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  1. Macy Pennsylvania Ping I-20/Ping-TrueTemper,non-cushin/regular 6.0 149 yds. carry Love my current set but would enjoy the hotter face of these!
  2. Great opportunity to prove technology isn't dead in putters! I'm waiting on the ER2 I purchased on 10/31/16 based in the strength of MyGolfSpy.com tests and Rife's YouTube posts so this will be extra icing on the cupcake. I like the purported off-center hit performance of these putters and how this will help my game from 8-20 ft and especially outside 40ft (three-putt avoidance). Would be nice to see how this putter compares with my Scotty using the Blast sensor I've been testing (face rotation, loft, lie and other stroke dynamics). 133 Rounds this year 8.9 Handicap Current put
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