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  1. Just want to chuck my $0.02 into the conversation.... I recently upgraded to the ShotLink and placing in on the outside of the pocket, left side gave me amazing results. It missed TWO shots all round. When I went onto the dashboard I was pleasantly surprised at the accuracy in every shot in relation to the course. I also have to add that the sensors I currently use are arccos smart grips (tour velvet that I installed last year) New dashboard is great.... I have to say with the ShotLink my experience has been much more enjoyable and way way more accurate. Hope this helps.
  2. I am a 6 handicap and am currently playing a set of Titleist 718 MB's and they are goddam glorious. Fine....I am not good enough to play these but I can confirm that I maybe 1 to 2 strokes better on a bad day with my T100's.... can I use those 1 or 2 strokes..... absolutely but I'll won't be told what to do....and you are NOT an idiot. Also, it's true you concentrate way more using the MB's.
  3. I am with you on this.... being a Team Titleist man I can't wait. I love my 8's and I personally have gone thru two sets. Then again I play a lot. We will see how these feel but man they look amazing!
  4. I go between the GP Tour wraps in white and the Iomic Sticky 2.3 in white. Both are great....really stay tacky after a little moisture is applied. Very easy on the hands as well.....both highly recommended
  5. Well that just crushed my dreams.....
  6. Update....got the lofts and lie's re-done on the T100s by a professional that knew what he was doing and they are back to normal....feel amazing. Pic of the bag in it's current state
  7. I am a Titleist hardcore loyalist but I have to say that I moved the T100s out of the bag for Mizuno JPX Tour with my trusty C-Taper 120 shafts and they have been incredible. I messed around with the lofts (2 weak) and the lie (2 Flat) on the T100's and wanted to go back to standard....now they just felt off to me. Rest of the bag: TSi4 Driver, TSi2 3 and 5 wood. Vokey 50-54-58 and Futura 6M Custom (Mid-Long) used as an Arm lock.
  8. Nick V. Toronto, Ontario Canada Srixon Z765 HZRDUS Yellow 6.0 75gm Swing Speed 104 mph/ average distance 268 yards Twitter nv00021 Android Thanks so much for the opportunity.....sounds and will be fun. NJV
  9. Thanks for the opportunity Nick Vlittas Toronto, Ontario Canada 9 Handicap No shot tracking system used yet. Thanks!
  10. Good morning All....thanks for the opportunity Nick Vlittas Toronto, ON Candad I use a V3 Tour Rangefinder currently and would love the opportunity to test the new technology. Thanks veyr much
  11. Thanks for the Opportunity to test..... 70 rounds a year (sadly live in Toronto) Handicap 9 Current putter: Scotty Newport Notchback 2 (First of 500) .....it would take a miracle to get me to switch but always open mind Thanks guys and good luck, NJV
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