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  1. WHOA.  Thanks [mention=64519]GolfSpy Stroker[/mention] [mention=73629]GolfSpy STUDque[/mention]!  Honestly, a little nervous but pumped for this!
    [mention=66781]Wedgie[/mention][mention=78359]russtopherb[/mention][mention=69396]Shankster[/mention][mention=72853]MaxEntropy[/mention]  thanks for the kind words guys!  Definitely hoping for a little Gary and Wilson magic.  Going to be hitting bombs in no time!

    This does not mean you are relieved of your cobra challenge duties. I hope these fit you well and you enjoy the process.

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  2. Shot my best 9 hole round of the year last night:
    I'm not 100% sure where the driving skills came from, but I was incredibly confident off the tee yesterday. Perhaps I was motivated by playing with a college golfer and trying to keep up with his drives. (There was not a snowball's chance in hell of that happening)
    Average drive yesterday was 246yds and the longest drive was 260yds. Since the course is still soaked. all of my drives came with no roll.
    This beauty is just a beast on the course!
    Great shooting! Too bad 8 got you or you could have been under 40 but I’m sure you’ll get there this summer.

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  3. 8 minutes ago, GolfSpy Stroker said:

    A tale of 2 nines....

    Couldn't stop hooking the ball right after the second hole on a course where if you hook it right the ball is gone, into the woods, under the leaves... I was trying a "new" technique out and violated the number one rule in golf - the course is meant for playing and not trying...

    Realized that on #10 and shot 10 shots better on the back then I did on the front.... TEN.

    I think I've been watching too many youtube videos.... I unsubscribed to everything but course vlogs and realize I have enough tools in my toolbox now to 'dig it out of the dirt' and swing my swing....

    You post this on your new GHIN?

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  4. Just now, GolfSpy Stroker said:

    Probably a pretty unpopular opinion but here goes....

    A US Open at Pebble Beach without any wind is not a "US Open". 
    Yeah, the rough is thick but it didn't seem to be that bad; Woodland hit one on to the green from 170 out of it on Sunday.
    The 7th hole was a joke - guys were just firing at the pin and with no wind it was child's play.
    Eagles galore... Rose had more 1 putts than 2 putts for a while (I know he crash landed on Sunday but before then...)
    I realize the greens are super tiny and you still had to hit them or at least get close but these guys are good.

    Don't get me wrong - Pebble is a spectacular course that makes for good eye candy, but you take the wind out of it and it is not 'the greatest test in golf'....

    see, told you it would be unpopular.  Fire away!

    To me the PGA was more like the US Open and the US Open was more like the PGA this year.  That being said not only was there no wind but the greens were soft from the rain they received prior to the event.  You usually don't see even these guys backing up the ball on US Open greens but they did this year.  However, I did think the back 9 yesterday played very tough and really had the feel of a US Open to me.  But was it the course or the pressure? 

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  5. 23 minutes ago, GB13 said:

    @joen, @Wedgie, and @bellairemi- How are the armlocks working for y'all? And feel free to chime in with any thoughts, good and bad! We'd love to have your input as well! 

    I ended up not getting it.  I found a barely used one but the fitter said he didn't want to cut it as much as it needed to be cut and the loft was way out of whack as well.  I'm kind of back to square one as to whether or not to get one.  If I could be properly fit then I'd do it, but until then I ponder.

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  6. 11 minutes ago, palvord said:

    I'm really loving my 5 iron off the tee right now. So my debate this week is going to be driver vs. 5 iron.

    Because that driver is pretty dang slick off the tee as well. Can't wait to share my thoughts with you all.

    Decisions, decisions, decisions.

    What's the debate?  We want to hear about the big stick, not a 5 iron.  Go big or go home!

    The competitors will also be sharing a 100-word review this week of the driver now that they're putting it to a trial by fire

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  7. I would not have picked Rose to be the up-and-down machine that he's been so far.  I wouldn't mind seeing Woodland win, but I hope Brooksy keeps it interesting.

    Woodland went to my alma mater so I’m pulling for him but having Koepka so close makes me really nervous.

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  8. I think that a lot of the distance changes depends on where the distance actually falls. My home course I consider short (6399) but it has 2 par 3's over 200 yards, par is a great score and bogey is the average. With my game distance is not usually an issue so I don't expect a whole lot of increase in score when playing a longer course. 
    On the flip side of that if you play a course that leaves you a lot of half shots or feel shots and you struggle with those it can make scoring more difficult than a course that would be longer but leaves you full shots into greens. 

    Exactly this. My home course is a hair under 6600 yards and I shoot low 80s and break 80 every now and then. 600 yard par 5, 2 200 yard par 3s. Now, if it was a 6600 yard course with 8 400 yard par 4s, short par 3s and 5s I’d probably score high 80s.

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  9. Just now, Paul Duval said:

    Hi guys...I wanted to find out how I change my name as I log in on the site...I don't want my full name on the website

    Hi Paul,

    Give me your home address and SS# and I'll tell you.  Seriously in the upper right corner you will see your name with a drop down arrow next to hit.  Click on that, then click account settings, then the first option is display name.

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  10. 56 minutes ago, edingc said:

    Cobra uses the same DBM finish as what is on my Maltby wedges. It wears, but unlike PVD, it turns more a shade of gray than wearing to plain metal. The finish is actually impregnated into the metal and is not just a coating.

    Both of my wedges were new this spring. The leading edges of both are now pretty worn. Not in an ugly fashion, though. 

    Excellent feedback edingc!  It is a little like the dad coming in to calm down the rowdy kids with actual insightful information.

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