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  2. that's impressive, as well as terrifying. I picked up the head off ebay for a steal. Lets hope it stays in one piece now. Thank you for bringing that issue up though, much appreciated.
  3. pulled the trigger on the head, 110 on ebay. Going to can the stock shaft asap. Now...the real test, to find this Accra and not empty my wallet
  4. now if only these were available in Canada website obviously forbids shipping outside of the states
  5. It was the most fun I've had doing one of these and wow what a workout slamming balls for close to two hours
  6. I started a new thread, in the product reviews if you would like to check it out
  7. Did a driver fitting yesterday, wrote about my experience if anyone is interested. Bear with me, first time writing something like this. - Max
  8. Hey everyone, thought I would write my first post about my modern golf experience yesterday. A little background on my game. Is started playing golf the moment I could walk (dad brought me out to the course as much as he could). I quickly began to enjoy the game. I played every sport my high school had to offer at a varsity level, but always ended up just wanting to play golf. I decided to make golf my main sport, and see where it would take me. I had countless offers from D1 NCAA schools, all of whom were strong programs but not really title contenders at the end of the day. I decided to take a leap of faith and went down to Arizona State. The coach at the time (won't mention his name, we are not on the best of terms) told me I would have to play my way onto the team, no problem right?, think again. I show up to "tryouts", there was 85 golfers, 4 rounds to be played at our campus course (ASU Karsten) and one spot on the team. Long story short, after taking a smooth quadruple bogey on 1, with the entire coaching staff watching I managed to card a one under 69, and was on my way. Ended up walking on the team, and golf kind of took of from there, but not enough to start a touring career. The last time I was fitted for clubs was my junior year at ASU, I have been playing the same clubs since, except for my irons. I loved my original Nike forged blades (RIP Nike, pour one out for the fallen homie) but they just didn't do it for me anymore. The strength of my game is without a doubt my length. I have been the longest hitter in every group I've played in for as long as I can remember, distance just came natural (if not, I would not be a half decent golfer at all) This quality can also be my Achilles heel. When my timing is on, the driver is my best buddy. When the timing is off, I want to chuck that club deep into the fescue. With that being said, I am gaming my R11 TP 8 degree, (stock) fujikara motore F3 80 gram X flex. This club has been my most consistent for years. I can work it either way, and it is my safety net, compared to other drivers I have had, explaining why I game a driver 5+ years old. Picture below (R510 TP and R11) The shot below that was with the R510 TP, she still flies for being 10+ years old. I have only heard great things about modern golf. Their instagram page is full of gems that make you drool on your screen. After much thought, I bit the bullet, booked a slot and off I went. Walking into this place was amazing. It is truly a toys R us for golfing adults. There are shafts, in every color of the rainbow, an ideal club workshop area, individualized hitting bays and the modern golf merch itself, its hard not to pull the trigger on it all. Once I collected myself, and stopped touching things I was introduced to Jason, my club guru. He was a great guy, asked me some questions of what I was looking for, ran away, and came back with the goodies. I told him I was a fan of smaller heads. He returned with the M1 430 (9.5 degrees, there were no 8.5s) and the Nike Vapor Flex 440 (this thing just looks nasty) I tried out several shafts, in both the TM and Nike head, here's a quick overview: Pro X Hazardous Black 75 g - have heard great things, but this shaft felt like spaghetti to me, I couldn't seem to have it load and unload on time. While tour results don't lie with this shaft, it's simply not for me Accra FX 380 M5+ - first time whacking an accra. This was in the M1 head, I liked it, very boardy, not much give. It produced a solid low draw. John told me this is the stiffest tip shaft offered. I liked it, but was not over the moon Kuro Kage 125 70g - this shaft just ballooned on me. I was clubbing the Nike, dead center (aerosol spray told me so) I felt like I ripped the cover off the ball, and it would sail with 5000 rpm, nexxxxxxxt shaft please Accra FX 470 M5 - okay, big boy shaft, here we go. John says he has never pulled this off the rack. He popped it in the Nike (by this time I had grown fond of that head, rzn sound, this was the head for me) First swing was a missle, low cut. I said alright, not bad, let's swing a bit harder. Same result. Power cut 2200 rpm, 11 launch, ideal. This is one of those shafts that just clicked in my books. It took a bit more energy to pull a draw around, but the option was still there. I have an upload of the trackman screen with this combo. In case it uploads funny, here are the numbers of the winner. I have a video of this swing as well that I will upload, since I'm sure there will be some cheeky comments. SS 123 Ball Speed 187 Smash 1.52 Spin 2270 Carry 318 Total 345 Overall I can say, this experience was terrific. John was a great club fitter, as well as a good person to hangout with for an hour and a half. I can finally say with confidence that this will be my driver next season (need to hawk the head and shaft on ebay, paying full tilt is not something I want to do) if you guys are ever in Toronto I highly suggest giving modern golf a visit. Thank you for reading this long winded, first post. - Max Video.MOV
  9. I still game my R510 TP every now and again. My last trackman day, it out performed every other driver I own (M1 included). If it works, it works
  10. booked a driving fitting for next weekend, your review has me all fired up. Well written. Max
  11. With your swing speed have you tried out the 8.5 degree setting? (couple months late) I have a similar speed and was wondering what the ball flight may have looked like for you. Max
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