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  1. Sorry for the confusion. I don't think the 3W provided me much, so I am okay with that gap. My issue is the distance and consistency gap between the 4H and 6I. I am looking for something to either replace the 5I (as it stands now) or adjust it to help me gain consistency in distance/ball flight.
  2. I am a high handicap player who pre-Covid was able to finally take a few lessons for the first time (really helped with my old problem of lots of fat iron shots). I generally hit the ball pretty high and my general miss is to the right when I get tired (leaving the club face open and my arms take over). A recent 3 wood shaft break at the range (SLIGHTLY out of warranty with Callaway, and the head flew into the woods) has given me a chance to really think about the top end of my bag and decide what I want to do there. I started using ShotScope V3 this year and can finally see where the real distance gaps are with my performance. ShotScope p-Avgs Driver - 266 3W (dead) - 243 5W - 224 4H - 200 5I - 170 6I - 165 I do not really care to replace the 3W as I only hit it maybe twice a round (usually off the tee). The struggle I have is with long irons. I got rid of the 4I in favor of a Hybrid 4 years ago and love that club. My problem with trying to figure out the next spot is what brings me to the forum. My miss is right (high, weak slice/fade) with longer irons. All the hybrids I have hit in the last couple of years with the loft to bring the distance down to the gap I need to fill, seem to balloon pretty high and make me worried about trying to rely on them. Does anyone have any insights/experiences/thoughts on taking the longest iron and putting a graphite shaft in that to see how that helps? What is the best mechanism to figure out which type of shaft to put in that club to see how impacts my ability to hit it consistently and fill that gap in my bag? Thanks in advance for any response I might get!
  3. I just wanted to thank you all for the reviews/comments on this product and your experiences with ShotScope in general. I ended up purchasing a V3 today from Golf Galaxy (had some gift cards burning a whole in my wallet). I will be sure to post how things go after a round or two!
  4. David, Syracuse, NY yes, Garmin G30 as well as a smartwatch linked to my phone Garmin G30 90%, Rangefinder 10% I am in the market for a new GPS watch purchase (decided I like the watch over the handheld device and having to carry that with me) so this would be perfect timing!
  5. Does anyone have any thoughts/comments on this vs. Garmin S62? I have always used a handheld GPS (Garmin G30) and have recently tried playing with a watch (successful recently with new velcro band purchase that allows me to more fine tune where it sits on my wrist). I am interested in thoughts on the comparison/contrast of these 2 devices (accuracy, mapping, etc etc). Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. David/Syracuse NY 1/week for about 30-45 minutes (all the time I have currently in the basement at night when my 2 year old sleeps) dropped from close to 4 down to 3.25 this year with some putting mirror practice for the first time ever I really like the ability to see face angle information ... it has been awhile since I was fit for my putter specs so I would be interested to see if perhaps some modifications to the putter are needed
  7. Thanks for the response! I appreciate it.
  8. Hello fellow spies, I am moving next summer. My wife is in medical school and will be applying to residency programs and next March we will find out where we will be living for 3 years. Being analytical in nature, and a golf enthusiast, I was wondering if people familiar with the quality/quantity of golf in any of the following cities could give me some pointers on how to evaluate where we may end up! Obviously it will not be the only factor (she has a say too after all), but just looking for some input. In no particular order, the top 4 candidates are currently as follows: 1) Raleigh, NC 2) Charlottesville, VA 3) Columbus, OH 4) Pittsburgh, PA Thanks in advance for any input you might have!
  9. I used to use Game Golf for the last 2-3 years, unfortunately I think it lost it's luster with me and I stopped this year. I don't think I need much more technology to tell me that I miss 80% of my drives to the right and hit too many irons/wedges fat.
  10. I have been playing golf since graduate school. Never more than 10 rounds a year until I met my now wife, her father is a big golfer so I got more into it to join him on outings and to get to know him better. Currently sitting at a 19 handicap, but this year I took a few lessons so I am hoping that goes down! I love being outdoors. I also enjoy that you can be doing something competitive within yourself, always trying to improve for the sake of improvement. I have been a consumer of MGS content for awhile, and just decided to start reading and posting occasionally on the forums. I grew up in upstate NY, lived in the Buffalo area for awhile, and now live back in central NY (eastern side of Syracuse). No home course, I play a few different ones near Syracuse. The variety of courses and cost is pretty good. Snow obviously hinders playing for a large segment of the year. I am an engineer, so the decision making and numbers part is what I like most about golf. I grew up in NY, and when I was a kid, my favorite college football team was the Florida State Seminoles.
  11. 1. David, NY 2. 17/105 3. TM M3, 9.5, Stiff Tensei Blue 4. I would be excited and willing to try either one, if I had to choose, I would select the Sub Zero
  12. Would absolutely love to test the Ping G400 Max. David Syracuse, NY Handicap 20 (new to the game!) Current Driver is the Ping G with Ping Tour 65 Shaft Would be interested in either the G400 LST or the G400 Max
  13. 1. David, New York 2. Mixed Bag: Ping G Driver TM M2 3W Cobra F7 Hybrid Ping G Irons Titelist Vokey Wedges Ping Ketsch Putter 3. 22 4. Hit more fairways and get more confident in the short game.
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