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  1. Tier 1: Patrick Reed Tier 2: Francesco Molinari Tier 3: Zach Johnson Tier 4: Emiliano Grillo Tier 5: Ian Poulter Winning Score: -6
  2. In over 50yrs playing I have taken 3 lessons but although I maintained a 5-9 hcp I never used the same swing two straight rounds. Now in my 70's I still have enough length to carry a 9 hcp from the men's normal tees and I will soon be an 8 hcp using just one swing. I wish I had started using this swing yrs ago, and while most golfers would not be caught dead using my new swing (I was reluctant to use it until I spent a day actually learning it) I can only say if you are new to the game or have spent yrs hoping to feel confident over the ball, then give it a go. My swing is largely based on t
  3. Have tried them all/Kirklands are the best deal I have found in 50 yrs of golfing/just knocked out a 74 using a Kirkland the full 18 and it could be used again. I have 48 Kirklands for about the same price as a doz. of my old ball, Pro v, and have given up nothing in performance.
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