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  1. No. As a fitter who spends over an hour with EACH customer and does it right, I cannot afford to fit for free. Should fittings be free if you go to a place like Dick's Sporting Goods and get a "fitter" who knows nothing about fitting? yes, they should be free, because they generally do not do a true fitting, but mostly hand clubs to the customer and tell them to try them The expression, " You get what you pay for" rings true when it comes to fittings So...If you want a real fitting, you should expect to pay for it
  2. The longer clubs require more rotation of the clubhead to square the clubhead. The BEST thing you can do is test by adding weight, BUT use some spray on the clubhead because you will find that adding weight will change the shaft's bend profile so u have to get the weight that allows you to hit the ball off the middle or toe side to get the draw spin / gear effect you need Heavier weight on a draw model in the right place will help I love the Ping G425 SFT with heavier weight than the stock weight, I am using a 35 gram weight and it helps me hit a draw which I never could do, the stock weight is a 26 gram, but mess with the head adding lead tape and see if your centerness of contact improves or worsens with added weight Good luck Clubmaker Steve
  3. I LOVE the G400 series, forgiving, easy to launch, straight, great turf interaction for those sweepers out there, fights the rights, everything works great, the G410 sounds even better, let's test it out!
  4. Woodman wanted to test EVNRoll Putter! Heh, I have played about 80 rounds this year, Handicap ranged from a low of 8 to high of 10 this year from the old guy tees, I play the Scotty Cameron California Del Mar putter and would love to see if the EVNRoll can compare favorably I am a golf junkie like the rest of you folks, I run a custom fitting golf business so I live golf and read MGS religously Pick me to test that putter please !
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