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  1. 0.0 - Monroe, WA Wilson Staff Model Blades with KBS C-Taper X130s - 154-162 (fade to draw) I tested their 639MB before they hit the market. Jason and Jay are amazing! Jason already has my specs on file so this would be a beautiful setup to test out and get them more feedback. I will also say that they have one of the best demo programs on the planet as well as (at the time I spoke with them last year) one of the top clubmakers in the world as well. These guys are legit and I would LOVE to test out the 699 Pros as they are on the short list with a few others (Srixon 785, Mizuno JPX 920 Tour,, etc...) to find a home in my bag for 2021.
  2. Mine supposedly shipped 2 days ago, but it's just showing movement now. Pretty terrible service to where it was supposed to be 2-3 days shipping and 2 days after the shipment notification it was just picked up. Mine is due on the 16th now. So much for the weekend!
  3. So dead on with this comment! I remember back in the day where everything was out drive the other guy or hit one iron less into that par 3 than he does... It was fun for a while, but when you see your scores stop moving - or worse, see them moving the wrong way, you realize that it's not about out gunning someone, it's about playing your game and learning what your clubs can do when you swing them. My blades have always been traditional lofts and checked at a minimum every few seasons - and believe me, sometimes they weren't so close to perfect anymore. I still say that the average player should find their 100 yard club, then build their set off that. If that's a lob wedge, then start the gap at 10 yards a club. If it's a 50° wedge, then probably 12 yards a club. You don't want to spread too much more than that, but you could stretch it to 15 yards if needed. Properly setup bags are a key component to scoring and getting that dialed in is all about being consistent with it, not being longer. Now, with that said, SGI irons are a great answer for those that need the extra distance that are already moved up a tee box or two from where they used to play (or for those recreational players starting out from scratch) as they make the game a bit more enjoyable by eliminating the "horrid shots" with decent tech. It'a amazing to see 200 yard 7 iron, but if it doesn't find the green, it didn't do it's job.
  4. Contact them directly. For a few bucks, they will setup a club and get one out to you. Try reaching out to Jason - jason@golfsub70.com after checking out their website and deciding what you want to take a look at. These guys are top notch in the service department and can help you get dialed in ASAP.
  5. Having just gone through a bag refitting - and then done it again to get it correct a second time - I found a few brands that were completely under the radar that performed amazingly well. BEST LOW COST - I don't think there is a more solid option in the sub $1000 category out there than @GolfSub70 I was able to test drive the 639MB a few months back and I'm still kicking myself for not waiting an extra month and a half to make the move to them instead of the Wilson Staff Models. The performance of the SM's isn't a bad thing at all, but when you think about the 639MB's being less than half the cost - it's a NO BRAINER. They have since added a few additional options to that line that make it an even better value. BEST "OFF-BRAND" TO TRY - If the Sub70 seems too good to be true (which I will tell you they are every bit as good as any club on the market today) you could opt to try the New Level irons. They have some great designs as well, but again, cost vs. performance, I have to give the nod to the guys at Sub70 due to price vs. performance. New Level is great, and Eric was amazing through the process, but at $200 an iron vs $85 BEST HIGH PERFORMANCE/IMPROVEMENT - I don't think there's a better blended iron right now than the Mizuno 919 Tour. It's the feel of a blade with just that added touch of forgiveness. I tried the 900 Forged model earlier this year and it wasn't for me, but the 919 Tour could have gone in the bag if it weren't for the Wilson's hitting the shelves right before I hit them. BEST BLADE - If you're looking for straight up ball control performance, I will always choose a blade. There's no hot spots, cold spots or craziness to them - it's just a chunk of metal on a stick. Now that said, there's not a bad blade out there, but I have to say the new Wilson SM's are fantastic. Great feel, penetrating ball flight, etc... If I were in the market right now and hadn't just dialed these in, I would have a tough time recommending them, but since they were perfectly done for me, I have to give them the nod. Now, If it were me, right now, and I was ready to upgrade, I'd be sending Sub70 my check for $840 and getting a set of the 639MB's with the KBS C-Taper X shafts and calling the search over. Though I'd be tempted to take the $600-800 savings and grab a set of the RAW wedges to go with them...
  6. Ron / Washington Odyssey Tri-Hot #3 (2002) with Super Stroke Flatso 2.0 grip 1.1
  7. The MB's are still the best blade that I have played in quite some time. If I hadn't just made the move to the Staff Models for my PGA PAT next month, I would have totally jumped on them. If you're in the market for a player's iron, you NEED to consider the MB series. They are long, workable, and flight better than anything else out there - bar none!
  8. Best SW EVER? Is there any other option than the Wilson Sarazen R20? That was on of the best clubs ever made (and had the retail life to prove it) and would be one that I would still be bagging if they still made them. I think they even did a copper head model at a few different points in history that gave an even softer feel to an already soft design. The only issue with them is that they tended to bend a bit if you used them too long, so you'd have to have the lofts and lies checked every season or two if you were really worried about that sort of thing back then.
