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  1. I have used iron covers for years. For one, they do keep the irons in much better shape. And two: keep my bag much quieter. Especially when I used to walk. When time to sell my clubs for something newer, almost like I am selling a new set of irons. Up until recently, I never used a head cover on my driver, which in turn would end up getting beat up. But recently I purchased a TM SIM 2 driver and it is such a great looking club that I now find myself replacing the head cover after each use. I do recommend the use of iron covers. And also, there is only one style iron cover I strongly recommend, as they are easy to use, and I have never had a single one lost per fall off an iron. "Iron Gloves"! https://www.irongloves.com/iron-covers_8_48167.html
  2. I really don't have a favorite go to hat. I own about 2 dozen hats, and I wear whatever color is called for dpending on what shirt I wear.
  3. For me, I find ways for my golf to be cheap and affordable. When it comes to equipment, I have never purchased new clubs or clubs less than 2 or 3 years old. I usually purchase used clubs on ebay, although on occasion at Golf Galaxy. Being a southpaw, in the past I used to find clubs pretty cheap, as not many people were bidding on them. Things have changed a bit since the pandemic, as it seems more lefties are now playing and buying. As for golf balls, I find a lot, but also buy them only for around $15 or less (I only play yellow or green balls.) As for playing, I use GolfNow almost exclusively and the majority of the time I am paying $15 or less per round including cart. I spend my summers down in Tampa where my sons live. People always ask me why I go down there in the summer when it is so hot. The reason is that golf in Florida during the summer is really cheap because it is not their prime time season. Using GolfNow, I played many course for $10 to $15. Including World Woods, Champions Gate, etc. This past summer I found a great 3-month family membership for only $880, (July through September and the best part was it included the cart. I split the cost with one of my sons, and because we joined in the middle of July they pro-rated it for only $714 ($357 each). They are offering the same deal this summer. And I play every day, so I was averaging about $8 per round including cart. And here is something for you folks to think about. I am a GolfNow Golf Pass member. The cost is $200 per year, but the first year was the only time I paid the $200. Reason is that I play so much golf, that I keep earning $10 rewards, which I hardly use because you have to use them 3 days in advance, and that is not worth using them, because the rates are more expensive that far out on GolfNow. But the nice thing is that you can use those $10 rewards towards your annual Golf Pass membership. And by the time my membership is due, I usually have accumulated 60 or more rewards. So I use 20 of them for my membership, with no out of pocket membership expenses. Plus you automatically receive $10 monthly rewards as part of the membership that you can use any day and any time towards Hot Deals. Also, as a Golf Pass member, I don't have to pay on-line fees which are $3.49 per round. Do the match: say I play just 100 rounds per year on GolfNow, I am saving $349 per year for on-line fees. For me, Golf Pass/GolfNow is a win win for me. Also, Here's another trick: If you are willing to take the chance and try to make a last minute tee time, Find a course you want to play the next day, And wait until about 20 past midnight when the rates usually drop down about $10 or more. No guarantee those tee times you are interested in won't be sold out, but the majority of the time they are still available. So that is how golf is not expensive for me.
  4. First off, I have always used a center-shafted putter. Tried an offset shafted putter and hated it. I have always used a blade putter. Having tried mallet putters (even half-mallet) and did not like them--plus the fact they take up too much bag space--interfering with trying to get other clubs out of the bag. I have used the SeeMore M1 center-shafted Blade cavity putter since around 2010. It is a prototype I picked up on ebay for $110 including shipping. Those putters retailed for $350 when new. So I got a great deal. I absolutely love the weight and balance of the M1. Be interested in hearing from you all about what style putters you have been using and why you like it.
  5. I recently purchased a LH SIM2 driver off ebay. Just the head, head cover and adapter wrench. Paid a total of $122 including shipping and tax. Took my M2 driver shaft and installed it on the SIM2. The shaft is a e42 lite Bassara. Easily fit. But have yet to hit it. Looks great though! Am now looking to get a 3W and Hybrid 3-4-5-6 in either women's or senior flex. My irons are Cleveland Launcher HB irons 8-PW with women lite flex shafts. My 7 is an Adams transition hybrid. I have an Adams Idea tech Gap Wedge, which I am thinking of getting rid of as I hardly use it, and when I do, don't hit it very well. I also have a Taylormade RSI graphite shafted sand wedge. Recovering from a fractured right side of my pelvis and multiple fractured ribs from a head on accident back on December 21. Started hitting balls in my back yard and am walking about a mile daily with a cane. Hoping to be ready to play by April Fools!
  6. Don't know why you wouldn't want to play the reds, unless its because most call them women's tees. But to me, don't care what they have called them in the past. And in fact many courses now have gotten away from calling the front tees "women's". And because of that, many are not painting the front tees red anymore. But regardless, you should go ahead and play the tees you are most comfortable with and have fun with and enjoy the most. I play the front tees without any embarrassment. The course I have a summer membership in down in Tampa the back tees are over 6,900 yards and the front tees (red there) are 4,832. But often when I am playing other courses with my sons, the front tees are well over 5,000 yards, and my scores suffer--probably over 8 strokes worse, which is challenging enough to make it not fun!
