the rough. I now know that I need to improve my wedge game. Made a triple on a par 3 after getting stuck under a tree after an awful tee shot. More range time/ course time coming on Saturday. Determined to play well more than once this year
  16. Friday I played 2-9 hole rounds at a par 3 course... shot +2 and +4 Sunday I played in a scramble... we shot -4 with some pretty ugly golf mixed in.
  17. I basically do the same thing... TX in the driver, and regular flex in my hybrids... allows me to really get them up in the air so I'm able to hold greens
  18. Played my worst round in probably 2 months last night... a combination of terrible iron play, bad course management, and plain bad luck... playing a short par 3 course on Friday to focus on ball striking... scramble on Sunday so I just need to hit a decent shot once in a while
  19. Thinking about either replacing my irons or just the shafts... After some swing changes due to weight loss, I feel like I'm not loading the shaft
  20. I'm halfway having been to 3 PGA's and a US Open... Ryder Cup next year... Master's eventually Also have a Senior & Women's US Open
  21. Shot a pretty ugly 44, lots of chunky pulls with my irons... shot 44... opponent shot 66... very hard to find a rhythm.
  22. Pulling for Koepka or Spieth... Happy to have major golf back in my life
  23. I play WGT semi-regularly... I'm looking forward to PGA Tour 2K coming out in a couple of weeks
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