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  1. Just picked one up as I was looking for a milled face. Waiting for it to get here. Anyone remember they experience with them? Have any thoughts on its performance, etc?
  2. David- Murray, KY Bridgestone Tour BXS (currently testing a switch to B X) 113 mph Thanks fellas
  3. David Murray, KY Scotty Cameron California Fastback -34" with standard lie/loft. Odyssey black O Works 3T. Love the shape they made for Rory based off the Fastback/M1 head shape. Looking at a possible replacement with a honest review. Great contest for golf nerds like me!
  4. 1. David from KY 2. 2.2 handicap 3. Ping i20's 4. JPX 900 Tour Honest and thorough reviewer. Wife says I'm a golf nerd who's obsessed with golf and equipment. With that said, I am very selective with equipment. I'm a very big believer in performance over hype, (love the site). I have tried several sets but nothing has brought me away from the Ping i20's. I hit a friends MP25's but feel the 900 Tour's would fit me better, but only if its a standout product. Not buying into marketing, want to see it and tell others myself. Thanks for the chance, wish I had your job.
  5. I would LOVE to test these putters. I've had several Rife putters in the past including the Aussie. Guerin is a genius. -I play 60+ rounds a year. Mainly bermuda greens. Spend a lot of time on the putting green, favorite part of the game. -I play to a 2.4 handicap. -I've used a Scotty Cameron Fastback for the last couple of seasons. Lookin to be swayed!
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