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  1. Hi sosuHands, Thanks for the reply. I am 78 and been playing golf for a long time. And even now, I try to play every single day I can. I play to around a 12 handicap, but also play the up tees as my drives go only around 170 yards. I was thinking the Rogue X would help. I had been playing the Wilson Staff C200 irons in regular steel shafts and wanted to get back to using lighter graphite shafts. I also play left handed. The only actually irons I play are 8-9-PW-Gap, and sand wedges. All the rest, excepting my driver are all hybrids 3 through 7. And yes I noticed the Rogue X PW was only 41 deg
  2. Just have a simple question! I am a senior 78 years old! And with a slow swing speed of well below 80MPH. I am thinking of getting a set of Callaway Rogue X irons 8-9-PW. I am looking at these irons in a light graphite shaft. Be interested in hearing from those who have used the Callaway Rogue X irons and your thoughts! Thanks
  3. Great to have this chance to try out the new Snell golf balls. Yankee here, 12 handicap, play close to 250 rounds per year.And presently play Wilson Duo Optix green. Like low spin balls. Thanks and good luck all!
  4. Robert Nasiff New York State 12 handicap Titleist AP1 712 irons with senior graphite shafts I am left handed Mizuno Hot Metal Speed
  5. Robert 13 handicap I presently use the Wilson C200 irons and they are my current set and I love the way they play, feel and look. I am left handed senior 74 years old.
  6. 74 years old Driver ball speed 70 MPH Wilson Elite 50 optic yellow
  7. Tully, NY SeeMore M1 prototype Keeping my putter on line to the target! I am left handed
  8. Hi everyone. I am an avid golfer from the Central NY (Syracuse) area. I play every single day the weather, health, family and schedule allow. Which means I average 200 or more rounds per year. I rarely watch golf on TV excepting when my 3 favorite players are in the mix: Phil Mickelson, Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie. But in reality I am a fan of all players and am always truly amazed by their skills on the course. But I am mostly a fan of actually playing golf, and of those I am lucky enough to meet and become friends with on the course. Golf to me is fun and the people you meet! Skill-w
  9. 1. Bob, New York 2. 12 handicap 3. Wilson D200 with Senior 44g UST Elements Chrome Shaft 4. 75 MPH swing speed with 160 yard carry distance 5. Phil Mickelson is my favorite Callaway staffer Thank you for this possible opportunity to try out the Callaway Epic Driver. Should be a rewarding and epic experience should I be lucky enough to be one of the 4 chosen ones!
  10. Great to be involved with Golfspy and possibly with this testers wanted thread. My handicap index is 12 I play about 300 rounds per year.Give or take the few days I take off because of snow, rain or health issues. My present putter is the SeeMore M1 prototype center shafted. It would take some effort to tear me and my SeeMore putter apart as we have been a pair for a long time. But willing to see if EVNROLL can change my mind, if you folks are willing to take a chance on this old guy! Thanks for the possible opportunity!!!!!
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