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  1. 6.1 index living in NJ I currently play a Mizuno MP18 composite set. MP18 (PW-8i), MP18 SC (7i - 5i), and an MP18 MMC for the 4iron. I currently carry my 8 iron 187 approximately. Absolutely nothing but I have always been a fan of kinda fringe irons like National Custom Works.
  2. Ralph Weigle - New Jersey Never used a gps watch. Currently use android app Golfshot Combination of Golfshot android app for front and back yardages and Leupold Gx5i3 for pin position.
  3. Ralph - Montclair, NJ Current Hdcp - 13.3 Current Irons - Titleist 714 AP2 4-PW, TT DG X100 Hardstepped, 1in long, 1deg upright, Lamkin Crossline Cord. Best suited test irons - Mizuno JPX 900 Tour I'd love to get a chance at these. Always been a Mizzy fan, just haven't gotten into a set as of yet. Please give me an excuse to my girlfriend that I HAVE to go practice and play golf cause I have review work to do.
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