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  1. I just put the riptide CB in the 5.0 in my old sim max. Once I got the timing right, I was hitting some bombs. I'm gonna take it to the course this weekend and see what happens.
  2. I personally game the 699 pro irons and I must say they are every bit as good as the major brands. I was fitted over the winter into a set of Mizuno's and was on the fence of dropping that kind of money. I stumbled across sub 70 and loved the look and price, so I just placed an order. Recieved the irons the following week, but in the wrong specs... Called and talked with Jason and had new one's built and shipped in less then a week. Between the performance and customer service, it was a great experience. I plan on a wedge set for next year.
  3. You should do a YouTube video on making one. I'm intrigued and gonna try this soon.
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