  7. Hey Golf2Much, I feel your pain. I have had a full right knee replacement and two bone spur surgeries on my right elbow. And am a lefty. Distance was never my strong suit even while younger. After moving up to the seniors, that worked OK for a few years. Then I decided to the heck with it and moved up to the reds/women's tees. But when I told my sons, yupper, they thought I was wimping out. But I stuck to it regardless. Now when I am paired up with strangers, I tell them that I am going to have a sex change in a couple of weeks, and because of that, they are allowing me to start playing the red/up tees. I always get a laugh and they tell me no problems. As for others, screw them and just go play the tees you feel most comfortable with and having the most fun. No fun playing tees where you hardly if ever can get par, let alone birdies. I am 80, and my GHIN is/or was about an 8 from the red/up tees. But if I moved back to the seniors around 5,600 yds. my scores would average in the high 80s and from the whites 6,000 yds. and over, I'd be hopelessly in the 90s. I was recently in a head-on car crash and suffered multiple rib fractures as well as a fractured right pelvis. Luckily, I did not get killed. Going on 7 weeks and slowly healing--walking with a cane with still some pain, but getting there. I have no Idea How my game will be once I can hit the golf courses when they open in April (live in central NY). That is the thing I am most worried about, as I am an every day playing addict! Below is an image of my crashed car--a Prius that folded like an accordion! Once I get back on the course, will probably have to start playing from the kids tees!
  8. Should have said the front tees as you guys here are right, as golf courses don't all have the same colored tees. The front tees could be green, yellow, etc. And there are now many courses who don't color the front tees red anymore, because that usually signifies women's tees, making it reluctant for many men who should be playing there from doing so.
  9. Hey Fozcycle, Great to hear you have joined Heritage Isle. Is it the one in Tampa? Love that course. I am from Central NY, but have two sons living in South Tampa, so I visit them from late June until the end of September. And joined Heritage's 3-month membership including cart July through September. Love the course and the people who work there are great. When I am there, I play the red tees! I know, I know, I am a wimp! Maybe I will see you some time this coming summer. Couldn't find a way to reply to you directly in this thread, so here is a stand alone reply.
  10. I am interested in seeing how many seniors have decided to move from the white or blue/blacks tees to the seniors or red tees. I am 80 years old and now a short hitter. My average drives probably max out at about 170 yards with a swing speed that probably max out around 70mph. When I turned 60, I moved up to the senior tees, and when I turned 72, moved up to the red tees. Made the game more fun and enjoyable. Before that, i had a stigma of doing so. I guess I was worrying that other players might think I was a wuss. But I am past that now. And when paired with others, I have no problem telling them I play the reds. Never had a problem- not that I should. So, how about you senior guys? Have you stuck with the white tees, or have you decided to move up? For me, it is much more fun playing when you have a shot at par and birdies. Playing mostly bogie for me with hardly any chance for pars and birdies was not much fun.
  11. I play almost every day I can during the season, and average over 200 rounds per year. At age 80, I have no illusions of getting much better than I already am. I feel that playing over 200 rounds per year gives me all the practice I need.
  12. I had lessons only twice with different PGA club pros. Instead of trying to work with what I have and just making small tweaks, both tried to completely change my swing. So that was that. I hardly use a driving range. But I play alone frequently, so when no one is behind me, that is when I practice-especially approach shots, as a weakness in my game is greens in regulation. And will take time to practice on greens out on the course. I usually have found that practice putting greens do not emulate green conditions on the course. I am now 80 years old and am a high 70 to low 80s shooter. .
  13. Hi all, I have been using 14-full length divider carry bags like forever. One of my go to bags were the Datrek IDS (Individual Divider System stand bags. They had basically 14 full length individual dividers. But the only problem with all 14-full length divider bags is that they are not fully full length down to the bottom of the bag. All of you who have bags with 14 full length dividers can go check that out. So even with the almost full length dividers, the club grips still get tangled a bit occasionally. Presently, I have an Inesis Water Proof bag with 14-full length dividers (sold by Decathlon.com). I go down to Florida every summer, and as many of you probably know, Thunderstorms can occur most any day. And this bag keeps my clubs dry. For me, this is the complete bag I always wanted. I have a Super Stroke putter holder that I used to attach to the outside of my bag, so I could use the 14th slot for my ball retriever, but with this bag, I decided to just put the putter in one of the lower slots. And I put the retriever in the same slot as my 7-hybrid club. I have never liked bags with only a few dividers because I have always had trouble pulling clubs out or replacing them as the always got jammed up/tangled with other clubs and not only wear out or damage the grips, but also more wear and tear to the shafts. And I have never liked nor used cart bags which are usually to big, heavy and bulky.
  14. Hi sosuHands, Thanks for the reply. I am 78 and been playing golf for a long time. And even now, I try to play every single day I can. I play to around a 12 handicap, but also play the up tees as my drives go only around 170 yards. I was thinking the Rogue X would help. I had been playing the Wilson Staff C200 irons in regular steel shafts and wanted to get back to using lighter graphite shafts. I also play left handed. The only actually irons I play are 8-9-PW-Gap, and sand wedges. All the rest, excepting my driver are all hybrids 3 through 7. And yes I noticed the Rogue X PW was only 41 degrees. My previous PW was I believe 44 degrees. So I am guessing the Rogue X PW will give me more distance. I did read where the Rogue X gets more distance than the Rogue. On Ebay, I made an offer of $140 including free shipping for the 8-9-PW in lite graphite shafts. I am hoping the seller bites! Thanks much for your reply as it was most helpful!
  15. Just have a simple question! I am a senior 78 years old! And with a slow swing speed of well below 80MPH. I am thinking of getting a set of Callaway Rogue X irons 8-9-PW. I am looking at these irons in a light graphite shaft. Be interested in hearing from those who have used the Callaway Rogue X irons and your thoughts! Thanks
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