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  1. Your first name: Eric Home state/province: British Columbia Current driver/shaft/shaft weight: 2016 M2, A'hina 60x (44.75”) Current swing speed: 119mph
  2. Eric - British Columbia Srixon Q star 105mph 165 Favorite amateur - Bobby Jones
  3. 1. Eric, British Columbia 2. 15.1 3. XR16, stock Speeder (S flex) 4. 105mph, 275carry 5. Pieters! thanks for the opportunity
  4. Your Handicap: 11 Your State/Province : British Columbia Your Swing Speed & Average Carry Distance: 105mph & 268 Your Preference (F7 or F7+): F7
  5. After practicing with the DST for a while, are you at all changing your address hand position back to that of a more traditional club? seems like the pros using it on tour don't have the aggressive starting position like the brochure recommends. I have had the DST for about a month now and would definitely recommend it. As someone who's a bit taller, I find it uncomfortable to start with such an aggressive press when trying to get the hosel marking pointing to my nose.
  6. Any MGS members in the Vancouver area willing to get a group together for the rainy season?
  7. Eric - British Columbia - 11 Driver: Srixon Z 765 9.5 - you tell me what shaft! Fairway: Srixon F Z65 in 14* - you tell me what shaft! Utility: Srixon Z U65 - Most likely in 20* - you tell me what shaft! Long Irons: Srixon Z565- 4,5 Irons Mid Irons: Srixon Z765 6-9 Irons Wedges: Cleveland RTX 3.0 in Tour Raw - 46(MG) , 52(MG) , 58 (LG) Putter: Cleveland Huntington Beach 1 - 35"
  8. New to Vancouver, came from Downtown Toronto where golf was extremely difficult. I saw that one of the editors is from here after stumbling on some product reviews (putter, DST compressor). looking forward to crossing paths in the future!
  9. Just joined and posted my handicap on my profile. This summer was the most I've ever played, got my handicap down from 18 to 11 using every possible training aid and a new driver. Season is about to get very wet here (Vancouver), so I think this will be my low for the year. Hoping to get to single digits by next year by picking up a practice green for indoors.
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