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  1. Waazzupppp

    MyGolfSpy Tournament

    Seriously! That's the worst timing for me. We will be at Disneyland that weekend. Maybe I can catch the next one!
  2. Waazzupppp

    What's NOT in my bag?!?!

    My Wilson FG49 1 iron... Played it for about 2 seasons before dropping it for a 17° hybrid... Sent from my SM-N960U1 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  3. Waazzupppp

    MyGolfSpy Tournament

    I'd be happy to meet up with everyone if it works with my crazy schedule. I'm in Monroe, WA if there's any Snohomish area golfers that even want to play a weekend round sometime. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using MyGolfSpy mobile app
  4. I think the biggest problem is that this depends on people knowing their misses and real info, not what they think they do on the course. I will say it looks like a great tool to get started narrowing the field online though.
  5. Waazzupppp

    Wilson Golf Giveaway

    I'd love to win this one, but I'm not that lucky!
  6. Love the new stuff, but I'm really holding out for the new blades or the V7s... Remember, the D300s and V6s were launched on 1/9/17 so something new in the V line should be popping up soon!
  7. I've always purcahsed my grips from GolfWorks, so as I've slowly been thinking about replacing my blades (slowly but surely) the TS-1's are a club on my short list. My only real concern with them is if they are too bladey or too close to my Wilson FG100's in peformance or if they have enough forgiveness for my aging swing or not? Anyone able to chime in with the "forgiveness level" of these verses blades?
  8. Ron Washington Wilson Triton 9° with Aldila Rogue Black 60 X Stiff Yes (but tweaked since)
  9. Hey everyone, I think I'm finally due to start saying hello to everyone. I'm Ron from Monroe, WA. I'm about 25 minutes outside of Seattle and have been playing for about 30 years now. I play to a 3 handicap at the moment and have played Wilson blades almost the entire time I've golfed. I'm currently trying to get my game (and myself) sharpened up enough to make a run at a few of the "major" tournaments next year like the USGA Mid-Am and maybe some of the local qualifiers for the US Open or the US Am. We will see if I can get there or not. Other than that, I'm just here biding my time until I hit 50 and can play the senior circuit with Tiger and the rest of the old guys... lol Anyways, currently, my bag is made up of the following: 9° Wilson Staff Triton Driver - Aldila Rogue Black 60 - X Stiff 17°, 20° and 23° Wilson Staff F5 Hybrids - Fubuki z80 - Stiff 5-PW Wilson Staff FG100 Blades - Dynamic Gold S300 51°, 56° and 60° Wilson Staff PMP Wedges - KBS HiREV 2.0 - Wedge Wilson Infinite Grant Park 34" putter You can check out more bag details at: http://backinthefairway.blogspot.com/2018/09/whats-in-bag-september-2018-edition_3.html Other than that, I'm just happy to be here!
  10. Ron Washington, USA 4 Wilson Staff FG100 with Dynamic Gold S300 Ping i500's
  11. Man, what a bummer... But congrats to the guys that made the cut! Can't wait to see the reviews!
  12. As a tech guy, this topic is always an impossible win. There will always be something better out there, but unless you are managing to beat the curve (about 18 months in most irons) and sell them before the become less valuable, there's no real reason upgrade clubs at anything under 250-300 rounds minimum. My bottom line is when they become more expensive to repair than it will be to replace them, then it's time to look for something new. I played my same Wilson Staff Fluid Feel blades for 15+ years before trying something new, and then went back to them after a half season. I had those in play up until I landed a set of new FG 100's 2+ seasons ago. That's about 25 years on those original blades and they had only had the heads reconditioned/restored twice during that time. Now that it's up to $80 for a solid refurb on them, I figured I could drop the $1000 on a new set of irons and not worry too much about it. While I've been drooling over a few of the newer designs, my 100's still play so beautifully, I'd have a problem ditching everything from the 5 iron down. They just hit the ball too well for me. I'll ride these out as far as they will go and continue to look, but I'm fully expecting another 3-5 years on these before I have to replace them. Unless something breaks, in which case, off to the fitter I go!
  13. DEAR BABY JESUS IN YOUR GOLDEN DIAPER - PICK ME FOR THIS ONE!!! Ron - Washington State 43 and 3 Wilson Staff FG Tour 100's 3-PW - Dynamic Gold S300 shafts (all standard) I'd love to take the Hogan Fort Worth's for a spin with the Recoil 780 F4's. Anything I can do to slant the odds in my favor, let me know because this is the exact set I was chatting with Hogan about yesterday.... And it's my birthday today!
  14. Ron / Washington Wilson Staff PMP (Frost) 51, 56, 60 - KBS Hi-REV 2.0 shaft - Lamkin Performance Plus 3Gen standard grip Silver finish - 50, 54, 58
  15. Tier 1: Rickie Fowler Tier 2: Tyrell Hatton Tier 3: Thomas Pieters Tier 4: Jimmy Walker Tier 5: Bubba Watson Winning Score: -7