  9. As someone that has spent a few years playing "softer" balls, I almost laughed when I read the article. With my 110-115 MPH swing I hit my driver 285 with a good cut off the tee - perfectly controlled, or 325 on a very much less controlled "smash". I spin my wedges to a perfect stop and loved the squishy feels of the "softer" balls around the green. Of course, I grew up on Maxfli HT-100 Balatas and Titleist 384 Professionals, so even today's "soft" balls go quite a ways farther than those old timers. In fact, I saw so little performance gain in ball testing over the winter months that I settled on the Aris Hero (great ball, bad cover) until I found out that it isn't on the conforming list. Back to my beloved Wilson Duo Spin stock that I had left... So, after reading the article, I went back and grabbed the demo sleeves of the AVX's that I had gotten from the golf show in Seattle. Now, if I understood correctly, I still benefit from "slower balls" in some ways, so this may be skewed a bit, but I picked up between 20 and 25 yards on my driver (right in line with the 115 MPH testing) and I had about 5 yards an iron increase as well. I also had a much stronger ball flight, which made playing in wind and wet conditions a bit more manageable. So, ultimately, I have played/tested about 25 balls over the last 6 months, My experiences were very similar to MGS's test results - which has me no longer laughing. In fact, I'm almost mad at myself of doing it in the first place. So with all of that said, remember MGS is a great place to start, it's not an end all to providing a solution for anything, but it's an amazing place to start when you don't have any preconceived ideas about your game. I have a feeling that if the average person used the information on MGS to build a bag, they would have a lot more fun playing the game. So, thanks MGS for doing the test and making my game just a bit better. Now, for those that haven't read the results, go check out the article and decide which balls you'd like to try. Even if it's just out on the course, grab a sleeve of the "best" balls for you and give them a hit. There's something there that will help you...
  10. I'm pretty sure that YOU are my target audience for this post. You come fully prepared, but what could a shop stock to make you open that wallet? I'm the same way you are with EVERYTHING packed in my bag, but I'm always a sucker for those poker chip ball markers. There has to be something.... right?
  11. I have no idea if this is the right place to post this or not, so admins, please move if needed... There's a Ping Fitting Day coming up at the Snohomish Golf Course and both the Blueprint Irons and G410 LST driver will be there to be fitted for. If you are in the Seattle area and want to check them out, the event is June 3rd and slots are available from 2-6 PM. The session will be a live fitting on a range with Ping Master Club Fitters and all the latest and greatest from Ping. The address and phone number is listed below. Please call the course to set up a time. Snohomish Golf Course 7805 147th Ave SE Snohomish, WA 98290 (360) 568-2676
  12. From what I've heard, they are actually affiliated with a local chain in the Seattle area. They are great and their HQ/Distribution Center is about 30 minutes from my house. Everything I've ordered from them has been rock solid and a good price - not always the best prices, but if you find what you need on a deal, they are great. My only gripe was the fact that they wouldn't let me come down and pick up my order instead of having it shipped.
  13. Strange question for everyone... What sort of gear would you purchase from an on-course pro shop? I don't mean the usual, Balls, Gloves, Poker Chip, etc... but more so, like putters, wedges, bags, tech gear, etc... I think for far too long, most pro shops are stuck in the "brick and mortar" days of offering only a few things and higher margins (like $30 balls for $10 a sleeve or a $50 pair of shoes for $150) and that scares most of us off from them. I would love to hear a top 5 in things you would love to have offered at a local course pro shop - as well as anything unique that your pro shop offers. 1) Rangefinders and Batteries for them - I don't know that I would need a $450 Garmin model, but having a Precision Plus model on the shelf might be nice - and those batteries! 2) Practice Aids - Nothing like hitting the local pro up for a lesson and having him use a special tool that fixes an issue. Now, if I could just get that tool for use AFTER the lesson! 3) Cart Accessories - ClicGear is the big dog here, but it's nice to be able to get a GPS holder or a Rangefinder bag when you need it instead of waiting to order one. 4) Yardage Book - It's a one time expense for the course to have the mapping done, but what a great thing to sell to the general public for your course - a professional yardage book with green chart. 5) Logo Headcovers - I don't know when these became a thing, but I was recently at an upper-scale course that had these for sale for about $65 each. I almost bought one... Almost... So, what do you think, are there secret treasures that your local Muni-course could offer up to you that would be great to have in that pro shop, or is there nothing that could tempt you into separating a few bucks from the at wallet when you arrive at the course?
  14. - Ron - Washington - Odyssey Tri-Hot #3 (2002) - Putting was a strong point until I bagged a Taylor Spyder - now it's getting slightly better with the Tri-Hot back in the bag, but still weaker than I need it to be.
  15. Here's a few more different ones for you. Sent from my SM-N960U1 using Tapatalk
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