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  1. David California/Escondido/USA 24 PING G Black Dot Stiff Shaft i500 Oh please, oh please! I've been coveting the i500s since I first saw them. Had considered the 700s but the i500s hit the sweet spot for me. Love everything about PING! Best of luck to all!
  2. Dave California 20 Taylormade Rocketblades One Length I'm a short guy so I'm really intrigued by the one length concept. Currently don't even keep my 4 or 5 in my bag because I hit them so inconsistently.
  3. Name: Dave State: California Handicap: 20 Current set: Taylormade SpeedBlades 5-PW, 5 hybrid I've never played Pings and have always wanted to try them.
  4. Hi all. I'm in need of anything that will lower my short game. I've tried several different putters from mallets to blades. I play 70+ rounds a year My handicap is 28 Current putter is Odyssey Works V-line. I'm the king of 3+ putts. I need help! I'd love to prove that these putters actually work.
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